Chapter Quotes Edit

Chapter 1 (White Clouds) Edit

Vs. Dimitri Edit

  • Edelgard: Dimitri... It's time! We can finally settle the question of who's stronger.
  • Dimitri: Very well. I accept your challenge. With you as my opponent, I won't hold anything back.
  • Edelgard: I would expect no less!

Vs. Claude Edit

  • Claude: Look at that, a real-life princess! I"ll have to be careful not to scar that little face of yours.
  • Edelgard: Careful, Claude. I'll win no matter what, but you're only making things harder for yourself.
  • Claude: Losing hasn't even crossed your mind, has it? Ooh, this'll be a bit of shock, then.
  • Edelgard: To shock was your intention to begin with, was it not?

Chapter 2 (White Clouds) Edit

First Kill Edit

  • Edelgard: Regrettable...but there was no other way.

Vs. Kostas Edit

  • Kostas: Spoiled little noble! Just die like a good little rich kid!
  • Edelgard: Do you really think being born a commoner gives you the right to kill? Despicable.

Chapter 4 (White Clouds) Edit

Vs. Death Knight Edit

  • Edelgard: There's no way around it... I accept your challenge!
  • Death Knight: Oh? This will be fun...

Paralogue: Black Market Scheme Edit

Vs Baron Ochs Edit

  • Baron Ochs: Your Highness! Please, have mercy. I beg of you!
  • Edelgard: Baron Ochs. Explain yourself.
  • Baron Ochs: There's no time! Please, you must allow me to pass!

Chapter 7 (White Clouds) Edit

  • "It’s almost time to begin. Steel yourselves, everyone."

Vs. Dimitri Edit

  • Dimitri: So, it is time to cross blades… I have never imagined such a day would come to pass.
  • Edelgard: If the Empire and the Kingdom go to war, we’ll be able to fight as much as we please.
  • Dimitri: I am very sorry, but that is not something to joke about. The thought of fighting you is troubling at best.
  • Edelgard: In that case, I wonder when you’ll be able to stomach facing me in battle… Do you need a few moments?

Vs. Claude Edit

  • Claude: Hey, Princess! Heads up! There's a rat right by your Imperial feet...
  • Edelgard: BAH! I-- Huh. How dare you make a fool of me. You will not rile me with such childish tactics.
  • Claude: Ah, so the sheer terror in your eyes was...something else entirely. My mistake. Anyway, it was only a joke.
  • Edelgard: You really hope to unsettle me with childish jokes? It won't work. You must stand and fight!

Chapter 8 (White Clouds) Edit

Vs. Solon Edit

  • Edelgard: Tomas! No... Solon. I will stop you.
  • Solon: What?! If you insist on turning your blade against me, then expect no mercy.

Vs. Death Knight Edit

  • Death Knight: What are you trying to do here?
  • Edelgard: You're the one who should be answering that question. Stay out of my way!

Chapter 10 (White Clouds) Edit

Vs. Kronya Edit

  • Kronya: Huh? What are you- Are you here to kill me?
  • Edelgard: I am. Prepare yourself for death while you still can.

Vs. Solon Edit

  • Solon: So, this is how it is... I cannot let you live!
  • Edelgard: You stole the words from my mouth. You lost the moment you failed to kill the professor.

Chapter 12 (Crimson Flower) Edit

Vs. Rhea Edit

  • Rhea: No matter your reasons, I cannot permit you to go on living any longer!
  • Edelgard: The feeling is mutual. I must put a stop to your reign of tyranny!
  • Rhea: You must know what a fool you are. The greatest of sins is to make an enemy of the goddess herself!
  • Edelgard: I have only made an enemy of the church, not of the faith.

Chapter 14 (Crimson Flower) Edit

Vs. Claude Edit

  • Claude: We haven't seen each other since Garreg Mach. You've grown lovelier than ever, Edelgard.
  • Edelgard: You're not so unfortunate yourself. And as usual, you're here at a most inopportune moment.
  • Claude: Well, I'm sure we have much to talk about... But how about we settle things first?
  • Edelgard: No objections here. Prepare yourself, Claude.

Vs. Lysithea Edit

  • Edelgard: Lysithea. How unfortunate that a talented woman like you should throw her life away on a pointless battle.
  • Lysithea: Ha, do not underestimate me. The fight is far from over, Edelgard!

Vs. Nader Edit

  • Nader: The emperor continues fighting at the front line. Is the Empire short on troops?
  • Edelgard: Unfortunately, I can't deny it. But then, I've heard the Almyran king does the very same. You have traveled far. I do hope it's for a king who would not only lead his army but fight at their side.
  • Nader: Touché... Yes, he is that sort of king!

Chapter 17 (Crimson Flower) Edit

Vs. Dimitri Edit

  • Dimitri: Must you continue to conquer? Continue to kill?
  • Edelgard: Must you continue to reconquer? Continue to kill in retaliation? I will not stop. There is nothing I would not sacrifice to cut a path to Fódlan's new dawn!
  • Dimitri: Enough of this madness! This future of yours is built on a foundation of corpses and tears!

Vs. Rhea Edit

  • Rhea: An ancestor of the Hresvelgs, who became Adrestia's first emperor... He saved me. Supported me. Gave his all to the cause of defeating Nemesis. That I should find myself here at Tailtean, striking down his scion...
  • Edelgard: I don't advise presumptions, Rhea. I will not die by your hand.

Chapter 18 (Crimson Flower) Edit

Vs. The Immaculate One Edit

  • Edelgard: So it's true. You don't value human life at all. Isn't that right, Immaculate One?
  • The Immaculate One: Nonsense! Fools who do not accept their own sins are undeserving of salvation! You humans are the ones who betrayed! You betrayed me, and you betrayed my mother!
  • Edelgard: I did not betray you or her. I never believed in you from the beginning.

Enemy Edelgard Edit

Chapter 1 (White Clouds) Edit

Vs. Byleth Edit

  • "There can be no victory unless I defeat you. So be it! "

Chapter 7 (White Clouds) Edit

Vs. Byleth Edit

  • Edelgard: If you stand in my way, I will cut you down until you have no blood left to bleed.
  • Byleth: ...
  • Edelgard: What? I was just trying to rally your spirits. Now, to victory!

Chapter 12 (White Clouds) Edit

"You will come to regret raising your blade against the emperor of the Adrestian Empire!"

Vs. Byleth Edit

  • "I wish you were someone whose heart could be swayed by my words and deeds. If it were so, I would have done anything to make you my ally..."

Vs. Constance Edit

  • Edelgard: So, House Nuvelle has chosen the path that will lead to its ultimate demise. How pitiable.
  • Constance: As you say, I have forfeited my claim on being a noble of the Empire. That is why you must permit me to challenge you in combat, that I may establish a new House Nuvelle.
  • Edelgard: As you wish. Let's see if your resolve is a match for my own.

Vs. Claude Edit

  • Claude: Here she is-Her Majesty-looking as pleased as a dog with a stick. What exactly happened to make you this way?
  • Edelgard: I'm simply seeing through a promise I made to myself a long time ago.
  • Claude: Isn't this much force excessive? Thanks to you, my own long-held ambitions are nearly destroyed.
  • Edelgard: If you don't want them to be destroyed completely, I suggest you turn tail and flee.

Vs. Dimitri Edit

  • Dimitri: You're late. I... We are all tired of waiting. Now, let's separate that sick head from your neck, shall we?
  • Edelgard: Heh. You never were one for patience.

Vs. Recruited Black Eagle Edit

  • "Think very carefully about whether you wish to raise your sword against the Empire...or if you will offer it to us in fealty. And after you've thought it through, if you still wish to fight, I won't stop you. I will simply use the full extent of my power...and crush you."

Chapter 17 (Azure Moon) and Chapter 17 (Verdant Wind) Edit

Vs. Byleth Edit

  • "I knew when next we met one of our paths would have to come to an end. Your journey ends here, Professor. Forever..."

Vs. Claude Edit

  • Claude: We haven't seen each other since Garreg Mach. You've grown lovelier than ever, Edelgard.
  • Edelgard: You're not so unfortunate yourself. And you have the aid of the professor. Frankly, I'm jealous. Now's the chance for you and the professor to leave.
  • Claude: I'm afraid I must decline. Even if we left, we'd just have to come right back.

Vs. Dimitri Edit

  • Dimitri: Stab your chest, break your neck, smash your head... I will allow you to choose your own death.
  • Edelgard: I'm not interested in methods of dying. All that matters is when death takes place, not how.
  • Edelgard: And I have no intention of dying today.
  • Dimitri: I'm sure all of the people you've slaughtered so far thought the same!

Chapter 19 (Silver Snow) and Chapter 20 (Verdant Wind) Edit

  • "So you're another of the goddess's vanguard. You don't have even a shred of self-awareness, do you? Come at me, so that I may put you out of your misery!"

Mid-Battle (Verdant Wind) Edit

  • Claude: Edelgard, give up! We don't want to kill you!
  • Edelgard: But... I must kill you. If I don't the righteous world which I dream of will never see the light. Come at me with everything you have. For one of us, this is the end!

Vs. Byleth Edit

  • Professor... I suppose you think you can defeat me. Is that right? But I will never give up. Even if my arms and legs failed me, I would still find a way to move forward. I will smash that false goddess and her minion into the ground! I will fight to free this world from her vile grasp!

Vs. Claude Edit

  • Edelgard: Your ideals, I understand they're not so far removed from my own. But without sufficient knowledge of this land's suffering, I can't entrust Fódlan to you!
  • Claude: Perhaps. I daresay it's true I don't fully understand the history of Fódlan. Still, I've seen many things in my life. Don't worry. I'll finish the job for you.

Vs. Constance Edit

  • Constance: What use are words? We are both set on our path.
  • Edelgard: How predictable. But so be it. I will now show you my true power!

Vs. Flayn Edit

  • Flayn: Edelgard! Please! Release Rhea... Release Fódlan!
  • Edelgard: If you strike me down, they will return. I cannot permit what you desire. You are a child of the goddess. You must not be allowed power over the people!

Vs. Lysithea Edit

  • Edelgard: " and I are so alike. We could have walked the same path."
  • Lysithea: "We're alike? ....You don't mean to tell can't be!"
  • Edelgard: "Yet now we're at the crossroads. There's no turning back. Must we fight each other for the things we believe in?"
  • Lysithea: "That's exactly what's going to happen. And I will defeat you, Edelgard!"

Vs. Recruited Black Eagle Edit

  • This has nothing do to with where you were born. That we are fighting now is only a result of the choices you've made. So I'm going to give that the response it deserves. I will crush you with everything I have!

Vs. Seteth Edit

  • Seteth: Edelgard! Return Rhea! Release your grip on Fódlan!
  • Edelgard: If you strike me down, they will return. I cannot permit what you desire. You are a child of the goddess. You must not be allowed power over the people!

Death Cutscene

  • Edelgard: It looks as though my path... will end here...
  • Edelgard:
  • Edelgard: I wanted... to walk with you.

Chapter 22 (Azure Moon) Edit

  • You shall be obliterated! I will take you out so fast you will not have a chance to lament...

Vs. Byleth Edit

  • Facing you... I grow weak...

Garreg Mach Monastery Edit

Choir Practice Edit

  • "Our voices are all over the place. We must learn to work together in harmony."

Cooking Edit

  • "I never had a chance to cook in Enbarr, so my skills are a bit... underdeveloped. This would go a lot quicker if I could just use an axe or a sword."

Dining Hall Edit

With Hubert Edit

No Support Level

  • Hubert: All I look for in a meal is a full stomach. You seem to be after something more than that, Lady Edelgard.
  • Edelgard: True. I feel that sharing a table with people you're close to is a precious opportunity that should never be taken for granted.

A Support

  • Hubert: Heh. When the three of us sit together like this at the table...
  • Edelgard: Let me guess, we look as though we're plotting something wicked? You realize you're mostly to blame for that.

With Ferdinand Edit

No Support Level

  • Ferdinand: I know why you sat us next to each other. You want to see who can eat more quickly.
  • Edelgard: Ferdinand. Please stop making everything a competition against me.

B Support

  • Edelgard:: Ferdinand, I hope you'll take this opportunity to speak freely to me.
  • Ferdinand:: Tch! I do not require your permission to speak my mind.

A Support

  • Edelgard: Ferdinand, you can say what you like about me some other time. For now, let's just enjoy a nice meal.
  • Ferdinand: You do not understand! It is my solemn duty as a noble to explain why you are wrong.

With Petra Edit

No Support Level

  • Edelgard: Do you miss the food of your homeland, Petra? I wish there was a way to get some for you.
  • Petra: I have gratitude for your kindness. But it is OK. I am liking the food of Fódlan.

B Support

  • Petra: Food of the palace is extravagant, but food of the battlefield is very plain. Are you finding it difficult to be adjusting?
  • Edelgard: Heh, no! It is not so bad. In all honesty, I have had to eat much worse food in the past.

Gifts Edit

  • "Interesting choice..." (Disliked gift)
  • "I appreciate it." (Liked gift)
  • "Thank you for this." (Favorite gift)

Lost Items Edit

  • "How did you know this was mine? Thank you, my teacher."
  • "A lost item? It doesn't look familiar... Maybe you should ask around."

Tea Party Edit

Greeting Edit

  • "Thank you for inviting me."
  • "Did you go out of your way to select my favorite tea? Thank you for the thought." (Favorite tea: Bergamot)
  • "Mmm, this tea is exquisite. Thank you for the wonderful treat." (five star tea)

Introducing Own Topic Edit

  • "A moment of relaxation… It has been a while. I find spending these quiet moments with you rather comforting."
  • "Do you remember the day we met? You protected me from those bandits."
  • "If I hadn’t been born to House Hresvelg, I imagine life would have been much simpler."
  • "It upsets Hubert when I spend time alone with you. I’ll refrain from telling him about this."
  • "One day, I’ll show you around the palace in Enbarr. It has a lovely garden."
  • "You’re always so calm."
  • "You’re much more meticulous than I would have guessed."
  • "Here I can take a break from the burden of being emperor. Perhaps that’s why I’m so comfortable with you."
  • "I have no intention of handing the Imperial throne over to any child I might have. Instead, I’ll choose an outsider who’s brilliant and kind."

Observe Edit

  • "Is something on your mind?" / "Is something the matter? You've been staring at me." (JP)
  • "Do you like my hair? Actually, it used to be much darker than this."
  • "I don't fuss with makeup all that much, but I do take excellent care of my hair."
  • "Would it be OK...if I just laze about for a few moments? You're the only one I can allow to see me like that."


  • "It smells delicious."
  • "Ah! It's quite hot."
  • "Mm, this is lovely."
  • "Professor."
  • "Hm?"
  • "Are you sure?"
  • "Of course."
  • "Yes."
  • "What do you think?"
  • "Really?
  • "Wow."
  • "Hrm."

End Edit

  • "Thank you for the treat. This I hope you'll invite me again."


Instruct Edit

  • Bad: "I failed to focus..."
    • Critique: "A bit harsh, don't you think?"
    • Console: "Thank you. It won't happen again."
  • Great:
    • "I still have much to learn."
    • "I'm improving, thanks to you."
  • Perfect:
    • "Nothing worth celebrating."
  • Praise:
    • "Praise isn't necessary, really."

Goal Change Edit

  • "A Lord must know how to command others. Authority is therefore a must. It is also traditional to study sword technique. Will you help me with these endeavors?" (Lead Like a Lord goal request)
  • "Perhaps it is due to the power of Crests, but heavy armor has never slowed me down. Still, it wouldn't hurt to improve further in that regard. As it were, nothing complements heavy armor better than an axe." (Strong in Heavy Armor goal request)

Group Tasks Edit

With Hubert Edit
  • Edelgard: Being preoccupied with Imperial duties is no excuse.
  • Edelgard: Here at Garreg Mach, I must do my part as a member of the team.
  • Hubert: I would advise you to pace yourself, but it's probably pointless. Let's proceed.
With Ferdinand Edit

C Support

  • Edelgard: Our professor is certainly adventurous, but I wonder what the point was of putting us on the same team...
  • Ferdinand: What? You think teaming up with me is a bad idea?
  • Edelgard: Yes. Results or no results, this is far from a great idea.

Unknown Support

  • Edelgard: Put your heart into it, Ferdinand! It'll be over sooner if you do.
  • Ferdinand: Yes. Right. I will try not to slow you down.
  • Edelgard: Nothing could slow me down for something trivial like this.
With Petra Edit
  • Petra: I will not be a burden. I will be doing my best for Lady Edelgard!
  • Edelgard: Don't worry, Petra. There is no use in fearing failure. It is my duty to help others when necessary.

Stable Duty Edit

Weeding Edit

Clearing Rubble Edit

With Hubert Edit
  • Edelgard: It's rather impressive how well we destroyed this place. Some areas are still useless.
  • Hubert: The emperor cleaning out the monastery. Heh. What a ridiculous image.
  • Edelgard: Quiet, Hubert. We've set up base here, so what choice do we have?

Sky Watch Edit

With Hubert Edit
  • Hubert: No need to concern yourself with trivialities, Lady Edelgard. I will handle this.
  • Edelgard: Hubert, the whole point is for us to achieve this together, don't you think?
  • Hubert: Perhaps you're right. Then let's see it done quickly.

Results Edit

With Hubert Edit
  • Perfect result:
    • Hubert: Good results come easily for the two of us.
    • Edelgard: We are the emperor and the Minister of the Imperial Household, after all.
  • Good result:
    • Hubert: Honestly, an average result should disappoint an extraordinary pair like us.
    • Edelgard: Right you are. The two of us should have done much better than this.
With Ferdinand Edit
  • Perfect result:
    • C Support
      • Ferdinand: What a splendid results! I am rather proud of myself, I must say.
      • Edelgard: Is that so? In any case, I think it's time for a break.
    • Unknown Support
      • Ferdinand: Impressive. Your skills are unparalleled. You could have done it alone just as easily.
      • Edelgard: It's not like you to say that. But honestly, we both pulled our weight.
  • Good result:
    • C Support
      • Ferdinand: Hm. I was hoping we would do better.
      • Edelgard: It's a decent result for two people who don't get along terribly well.
    • Unknown Support
      • Edelgard: A decent result... at least we didn't run into any issues.
      • Ferdinand: It is my fault, I am afraid. I really dragged us down...
With Petra Edit
  • Good result:
    • Petra: I have sorrow, Lady Edelgard. We did not achieve a good result.
    • Edelgard: Worry not, Petra. At least we completed our task.

Certification Exams Edit

  • "As expected." (passed)
  • "How shameful." (failed)

Level Up Edit

  • "That won't do at all." (0 to 2 stats up)
  • "One step at a time..." (3 stats up)
  • "It's a long road yet." (3 to 6 stats up)
  • "I must get stronger." (4 to 6 stats up)
  • "Have I reach the limit?" (upon reaching Level 99)


  • "It's not enough!" (0 to 2 stats up)
  • "I've no time to idle. (3 to 7 stats up)
  • "My ambitions are within reach." (3 to 4 stats up)
  • "I must outwit even death." (3 to 7 stats up)
  • "My ambitions are sated...for now." (upon reaching Level 99)

Skill Level Up Edit

New Skill

  • "My efforts were not in vain."
  • "I won't forget all I've learned."
  • "I'm getting closer.."

Budding Talent

  • "Who knew this power slept within?"


  • "Now, to put this skill to use..."
  • "Another skill refined."
  • "Each milestone informs the next."

Skill Mastered Edit

  • "I've mastered this art."


  • "My efforts are paying off."

Class Quotes Edit

Class Mastery Edit

  • "I've mastered this art."


  • "My efforts are paying off."

Reclassing Edit

  • "Hm, a new power to wield..."
  • "I must grow into this new role."
  • "How best to use this strength?"


  • "Anything to grow stronger."
  • "Challenge begets victory."
  • "With this power, I will cut my own path!"

Battle Quotes Edit

When Selected Edit

  • "I will prevail." (Full/High Health)
  • "Think this through." (Medium Health)
  • "Unexpected." (Low Health)


  • "For the Empire!" (Full/High Health)
  • "Tread carefully." (Medium Health)
  • "I can't fall just yet." (Low Health)

Enemy Deals 1 or No Damage or MissesEdit

  • "Is that all?"
  • "You're weak!"

*As The Flame Emperor Edit

  • “Impudent”
  • ””

Critical AttackEdit

  • "I will prevail!"
  • "Don’t waste my time!"
  • "I’ll strike you down!"
  • "Watch this!"

Facing named enemy

  • "You too must fall!"
  • "Now my turn!"
  • "You're in my way!"
  • "The win is mine!"

”As the Flame Emperor”

  • “Disgusting!”
  • ”Perish”
  • ”Ready yourself!”
  • ”The end comes!”


  • "I'll strike you down!"
  • "You can't stop me!"
  • "This battle is your last!"
  • "No mercy!"

Facing named enemy

  • "I will show no mercy!"
  • "This is your final battle!"
  • "You too must fall!"
  • "I won't back down!"

“As Hedgemon Edelgard”

  • "Perish!"
  • ""
  • ""
  • ""


  • "We won't hold back!"
  • "Now!"
  • "You fooled yourself!"


  • "We won't hold back!"
  • "Now!"
  • "Never hesitate!"

As Flame Emperor Edit

  • “Shall we play a game?”
  • ”I will end it now.”
  • ””

Gambit Boost Edit

  • "Need back up?"
  • "We'll support you!"
  • "We have this!"
  • "I'll help as well!"
  • "I will do all I can!"
  • "I'm right with you!"


  • "We got this!"
  • "Need back up?"
  • "We'll support you!"
  • "I'll help as well!"
  • "I will do all I can!"
  • "I'm right with you!"

*As The Flame Emperor* Edit

  • “Behold!”
  • ”I must act now!”
  • ””

Triangle AttackEdit

  • "Fight together!"
  • "In tandem!"
  • "Work in unison!"


  • "We are the Empire's elite!"
  • "Everyone, show you might!"
  • "Attack!"

Defeated EnemyEdit

  • "Well, how was that?"
  • "Now you know your limits!"
  • "Your defeat was inevitable."
  • "Witness my power."
  • "Failure is not an option!"
  • "No obstacle will stand."


  • "Let's keep up the pace!"
  • "Your death was not in vain."
  • "For the fate of Fódlan."
  • "I will not tolerate obstacles!"
  • "The only possible outcome."
  • "Yours is a honorable death."

Ally Defeats Enemy Edit

  • "Show me more!"
  • "You're in good form."
  • "You won't outpaced me!"
  • "You're doing quite well!"
  • "Your future is bright!"
  • "Someone worth following!"


  • "Your spirit is admirable!"
  • "No time for accolades." 
  • "You're a shining example to all!"
  • "Your spirit is admirable."
  • "You're be rewarded for that."

Ally Heals/Rallies Edit

  • "Well done."
  • "A great help."
  • "You'll be repaid."
  • "Thank you."
  • "You're quite in debt."
  • "I'll repay you."


  • "Well done."
  • "A great help."
  • "I'll return the favor."
  • "Thank you."
  • "You're quite in debt."
  • "My thanks."

*As Flame Emperor Edit

  • “Heh Heh Heh”
  • ”Hm”
  • ””

Death/Retreat Quote Edit

“To be left behind... Unacceptable.”
—Edelgard's retreat quote. (casual)
“I've done all I can. I must retreat for now.”
—Edelgard's retreat quote. (casual, war phase)
“My teacher...leave me behind. You must lead the others onward...”
—Edelgard's death quote. (classic)
“I’m sorry, but I must retreat… You should have no trouble winning. Don’t give up!”
—Edelgard's retreat quote. (Chapter 7)
“I lost?! Just as expected, you aren't making my path an easy one.”
—Edelgard's retreat quote. (Chapter 17, as an enemy in To War at Gronder)
—Edelgard's death quote. (Chapter 22, as an enemy in Oath of the Dagger)
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