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“I bestow upon you these, my sacred gifts. May they bring you joy and comfort!”
—Elimine granting the player extra items

St. Elimine was one of the Eight Legends who fought in The Scouring, wielding the light tome Aureola and the healing staff known as the Staff of the Saint. Since she possessed strong faith, she was framed as a Saint (聖女, Seijo lit. Holy Woman) after The Scouring. Elimine went on to found the country Etruria and the St. Elimine Church.


During The Scouring, Elimine worked alongside the other Eight Legends with her legendary tome, Aureola, in order to defeat the dragons. With these weapons, the heroes were able to turn the tide of battle in their favor. The sheer power of these weapons caused a series of elemental imbalances throughout Elibe, forcing the dragons to assume a much weaker humanoid form in order to survive. However, this would be the dragons' downfall, as this allowed the humans to defeat most of the remaining dragons and eventually reach and seal the Demon Dragon who'd been producing War Dragons that were a large part of the threat to humanity. With most of their kind defeated and their leader fallen, almost all of the other dragons fled through the Dragon's Gate.

In Heroes, Elimine says that Hartmut's unwillingness to kill the Demon Dragon created discord among the Eight Legends, and weakened their bonds. She firmly believes that Hartmut was wrong in choosing to just merely seal it, thinking that instead, they should have faced the danger of the dragons without their personal feelings getting in the way.

After Elimine's work on Elibe was done, it is said that she ascended to Heaven from a famous tower located in the Etrurian capital of Aquleia, which is now known as the Tower of the Saint and houses both her Aureola tome and her Staff of the Saint.


Having lived during the time of The Scouring, long before the events of the Elibe games take place, very little is known about her actual personality. In his support with Dorothy, Yoder paints Elimine as a sympathetic and kind soul who will set aside her own time to guide others.

Heroes portrays Elimine as a woman who is incredibly faithful to the Gods. However, she also harbors a great level of distaste for dragons, believing that they are nothing more than destruction given form.


Fire Emblem Heroes

Scouring Saint.
One of the Eight Legends who defeated the dragons during the Scouring. Her teachings live on as passed down by the Elimine Church. Appears in Fire Emblem: The Binding Blade.

Base Stats

Rarity: ✯✯✯✯✯

Elimine Heroes sprite.pngTitle
Scouring Saint
Heroes Flying.png Flying
FEH skill offense.png Staff of the Saint
FEH skill support.png Nudge+
FEH Staff.png Staff


FEH skill offense.pngAssault---
Staff of the Saint-FEH Star Rarity 5.png-
FEH skill support.pngHeal---
AFEH Atk Res Push 1.png Atk Res Push 1--
FEH Atk Res Push 2.png Atk Res Push 2FEH Atk Res Push 1.png Atk Res Push 1-
FEH Atk Res Push 3.png Atk Res Push 3FEH Atk Res Push 2.png Atk Res Push 2-
FEH Atk Res Push 4.png Atk Res Push 4FEH Atk Res Push 3.png Atk Res Push 3FEH Star Rarity 5.png
BFEH A S Far Trace 1.png A/S Far Trace 1--
FEH A S Far Trace 2.png A/S Far Trace 2FEH A S Far Trace 1.png A/S Far Trace 1-
FEH A S Far Trace 3.png A/S Far Trace 3FEH A S Far Trace 2.png A/S Far Trace 2-
CFEH Holy Ground.png Holy Ground-FEH Star Rarity 5.png


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Base Set
Skill Inheritance


Elimine/Heroes Quotes


Elimine is possibly a corruption of the name Elemina, which is an uncommon name of Nordic origin. The name is thought to have come from the name Elen, with the diminutive suffix -ina/-mina attached to the end.


  • Until she was introduced as a Mythic Hero in Fire Emblem Heroes in 2022, the only visual representation of Elimine of any sort was as a cameo when linking The Blazing Blade with the Mario Kart: Double Dash!! bonus disc to present the player with the extra items that they unlocked.


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