Duscur is a peninsula on the northern coast of Fódlan, to the west of Sreng. It is part of the territory of the Holy Kingdom of Faerghus.


Duscur boasts no noteworthy features, but is rumored to be rich in valuable minerals. Its people practice polytheism and worship a pantheon of different gods.


Duscur is a formerly independent country. In Imperial Year 1176, a number of members of the royalty and nobility of the Holy Kingdom of Faerghus were assassinated. Among those lost were King Lambert and Glenn, the elder son of Rodrigue. Crown Prince Dimitri was the only survivor of the attack. In what became known as the Tragedy of Duscur, the Kingdom blamed the people of Duscur for the attack and nearly exterminated them in retaliation.

House Kleiman, which originally held only a lordship over a single castle in the Kingdom's west, was awarded the noble title of viscount and granted the entire Duscur region as its feudal estate in recognition of its successes in the subjugation of Duscur. As of 1180, Duscur and its few remaining people remain under House Kleiman's dominion.



  • Dedue Molinaro - The son of a blacksmith. His family died in the Tragedy of Duscur, but he was saved by Dimitri and became his retainer.
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