“As something of an inventor myself, I have the utmost respect for our first king—and I love this country. But a coup d'état brought Niðavellir to ruin... I will do anything to save this country, so you have my support.”
—Eitri speaking with the Order of Heroes

Eitri is a non-playable character introduced in Book V of Fire Emblem Heroes. Known as the forest sage of Niðavellir, she assists Reginn and the Order of Heroes in their quest to find a way to defeat Fáfnir.

Profile[edit | edit source]

Eitri is a sage known for her hobbies of crafting and inventing using seiðjárn. Because her forest is well guarded by traps, few people, not even those from Niðavellir, tread there unless absolutely necessary.

After repelling her brother Ótr with the aid of the Order of Heroes, Reginn suggests finding Eitri to give them aid. As they enter her forest, Eitri's traps slow down the Order of Heroes, allowing Fáfnir to corner them. Despite their best efforts, Fáfnir's overwhelming power nearly wipes them all out until Eitri's timely appearance allows them to escape. Before leaving, she states her displeasure at Fáfnir's descent and vows to help the Order of Heroes stop him.

Personality[edit | edit source]

Etymology[edit | edit source]

In Norse Mythology, Eitri the dwarf was the creator of the golden boar Gullinbursti, the golden ring Draupnir, and the hammer Mjölnir. He is also the brother of Brokkr.

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