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“You're right... We must do all we can to end this war as soon as possible. Prince Jamke, I would sooner not burden you alone, but you are our only hope to persuade King Batou to end this.”
—Edain, in a conversation with Jamke.

Edain is a playable character from Fire Emblem: Genealogy of the Holy War. She is Sigurd's childhood friend, and one of the two daughters of Duke Ring of Yngvi. Her lost elder twin sister is Brigid, and her younger half-brother is Andrey. If paired up, she will be the mother of Lester and Lana.


Despite initially training as a knight, Edain became a cleric in order to aid her chances of finding her long-lost sister, who was kidnapped by pirates at the age of five. The game's events begin with Edain's capture at the hands of Prince Munnir of Verdane after Yngvi is conquered. Her childhood friend, Sigurd, embarks on a mission to rescue her that eventually escalates into an invasion of Verdane. In Chapter 1, she is freed alongside Dew by Prince Jamke, whom she later recruits to Sigurd's cause. In Chapter 3, she reunites with Brigid and gifts her with the Yewfelle, which she had been carrying since the war's beginning.

After the Battle of Belhalla, Edain flees to Isaach and becomes an abbess in Tirnanog. She raises her own children Lana and Lester, and acts as a mother figure to Seliph, Deimne, Muirne, Diarmuid/Tristan, Larcei/Creidne, and Scáthach/Dalvin.


Edain is gentle and graceful, but despite having the characteristics of a romantic heroine, she isn't concerned about romance. She isn't the type of woman to be head-over-heels in love. Edain holds respect for Sigurd because he is among the rare nobles that she perceives as not being attracted to her, despite her beauty.[1]

She is a kindhearted, friendly and proper lady, but under her delicate demeanor she hides a strong will and very headstrong personality, being the only one that never gave up finding her twin sister while everybody else lost hope, and the fact that she was one of the few people that found a way to survive the battle of Belhalla. Her personality is fitting for a cleric, which Sigurd points out during their conversation in Chapter 1. She is shown to dislike violence, and wishes for the war in Verdane to end peacefully. In contrast to Brigid, she does not appear to be willing to kill their brother Andrey, although she condemns his immoral actions.


Base Stats[]

  • Minor Holy Blood Indicator - Minor Holy Blood
  • Major Holy Blood Indicator - Major Holy Blood
Starting ClassHoly Blood
FE4 Priest Sprite (F)PriestUlir Holy BloodMinor Holy Blood IndicatorUllr
SkillsWeaponStarting Items
-FE4 StaffStaff - BFE4reliveMend

Growth Rates[]

(With Holy Blood Bonuses)

HP Str Mag Skl Spd Lck Def Res
70% 20% 30% 20% 30% 60% 20% 5%

Promotion Gains[]

Promoted Class
FE4 High Priest (F) High Priest
0 +5 +3 +2 +2 +1 0
Weapon Levels
FE4 Staff +1 FE4 Fire C FE4 Thunder C FE4 Wind C


Secret Book (Artwork)
Subjective: The following part of this article is based upon the editor's personal experiences and opinions, and therefore may not be applicable for all readers.

Being of the Lena Archetype, Edain fills the role of the dedicated healer. Her base stats are quite solid, and combined with her Mend Staff, she will immediately be able to heal a whopping 46 HP as soon as you get her, allowing her to restore any character to full health no matter how badly they're hurt. While she is a significantly more capable healer than Ethlyn, she unfortunately suffers from very low Movement, making it so that she will have trouble getting to wounded mounted units unless they slow down or come to her. Luckily, in Chapter 2, Edain can obtain the Physic Staff to alleviate this issue so that she can act as a healer from a longer range.

While Edain is an excellent healer, her combat capability is unimpressive due to her complete lack of skills, access to only C-level Tomes, mediocre Speed and low overall durability. Even though she does gain the ability to wield tomes after Promotion, she will likely do best maintaining her role strictly as a healer.

Mother Overview[]

Edain can have a bit of an awkward time finding a suitable husband, as one of her children is a physically-oriented Bow Knight (Lester), while the other is a magic-oriented Priest (Lana). On top of this, Lester can only wield Bows, which narrows down the options she can choose if she wants Lester to inherit a decent weapon. To further complicate things, Edain has no skills, and in particular does not have Pursuit, which means if the father does not have it either, Lester will have trouble doing respectable damage (while Lana will always do her healing job respectably well)

All of these things taken into account, Edain is best paired with Midir or Jamke. Azelle, Claud, Beowolf, Arden, Alec, and Finn are decent choices that have flaws to them. The rest of the males should be avoided as they cannot pass on any weaponry, do not have Pursuit, do not offer notable skills, or are a bad fit statistically for her children.

  • Midir/Jamke: Either of these two will make a great overall pairing for Edain, as Lester will receive well-rounded stats, inherit great weapons (including the Hero Bow that Edain can give either of them after they become married), and skills perfectly suited to his class, while Lana will still be a capable healing unit even though she will have slightly low Magic. Midir gives his children Pursuit while Jamke gives them both Adept. Thus if Edain picks Jamke as a husband, it is recommended that you give him Arden's Pursuit Ring to pass on to Lester.
  • Arden: Arden is the only other alternative outside Midir and Jamke that can pass bows to her son Lester. He is locked into B ranked weapons, being recommended to pass the Killer Bow. Lester can also inherit the pursuit ring that Arden obtains in the second chapter. Edain and Arden are both foot units with low movement, making incredibly easy to pair them up considering that neither will be likely in front battle. On the other hand, Arden can't pass holy blood.
  • Azelle/Claud: Either of these two as a father will ensure that Lana is a great unit, but Lester will suffer. Azelle passes on no weapons and has somewhat poor growths for Lester, but he will at least have pursuit. Claud will be downright terrible for him because he inherits no skills, no weapons, and poor growths. If Claud is Lana's father, she can immediately use A-level staves, including the highly acclaimed Rescue Staff, immediately in the second generation. Azelle, on the other hand, gives Lana not only great growths for a healer, but she will also be a respectable damage dealer with high Speed and Pursuit.
  • Beowolf/Alec/Finn: Any of these 3 as a father will ensure that Lester turns out fairly well (although he will not inherit any weapons), while Lana will suffer poor Magic growth and be a little less useful(though not terrible). All 3 ensure the children have Pursuit. Beowolf gives Lester Charge, which is useful for ranged units. Alec gives Nihil, which is of pretty marginal use. Finn gives Prayer, which can save the children in a pinch. Finn also has a conversation he can have with Lana if he is her father, boosting her Magic by 5, which makes up for her poor Magic growth with him. All 3 of these will provide the children with well-rounded stats and ensure they turn out decently, but they are also not particularly exceptional pairings, and will mostly make Lester and Lana average instead of bad.


In Chapter 1, Sigurd may speak to Edain, but nothing will result of it.

In Chapter 1, either Midir or Azelle may speak to Edain, resulting in her gaining 100 love points with the conversation initiator.

In Chapter 1, if Edain speaks to Ethlyn, Ethlyn will receive the Return staff.

In Chapter 1, after Genoa Castle is captured, Dew may speak to Edain, resulting in her receiving the Warp Staff.

In Chapter 1, if Edain speaks to Jamke, he will be recruited.

In Chapter 3, if Edain speaks to Brigid, Brigid will gain the Yewfelle.

In Chapter 4, if Edain is in love with either Jamke or Midir, she may speak to her lover, resulting in him receiving the Brave Bow.

In Chapter 4, if Edain is in love with Azelle, she may speak to him, resulting in her receiving the Rescue Staff.

In Chapter 5, Edain may speak to Brigid, but nothing will result of it.

In Chapter 5, if Claud is in love with Edain, he may speak to her, resulting in her receiving the Rescue Staff.

Love Growths[]

Character Bonus

Non-Canon Appearances[]

Genealogy of the Holy War (Mitsuki Oosawa)[]

Edain's part in the manga is similar to her canon appearances, albeit somewhat more active than in the game. She also is extremely plucky and resourceful, if not downright fearless: she risks herself greatly to heal an almost dying Azelle right after being released from captivity, then recruits her future husband Jamke via calmly standing between the Verdane army and Sigurd's own to face him, and actively seeks out Brigid to recruit her and give her the Yewfelle.

Fire Emblem 0 (Cipher)[]

Edain is illustrated in the trading card game Fire Emblem Cipher with the following cards:

Choose Your Legends Placement History[]

Round Placement Character Version Votes

CYL8 293
CYL Edain Portrait
Genealogy of the Holy War


Edain, most commonly spelled Etain, is the name of countless heroines and deities from Irish mythology. It means "swift one" and "passion, jealousy". The first human race in Tolkien mythology is also called Edain.

The most common deities associated with the name are the Irish goddess of sun, or an Irish heroine that was in love with the fairy king Midir, thus arousing the envy of his first and rejected wife, who transformed her into a insect. In this form, Edain was swallowed by a princess of Ulster who gave birth to a daughter also called Edain. Edain can also be the mother of the legendary hero Cormac.

Her Japanese name, Aideen, is an alternate spelling of Edain.



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