“Giant spiders infused with tremendous magical strength. Their venom is lethal.”
—In-game description from The Sacred Stones.

Thee Elder Bael (エルダバール Eruda bāru) is an enemy-only Monster class that is exclusive to The Sacred Stones. A breed of gargantuan spiders that is enlarged through the interference of fell magic, Elder Baels are the promoted form of the Bael class, employing their pincers and claws to inflict damage on their foes. More powerful and far deadlier than their unpromoted counterparts, Elder Baels are marked by a crimson colour scheme to highlight the danger that they present to players.

Overview[edit | edit source]

Combat[edit | edit source]

Elder Baels possess moderately high health, Strength and Defense stats, making them the equivalent of a General. They possess an unstable amount of Skill, meaning that most of their attacks tend to miss with high Speed and Luck; however, should they hit, they often deal large amounts of damage.

Elder Baels are similar to Cyclopes, possessing more Strength, but lower Defense and health. Like their non-promoted counterparts, Elder Baels use Sharp, Poison or Lethal Talons to attack their enemies. Magic users can easily defeat them due to their sub-standard Resistance.

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