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The Elite Sword (エリートの剣 Erīto no ken) is a rare Sword that appears exclusively in Fire Emblem: Thracia 776. As its name suggests, this sword, when equipped, bestows the Elite skill upon its wielder, allowing him/her to gain Experience at a much more rapid rate, alongside imbuing him/her with a substantial boost to his/her Defense.

In a conversation that can occur in Chapter 9, Selphina gives Carrion an Elite Sword, which, according to her, was used by his deceased father.

Weapon Stats

Name Type

Elitesword.gif Elite Sword

FE5 Sword Icon.png Sword

Rank Uses Mt Hit Crt Rng Wt WEx Worth
E 40 9 65% 0% 1 9 1 5,800

When equipped, the user's Defense is increased by 5, in addition to being blessed with the Elite skill.

Item Locations

Method Location
Dropped Enemy Mercenary (Ch. 22)
Event Ch. 9 - Have Carrion speak to Selfina.