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The crest of Embla as seen from the structure of Mjolnir Strike.

Embla (エンブラ帝国 Enbura Teikoku, Embla Empire in the Japanese version) is an empire in the continent of Zenith, from Fire Emblem Heroes.


Founded by the god-dragon of the same name and Thrasir, the first Empress of Embla, Embla once worked with the Kingdom of Askr to open and close the gates to other worlds, with Askr's bloodline having the power of opening and Embla's having the power of closure. That changed when the Emblians left the gates open for their own ambitions. The Emblian royal line is affected by a blood curse in which eventually, each member of the royal family is plagued by violent thoughts and a voice that tells them to seek the destruction of Askr and its bloodline.

Emblian Empire

The Royal Family of Embla was greatly divided with many different branches vying for power over the empire meaning coups and accusations of treachery were commonplace. After one such coup the emperor of Embla seized power, seeking to bring prosperity to his country. He did this by summoning and enslaving Heroes in order to wage war with Askr which only ended with his death. The crown was passd onto his second wife who, upon becoming empress, declared an end to the war. This did not end amicably, as some people of that land took their lives as well, due to his renown. Peace went, until his daughter, Veronica, declared her intention to follow in her father's footsteps in bringing the Kingdom of Askr under Emblian control. Following this, she reignited the war once again. Askr forms the Order of Heroes in response, and brings Kiran, a summoner, to the world. Veronica attacks them with her own summoned heroes, and attempts to put a stop to Kiran's summoning by doing things such as destroying the summoning grounds and trapping them in other worlds, but she's thwarted every time. As Veronica begins to plagued by the curse of her bloodline, she moves on to other methods, such as working with Loki to begin the Tempest. Bruno chooses to go on a journey to attempt to remedy the curse of the Emblian bloodline, leaving Xander as Veronica's primary protector.

As Bruno journeys, Veronica allies herself with Múspell, as the king, Surtr, shares the same goal of destroying Askr. The two come to a disagreement as Surtr wants to raze the ground until there's nothing left, whereas Veronica still wants land she can conquer. Despite Xander's attempts to protect Veronica, Veronica is dragged to Múspell and almost used as a sacrifice for the Rite of Flame, but she's saved by Helbindi and Bruno.

When Embla and Askr are invaded by Hel, Veronica is forced to join forces with Alfonse as Hel's forces could easily overwhelm her own. Working together, they're able to stop Hel and her invasion. Veronica and Askr enter an alliance yet again when nightmares from Dökkálfheimr invade them both, some of them taking on the form of Bruno and Xander. Veronica ends up fending off nightmares to buy time for the Order of Heroes to enter the Realm of Nightmares, and later, she finds herself in Dökkálfheimr herself as things grow dire.

Following the defeat of Dökkálfheimr, the Empire finds itself invaded by Fafnir and the army of Niðavellir. With assistance from Bruno and the Order of Heroes and they manage to repeal the invasion, and Veronica agrees to let Reginn rest and recover in her castle after passing out as thanks for helping her.

Alternate Emblian Empire

The alternate Emblian Empire is another universe's version of the Emblian Empire that appears in Book III. In this Emblian Empire, Hel successfully conquered both it and Askr. That world's versions of Alfonse and Veronica, who go by the names of Líf and Thrasir to hide their identity, preform the Heart's Rite to combat Heel, utilizing the heart of Angrboða. This results in every subject of both of their kingdoms dying. Thrasir agrees to become a general of Hel to balance the cohort of the dead, in which by wiping out another realm, they could bring back their own.

Veronica, Alfonse, and the rest of the Order of Heroes enter alternate Embla to discover more clues about the Heart's Rite. After finding information about the Rite and the horrible tolls it took on Líf and Thrasir's realm, the group decides it's too dangerous to use in their own world, but they can take the heart of Angrboða from this Embla to defeat Hel, as the price had already been paid.

Notable Locations

  • Embla Castle - The royal palace of Embla, home to Veronica. Veronica refuses Alfonse and Sharena access to it in Book III.
  • Library of Embla - A location in Embla that had information on the heart of Angrboða.
  • Temple of Blood - A temple that contains the heart of Angrboða.
  • Curse Directive Fortress - A fortress near the Askr border that is home to the Curse Directive. The fortress, like the rest of the Directive, is commanded by Letizia.

Family Tree


Notable Emblians


  • Bruno – Eldest prince of Embla. He journeys to find a cure to the Emblian curse.
  • Veronica – The younger imperial princess of the Emblian Empire who uses Heroes against the Askran Kingdom.
  • Letizia - A member of the imperial family, ninth in line to the throne and the Director of the Curse Directive.


  • Embla - The goddess of barriers and broken bonds.
  • Elm - Retainer to Embla. Snide and shameless, he lines his words with barbs meant to wound.


  • Xander - A prince from the World of Fates, he's a hero who chooses to stay by Veronica's side out of sympathy for her.
  • Thrasir – A woman encountered in Hel who uses the name of the first Empress of Embla.


The Japanese name for Askr, "Ask", and "Embla" are derived from Old Norse mythology. Ask representing a male form, whereas Embla represents a female respectively—were the first two humans, created by the gods. In Poetic Edda and Prose Edda, both sources, three gods, one of whom is Odin, find Ask and Embla and bestow upon them various corporeal and spiritual gifts.

In Old Norse, Embla theoretically means "elm tree" or "vine". The crest of Embla resembles a vine or tree.


  • Embla is the only kingdom whose every known inhabitants are playable only as Special Heroes.