Enemy Effie Edit

Birthright Chapter 23 Edit

Pre-Battle Edit

“I've been training my entire life for this moment. Do you really think you stand a chance?”
—Effie pre-battle quote.

Defeated Edit

“I couldn't protect you...I'm so sorry, Elise...”
—Effie's death quote.

My Castle Edit

Castle GroundsEdit

  • "I Feel stronger than usual. And that's pretty damn strong!" (surge)
  • "What's this? I guess you should hold on to it for now." (item)
  • "My idea of an accessory is a nice, heavy weight belt. What did you have in mind?" (accessory gift)
    • "This is just what I wanted. Thank you, Corrin!" (accessory gift, liked)
    • "Oh! I've been wanting one of these. Thank you, Corrin!" (accessory gift, loved)
    • "I'm not sure this garment will hold up to my most intense training..." (accessory gift: bath towel)
    • "On second thought, I shouldn't rely on anything but my own strength." (accessory gift, refusal)
    • "You didn't have to get me anything for my birthday! Thank you!" (accessory gift given, birthday)
    • "I never knew I could be this happy. Thank you, Corrin!" (accessory gift give, birthday married)
  • "Good to see you, Corrin. I trust you're keeping fit?" (idle)
  • "My muscles are pumped and ready for the next fight. Bring it on!" (idle)
  • "Lady/Lord Corrin, I just wanted to thank you for your strong leadership." (idle)
  • "Oh, don't mind me. I'm just having a little pre-afternoon-snack snack." (idle)
  • "I've already lifted, eaten, and napped. Now what?" (idle)
  • "You look tired, Lady/Lord Corrin. You must remember to rest!" (idle)
  • "Oh, Corrin! Care to join me for a little snack?" (idle, married)
  • "Corrin, I can't thank you enough for everything you've done for me." (idle, married)
  • "Let me know if you ever want an emulsified protein beverage, Corrin." (idle, married)
  • "Happy birthday, Corrin! Will there be a feast in your honor tonight?" (Corrin's birthday, normal)
  • "Happy birthday, Corrin! I’ll see to it that you live to see many more." (Corrin's birthday, married)
  • "Welcome! Do you have any heavy luggage that you need help with?" (visiting another castle)
Asking - NormalEdit
  • "What do you do when you're not working out?" (hobby)
  • "I'd love to show you what I can do in the next battle. Will you team up with me?" (team-up)
Replying - NormalEdit
  • "When I'm not lifting, I'm eating. And when I'm not eating, I'm sleeping." (hobby, male)
  • "My training leaves little time for much else, I'm afraid." (hobby, female)
  • "Yes! I'm up for any challenge." (team-up)
Asking - MarriedEdit
  • "I love you with all of my heart, and I'll always protect you." (love)
  • "Please take care of yourself in battle! I can't guard you during every moment." (promise)
Replying - MarriedEdit
Asking - ChildEdit
Replying - ChildEdit
  • "Aw, you're so sweet. You've got a whole day of getting spoiled ahead of you!" (spending time)

Private Quarters Edit

  • "You need a jar opened or something? No problem." (Invite)
  • "Wanna spar?" (Invite)
  • "I'm glad you still want to train together, Lord/Lady Corrin. The more, the merrier!" (Invite - Married)
“This has been fun, but I'm getting awfully hungry. Can we eat, like, NOW?”
—Effie's Friendship Bonding quote.
“I'd offer to give you a massage, but...I might break you.”
—Effie's Friendship Bonding quote.
“This is the most fun I've ever had! Without breaking a sweat. ”
—Effie's Friendship Bonding quote.
“You have a place equal to Lady Elise in my heart. I'll never let anyone hurt you!”
—Effie's Friendship Rank Up quote.
  • "Hey, Corrin! It's so good to see you. It's early enough. We could spar a bit." (Entrance)
  • "...Oh! Welcome back. I was sneaking in a quick training session." (Entrance)
  • "Welcome home, Corrin! Just rest and recover a bit, OK?" (Entrance)
  • "Corrin...? You're back. I must have dozed off after my workout." (Awakening, Good)
  • "Woah, Corrin! You've got a powerful grip there. No need to shake me awake!" (Awakening, Bad)
  • "Whew! I think I stayed in the bath too long! My head's a little woozy." (Cool Down, Entrance)
  • "Thank you, dear. The sound of that breeze was music to my ears." (Cool Down, Good)
  • "You make me weak in the knees, Corrin. I could stay here all day." (Exit)
“I've been practicing my hugs so they're a little less bone-break-y. Can I try one on you?”
—Effie's Lover Bonding quote.
“I love you so much it kind of scares me. My emotions feel stronger than my quads!”
—Effie's Love Bonding quote.
“You're going to kiss me? Well, OK... It's a good thing you warned me. I KO'd the last guy who tried that.”
—Effie's Kiss quote.
“There's no limit to how much I can love you... or how much I can bench-press.”
—Effie's Lover Rank Up quote.


“I'm worried that I'll break whatever you get me...”
—When buying something for her
“If it helps our cause, feel free to sell anything.”
—When selling one of her items


“Need something forged? Hope you've come with a pile of ore.”
—When entering the smithy
“I'll take the strongest weapon you've got.”
—When forging one of her weapons

Staff StoreEdit

“Looking for a tasty snack? You are not going to find it here.”
—When entering her shop
“I suppose this isn't against the rules.”
—When buying for her while she's working
“This is weird, but I'll do what you ask of me.”
—When selling for her while she's working
“Is there anything else I can help you with?”
—Before leaving her shop

Lottery ShopEdit

“I don't like leaving things to luck, but I suppose this is all in good fun.”
—When entering the shop
“You wouldn't believe how many consolation prizes I hand out around here.”
—-Winning the wooden ball
“I was hoping you'd win something to eat - but that's pretty good too!”
—-Winning the silver ball
“Wow, what a great prize! The gods must be smiling on you.”
—Winning the golden ball
“Is there anything else I can help you with?”
—Before leaving the shop


“I am pumped and ready to go. Let's do this!”
— When entering the arena
“My strength is at your command.”
—Partnering up with the first unit
“OK, now I need to have a recovery meal. Does anyone have a snack?”
“I guess I need to train even harder...”


“This prison isn't very secure. Why don't the inmates just bend the bars and leave?”
— When entering the prison
“I'll bend their will as easily as one bends steel.”
—Before persuading a prisoner.

Accessory ShopEdit

“Everything I wear must be functional, but there is some cute stuff here...”
—When entering her shop

Einherjar ShopEdit

“Who knew that these little cards could be so powerful?”
—When entering the shop
“Is there anything else I can help you with?”
—Before leaving the shop

Gathering SpotsEdit

“The scent of baking bread is better than any perfume. Don't argue with me on this.”
—Spoken to at the wheat field
“Here, have some vegetables. My favorite is cabbage, even though it’s not filling.”
—Spoken to at a daikon/cabbage tile
“I chased this down during a workout. Here, you can have it!”
—Spoken to at a hunting forest
“I drink my own weight in milk every day. But I had a little extra today.”
—Spoken to at a dairy
“I'm too strong to eat fruit. I can't even pick up an apple without making applesauce.”
—Spoken to at a peach/berry tile
“I really love rice. I could eat bowls and bowls of it.”
—Spoken to at a rice paddy
“There was a big harvest today. Man...just seeing all those beans made me drool...”
—Spoken to at a bean field
“Eating meat makes you strong. Does eating fish help you swim?”
—Spoken to at a fishing hole
“Mining is the best. I always loved this kind of work back in Windmire...”
—Spoken to at a Nohrian mine
“Mining ore? It's a breeze. Just focus on the power of your fist, and BAM!”
—Spoken to at a Nohrian mine
“The mine is filled with durable ore. Can you make a weapon for Lady Elise?”
—Spoken to at a Nohrian mine
“Isn't this ore pretty? For some reason, I just want to give it a good squeeze.”
—Spoken to at a Hoshidan spring
“The bottom of the spring is littered with ore. I don't want to break them...”
—Spoken to at a Hoshidan spring
“The Nohrian springs sure are muddy. I wonder if they have ore too.”
—Spoken to at a Hoshidan spring
“You won't make any progress if you don't eat. Here, take this!”
—Spoken to at a food gathering spot (visiting another castle)
“Yes, stranger. You've found me at just the right time. My ore is yours.”
—Spoken to at the mine (visiting another castle)

Hot SpringsEdit

“It's the weirdest thing, but hitting the baths always makes me hungry.”
—Entering as a female Corrin
“I can hear my overworked muscles thanking me for the break.”
—Conversing with the female Corrin
“Hey, Lady Corrin. I was sorta hoping I might bump into you here.”
—Effie entering after the female Corrin
“Um... sorry, but... I was here first, so...”
—Entering as the male Corrin.
“'re making my heart feel funny. But I guess you can stay...”
—Entering as the male Corrin (spouse).
“'s a different kind of heat than feeling the burn. Is this happiness?”
—Conversing with the male Corrin (spouse).

Mess HallEdit

“Quantity over quality--that's my motto. So, what can I make for you?”
—When entering the kitchen
“I'm on it!”
—When about to cook
“Not sure the pots and pans will survive all that. Well, here--you get what you get.”
—After cooking good food
“The kitchen took a bruising, but the dish turned out just fine.”
—After cooking average food
“Not bad! Can I have five extra helping to go?”
—After eating good food
“That was good and quite filling. May I have some more?”
—After eating decent food
“I've never actually said this before, but... I'm not hungry.”
—After eating bad food

Confession Edit

“Nothing is stronger than my love for you. Except my biceps...”
—Effie's confession quote

Level Up Edit

  • "Stay back! I'll take on the whole army!" (6+ stats up)
  • "I feel like I could take on anyone!" (4-5 stats up)
  • "All that protein is starting to pay off!" (2-3 stats up)
  • "I'll have to work even harder tomorrow." (0-1 stat up)
  • "Aw, maxed out already?" (0-1 stats up, most stats capped)

Class Change Edit

  • "Just another chance to be the strongest!"

Help Description Edit

A gentle woman of great strength raised in Nohr's capital. One of Elise's retainers.

Roster Edit

A Nohrian soldier who serves Elise. Gentle and wishes to protect others, which is fortunate because she is strong enough to break armor with her bare hands. Most likely to ask for seconds. Born on 4/13.

DLC Pre-battle Quotes Edit

Beach BrawlEdit

“Um, how many people have you taken out so far? Most, I hope. That will make it easier for me to win this for Lady Elise. Let's get this over with. I don't even know who else I have to smash.”
—Effie's pre-battle quote
“Sorry, Lady Elise... I wanted to win that ticket for you myself...”
—When defeated

Boo CampEdit

“Hmm. I don't like tests of courage... You can't beat up the darkness. You, on the other hand, look like you'll bruise easy. If you could shuffle slowly over to my gym every day, that'd be perfect.”
—Effie's pre-battle quote

Museum MeleeEdit

“*chew* Mmm-mm-mmmm. Oh! That looks like some valuable gear. All right, then. Enough protein. Let's build some mass!”
—Effie's pre-battle quote.

Ghostly GoldEdit

“It's time to put this ghosts to bed! As soon as we're done with that, I think I'll take a little snooze myself.”
—Effie's pre-quote quote.

Anna on the RunEdit

“This place is pretty run down. Did you guys wreck it yourself? What did you do, take can axe to the walls? Get careless with your spells? Or...did you beat your bare fists against them until they crumbled? Because if it's that, much respect. I'll have to give it a go myself later...”
—Effie's pre-battle quote.

Battle Quotes Edit

Dual SupportEdit

  • "I'll be your shield!"
  • "I can do this!"
  • "Strength is everything!"
  • "I'll protect you."
  • "Be careful."
  • "We can do this together!"
  • "It's alright."
  • "I'll crush them!"
  • "Let's do this!"

Attack StanceEdit

  • "Try me on for size!"
  • "Don't come any closer!"
  • "Let me at 'em!"
  • "It's not over yet!"
  • "Knock it off!"

Guard StanceEdit


  • "You asked for it!"
  • "No more holding back!"
  • "Feel the burn!"
  • "Time to say goodbye!"

Defeated EnemyEdit

  • "Good!"
  • "Well that was easy."
  • "Were you even trying?"
  • "Now I'm hungry."
  • "What a workout."

Partner Defeated Enemy/When HealedEdit

  • "Thank you."
  • "Nice work."
  • "I'll return the favor"

Defeated by EnemyEdit

  • "I wasn't...strong...enough...."

Death/Retreat Quote Edit

“I guess this is it... I'm maxed out. I'm sorry, Elise. I've failed you...”
—Effie's death quote (classic)
“My training didn't prepare me for this! I'll have to work even harder...”
—Effie's retreat quote (casual).
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