Beginning of Battle Edit

Intro Cutscene Edit

  • " Almost there! Iiit's my tuuurn!"

Intro Pep-talk

  • "Heehee, I'll win this one. Just you watch!"
  • (when at lower level) "Do... do I really have to fight?"

Switching To Character Edit

  • "Leave it to me!"

Ally Assist Edit

  • ""

Help Edit

  • ""

Critical Lines Edit

Alone Edit


  • "You need a time out!"


  • "I won't let us lose!"
  • "You're a bad influence!"

Dual Strike (neutral) Edit

  • (as support) "I'm coming with!"
  • (as vanguard) "I can do it!"

Dual Strike (special) Edit

With Corrin Edit

With Corrin as Vanguard

  • Elise: "My brother and I are invincible."
  • Corrin: "My power is overflowing."

With Corrin as Vanguard (A+)

  • Elise: "Play with me, Corrin!"
  • Corrin: "I'm on your side."

With Corrin as Support

  • Corrin: "I'm counting on you, Elise."
  • Elise: "I won't let you down."

With Corrin as Support (A+)

  • Corrin: "Time to show the fruits of your labor."
  • Elise: "Keep your eyes peeled."
With Ryoma Edit

With Ryoma as Vanguard

  • Elise: "I need your strength, Ryoma!"
  • Ryoma: "Ask freely, Princess Elise!"

With Ryoma as support

  • Ryoma: "Shall we, Princess Elise?"
  • Elise: "Hehehe, perfect timing, Ryoma!"
With Takumi Edit

With Takumi as Vanguard

  • Elise: "Heyyyyy, Taaakumiiiii!"
  • Takumi: "I'm right here!!"

With Takumi as support

  • Takumi: "Hurry up, Elise."
  • Elise: "Hey, I'm always on time."
With Sakura Edit

With Sakura as Vanguard

  • Elise: "Let's do this together, Sakura!"
  • Sakura: "I'd like that!"

With Sakura as Support

  • Sakura: "Elise! Are you ready?"
  • Elise: "I'm right here!"
With Xander Edit

With Xander as Vanguard

  • Elise: "You're a lifesaver, Xander!"
  • Xander: "Stay focused, Elise!"

With Xander as support

  • Xander: "Can you do this, Elise?"
  • Elise: "I'm pretty strong, you know."
With Camilla Edit

With Camilla as Vanguard

  • Elise: "Uh oh, you made Camilla angry.."
  • Camilla: "Let's show them what a mistake they've made."

With Camilla as Vanguard (A+)

  • Elise: "Can you help me, Camilla?"
  • Camilla: "Always, my dear Elise."

With Camilla as Support

  • Camilla: "Tremble at the sight of the Nohrian princesses."
  • Elise: "You're in for a world of hurt."

With Camilla as Support (A+)

  • Camilla: "Elise, are you ready?"
  • Elise: "Ready, Camilla."
With Leo Edit

With Leo as Vanguard

  • Elise: "Let's attack over here, Leo!"
  • Leo: "Do not stray from my side, Elise."

With Leo as Vanguard (A+)

  • Elise: "Leo! Leo! Look over here!"
  • Leo: "Don't do anything rash, Elise"

With Leo as Support

  • Leo: "You must time this carefully."
  • Elise: "I knew I could count on you!"
With Lissa Edit

With Lissa as Vanguard

  • Elise: "Let's tackle this as a duo!"
  • Lissa: "We'll put you down, quick!"

With Lissa as Support

  • Lissa: "This should be no sweat!"
  • Elise: "I almost feel sorry for them!"
With Anna Edit

With Anna as Vanguard

  • Elise: "Let's put our backs into it!"
  • Anna: "I always do!

With Anna as Support

  • Anna: "You ready, Elise?"
  • Elise: "Ready as ever!"
With Celica Edit

With Celica as Vanguard

  • Elise: "Help me out, Celica!"
  • Celica: "Anything to bring an end to this!"

With Celica as Support

  • Celica: "Elise! I need your help!"
  • Elise: "You got it, Celica!"
With Niles Edit

With Niles as Vanguard

  • Elise: "Attack with me, Niles!"
  • Niles: "Yes! I love it when they beg."

With Niles as Support

  • Niles: "Show me everything you've got, Lady Elise."
  • Elise: "Watch close. Here I go!"

During Battle Edit

Praise Edit

Giving Praise Edit


  • "Woooow! That was so awesome!"
  • "Ohh. Awesome! Can I get that strong too?"
To Corrin Edit
  • Elise: "You're super strong Corrin. Watch me keep up!"
  • Corrin: "You're one of my most reliable allies Elise, but please don't overdo it!"

Receiving Praise Edit

From Xander Edit
  • Xander: "That was wonderful, Elise! When did you get so strong?"
  • Elise: "Ohh, I may have been sneaking off to train now and again..."

Enemy encounter Lines

  • "I'll show you how awesome I am!"

Defeating Sakura

  • "That was so much fun Sakura! Let's play again sometime!"

Defeat Edit

  • "Brother... Sister... I just can't keep up."
  • (as enemy) "Owie! I can't fight with this injury. I've gotta fall back!"

All forts Taken

  • "A little more, and we'll win!"

Summoning Velezerak

  • "It's OK, I'm just getting started!"

Game over Line

  • "Aww... We failed..."

Stage clear Line

  • "Yay! We won!"

Victory Edit

  • "Whatcha think? Pretty cute, huh!"

After Battle Edit

MVP Edit

  • "I'm really number one? Oh, I'm so glad!"

Level Up Edit

  • "Step back, world! This girl is on FIRE!"

Support increased Line

  • "Teehee! We've become pretty good friends!"
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