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FAlear Marth Sync

Female Alear Synced with The Ring of the Hero-King.

Emblem Rings are key items central to the plot of Fire Emblem Engage.

In the Fell Xenologue, the Emblem Bracelets replace the Emblem Rings in the alternative Elyos but function the same.


On the continent of Elyos, there are magic rings called Emblem Rings. There are twelve in total, each housing the spirits of heroes from other worlds known as Emblems. The rings hold tremendous power as they are tools of the Divine Dragons. To those that hold all 12 Emblem Rings, it grants them world altering power.

Due to this power, they were highly coveted and so, as a precaution, six of the rings were distributed to the nations of Elyos and Lythos held the other six: those of the Hero-King, the Holy Knight, the Sage Lord, the Azure Twins, the Princess Exalt, and the Instructor. Firene was given the Ring of the Caring Princess and was also given the Ring of the Dawn Maiden secretly, which they then hid in a shrine near the Brodian border. Brodia themselves was given the Ring of the Young Lion. Elusia was given the Ring of the Lady of the Plains. Solm was given the Ring of the Radiant Hero and the Ring of the Crux of Fate, the latter which was hidden in the Northern Fortress and similarly kept secret from the other nations of the world.

All twelve rings were gathered 1,000 years ago to seal away the Fell Dragon Sombron. According to Lumera, their powers are offered once every 1,000 years, and thus the Divine Dragons collect these rings from their nation rulers at these times to summon the spirits as they are the only ones who can summon the Emblems. Even when they are not fully blessed by a Divine Dragon, the rings can still speak and can be heard by others in certain circumstances.

Emblem Rings can be influenced by Fell Dragons, especially powerful ones like Sombron. Unlike when a Divine Dragon awakens a ring, a ring evoked by a Fell Dragon limits a vast majority of its power, does not let the wielder fully Engage with the Emblem inside, and the Emblem cannot speak nor can they control their use. Emblems that are already awakened by a Divine Dragon can still be corrupted, overriding their blessing. However, the Divine Dragon can simply release the corruption once the ring is back in their possession.

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Emblem Rings are influenced primarily by the type of Dragon that evokes them. Divine Dragons achieve this through prayers while Fell Dragons do so through incantations. Alear, being part-Fell Dragon summons Emblem Rings through the latter method, though Lumera's Divine Dragon blessings allowed their Fell Dragon method to evoke the full power of the rings, rather than partial.

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Fell Xenologue[]

In another version of Elyos, instead of twelve Emblem Rings, the world was blessed with seven Emblem Bracelets. Like their Ring counterparts, the Emblem Bracelets served the same purpose in the alternative Elyos as they were used to seal the Fell Dragon Sombron of that world albeit at the cost of Queen Lumera's life. The Bracelets were later distributed amongst the nations of Elyos. Firene safeguarded the Bracelet of the Brash General, Elusia safeguarded the Bracelet of the Strategist, Solm safeguarded the Bracelet of the Doting Sister and Brodia safeguarded the Bracelet of the Lonely Heir. The last three bracelets, the Bracelet of the Shepherd Exalt, Bracelet of the Three Houses, and the Bracelet of the Ancestor was kept by Lythos. However, the latter two vanished from the Bracelet Vault in Lythos Castle and their current whereabouts are currently unknown.

Though Sombron was sealed, he eventually broke free a thousand years later, leading to a clash between the Fell Dragon and Lumera's child Alear. In the ensuing battle, both dealt mortal wounds to each other, leading to both their demise. Despite Sombron no longer threatening the world, the death of Alear meant the death of the Divine Dragon tribe, causing Elyos to spiral into ruin. In a desperate attempt to cling to hope and life, the four nations became deadlocked and on the verge of war over the remaining resources. Though Nel and Nil, Fell Dragon twins who allied with the Divine Dragons, attempted to peacefully reclaim the Bracelets, the four nations refused. With the world on the brink of war between the four nations, the Fell Dragon twins called out for a hero from another world, summoning an Alear from another world to aid in their cause.


Emblem Rings and Bracelets allow units to gain access to stat boosts and additional powers, mainly access to skills. As units fight with Emblem Rings, they build Bonds with the Rings, allowing greater access to stronger skills, new Emblem Weapons, and eventually allow units to inherit the skills of the Emblem Rings when not equipped by said Emblem.

In total, there are thirteen Emblem Rings that the player will acquire throughout the story of Engage, as well as seven released DLC Emblem Bracelets that function the same. The Emblem Rings and Bracelets may be freely assigned to units prior to the start of a battle, but cannot be changed during the middle of a battle. Upon starting a battle, all units equipped with Emblem Rings are capable of Engaging immediately. Engaging lasts three turns before automatically disengaging. The unit must attack or be attacked at least six times to recharge or end their turn on an Emblem Energy Space, which fully charges the Engage gauge.

Each unit independently builds bonds with the Emblems in the Rings/Bracelets they wear into battle, slowly forging bonds with them. As the pair continuously battle, their Bond Levels increase, thus improving their overall capabilities. Units gain Bond Points with their equipped Emblem Ring/Bracelet when they perform any action except for Wait or consuming an item. Each ring is unique in terms of available skills and weapons, but all Rings and Bracelet follow some specific milestone Bond Level rewards. Starting from Bond Level 5, that unit can start inheriting learned skills from that Ring. At Level 10, the unit can access the second Emblem Weapon, Level 11 where the unit gains an additional turn to be Engaged with that specific Emblem, Level 15 where the units can access the third and final Emblem Weapon, and Level 20 is where the unit requires one less attack to fill the Engage Meter. All other levels either give new skills, give stronger versions of skills already learned, and grant the user Weapon Proficiency. The Bond Level rewards vary between Emblem Rings and Bracelets. At Bond Level 5, 10, and 20, units have special conversations with the Emblems.

All Emblem Rings have a Bond Level maximum of 10 when first acquired. Beginning Chapter 12, Paralogues associated with the Emblem Rings that are acquired starting from that chapter onward are unlocked. Completing an Emblem's Paralogue will unlock an additional 10 Bond Levels for the rest of the playthrough. All Emblem Bracelets automatically have all 20 Bond Levels available from the start when they are acquired. The thirteenth Emblem Ring has a special condition when building Bond Ranks.

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The Ring of the Connector is unique in that the Bond Level is based on the Support rank a character holds with Alear. With no Support Rank, their Bond Rank is at Level 1. Ranks C, B, and A correspond to Bond Rank 5, 10, and 20 respectively. The player is given a Pact Ring as a reward for clearing Paralogue 15. With it, the player is allowed to choose one ally to give the ring, giving a unique Ring-Rank Support and is considered Level 21 in terms of Bond benefits.

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Emblem Rings[]

The following are the Emblem Rings available:

Emblem Ring Emblem Engage Exclusive Inheritable
Marth Emblem Ring

Ring of the Hero-King
FE17 Divine Speed IconDivine Speed
FE17 Lodestar Rush IconLodestar Rush
FE17 Perceptive IconPerceptive
FE17 Avoid +10 IconAvoid +
FE17 Break Defenses IconBreak Defenses
FE17 Sword Agility 1 IconSword Agility
FE17 Unyielding IconUnyielding
FE17 Sword
Celica Emblem Ring

Ring of the Caring Princess
FE17 Echo IconEcho
FE17 Warp Ragnarok IconWarp Ragnarok
FE17 Holy Stance IconHoly Stance
FE17 Magic +3 IconMagic +
FE17 Resonance IconResonance
FE17 Tome Precision 1 IconTome Precision
FE17 Favorite Food IconFavorite Food
FE17 Sword FE17 Tome
Sigurd Emblem Ring

Ring of the Holy Knight
SigurdBraveLanceFE17SpriteBrave Lance
FE17 Gallop IconGallop
FE17 Override IconOverride
FE17 Canter IconCanter
FE17 Lance Power 1 IconLance Power
FE17 Momentum IconMomentum
FE17 Hit +15 IconHit +
FE17 Headlong Rush IconHeadlong Rush
FE17 Lance FE17 Sword
Leif Emblem Ring

Ring of the Sage Lord
LeifKillerAxeFE17SpriteKiller Axe
MasterLanceFE17SpriteMaster Lance
LightBrandFE17SpriteLight Brand
FE17 Adaptable IconAdaptable
FE17 Quadruple Hit IconQuadruple Hit
FE17 Build +3 IconBuild +
FE17 Arms Shield IconArms Shield
FE17 Vantage IconVantage
FE17 Knife Precision 1 IconKnife Precision
FE17 Axe FE17 Bow FE17 Knife FE17 Staff FE17 Lance FE17 Sword
Roy Emblem Ring

Ring of the Young Lion
BindingBladeFE17SpriteBinding Blade
FE17 Rise Above IconRise Above
FE17 Blazing Lion IconBlazing Lion
FE17 Strength +1 IconStrength +
FE17 Hold Out IconHold Out
FE17 Advance IconAdvance
FE17 Sword Power 1 IconSword Power
FE17 Sword
Lyn Emblem Ring

Ring of the Lady of the Plains
LynKillerBowFE17SpriteKiller Bow
ManiKattiFE17SpriteMani Katti
FE17 Call Doubles IconCall Doubles
FE17 Astra Storm IconAstra Storm
FE17 Speed +1 IconSpeed +
FE17 Alacrity IconAlacrity
FE17 Speedtaker IconSpeedtaker
FE17 Bow Focus 1 IconBow Focus
FE17 Bow FE17 Sword
Eirika Emblem Ring

Ring of the Azure Twins
Eirika and Ephraim
WindSwordFE17SpriteWind Sword
FE17 Solar Brace IconSolar Brace
FE17 Eclipse Brace IconEclipse Brace
FE17 Bravery IconBravery
FE17 Blue Skies IconBlue Skies
FE17 Night and Day IconNight and Day
FE17 Sacred Twins IconSacred Twins
FE17 Twin Strike IconTwin Strike
FE17 Lunar Brace IconLunar Brace
FE17 Dodge +10 IconDodge +
FE17 Lance Agility 1 IconLance Agility
FE17 Gentility IconGentility
FE17 Lance FE17 Sword
Ike Emblem Ring

Ring of the Radiant Hero
FE17 Laguz Friend IconLaguz Friend
FE17 Great Aether IconGreat Aether
FE17 Defense +1 IconDefense +
FE17 Demolish IconDemolish
FE17 Resolve IconResolve
FE17 Reposition IconReposition
FE17 Axe Power 1 IconAxe Power
FE17 Wrath IconWrath
FE17 Axe FE17 Sword
Micaiah Emblem Ring

Ring of the Dawn Maiden
FE17 Cleric IconCleric
FE17 Augment IconAugment
FE17 Great Sacrifice IconGreat Sacrifice
FE17 Resistance +2 IconResistance +
FE17 Staff Mastery 1 IconStaff Mastery
FE17 Healing Light IconHealing Light
FE17 Silence Ward IconSilence Ward
FE17 Staff FE17 Knife FE17 Tome
Lucina Emblem Ring

Ring of the Princess Exalt
NobleRapierFE17SpriteNoble Rapier
ParallelFalchionFE17SpriteParallel Falchion
FE17 Dual Strike IconDual Strike
FE17 Bonded Shield IconBonded Shield
FE17 All for One IconAll for One
FE17 Dexterity +1 IconDexterity +
FE17 Dual Assist IconDual Assist
FE17 Bow Agility 1 IconBow Agility
FE17 Dual Support IconDual Support
FE17 Sword FE17 Bow
Corrin Emblem Ring

Ring of the Crux of Fate
DualKatanaFE17SpriteDual Katana
FE17 Dragon Vein IconDragon Vein
FE17 Dreadful Aura IconDreadful Aura
FE17 Torrential Roar IconTorrential Roar
FE17 HP +5 IconHP +
FE17 Quality Time IconQuality Time
FE17 Sword Focus 1 IconSword Focus
FE17 Draconic Hex IconDraconic Hex
FE17 Pair Up IconPair Up
FE17 Sword
Byleth Emblem Ring

Ring of the Instructor
FE17AegisShieldSpriteAegis Shield
FE17RafailGemSpriteRafail Gem
SwordoftheCreatorFE17SpriteSword of the Creator
FE17 Instruct IconInstruct
FE17 Goddess Dance IconGoddess Dance
FE17 Luck +2 IconLuck +
FE17 Divine Pulse IconDivine Pulse
FE17 Mentorship IconMentorship
FE17 Art Focus 1 IconArt Focus
FE17 Lost & Found IconLost & Found
FE17 Arts FE17 Sword
Alear Emblem Ring

Ring of the Connector
Dragon'sFistFE17SpriteDragon's Fist
FE17 Holy Aura IconHoly Aura
FE17 Attuned IconAttuned
FE17 Bond Forger IconBond Forger
FE17 Holy Shield IconHoly Shield
FE17 Boon of Elyos IconBoon of Elyos
FE17 Dragon Blast IconDragon Blast
FE17 Bond Blast IconBond Blast
FE17 Sword FE17 Arts


Emblem Bracelet Emblem Engage Exclusive Inheritable
Tiki Emblem Bracelet

Bracelet of the Ancestor
TikiEngageWeaponFE17SpriteEternal Claw
TikiEngageWeaponFE17SpriteTail Smash
TikiEngageWeaponFE17SpriteFire Breath
TikiEngageWeaponFE17SpriteIce Breath
TikiEngageWeaponFE17SpriteFlame Breath
TikiEngageWeaponFE17SpriteDark Breath
TikiEngageWeaponFE17SpriteFog Breath
FE17 Draconic Form IconDraconic Form
FE17 Divine Blessing IconDivine Blessing
FE17 Starsphere IconStarsphere
FE17 HP Lck +2 IconHP/Lck +
FE17 Geosphere IconGeosphere
FE17 Special Guard 1 IconSpecial Guard
FE17 Lifesphere IconLifesphere
FE17 Lightsphere IconLightsphere
FE17 Arts
House Leaders Bracelet

Bracelet of the Three Houses
EdelgardFE17Sprite DimitriFE17Sprite ClaudeFE17Sprite
Edelgard, Dimitri, and Claude
FE17 Gambit IconGambit
(Flame, Shield, or Poison)
FE17 Friendly Rivalry IconFriendly Rivalry
FE17 Combat Arts IconCombat Arts
(Raging Storm, Atrocity, or Fallen Star)
FE17 Houses Unite IconHouses Unite
FE17 Gambit IconAssembly Gambit
FE17 Str Dex +1 IconStr/Dex +
FE17 Lineage IconLineage
FE17 Bow Guard 1 IconBow Guard
FE17 Weapon Sync IconWeapon Sync
FE17 Axe FE17 Lance FE17 Bow
Hector Emblem Bracelet

Bracelet of the Brash General
WolfBeilFE17SpriteWolf Beil
FE17 Impenetrable IconImpenetrable
FE17 Piercing Glare IconPiercing Glare
FE17 Storm's Eye IconStorm's Eye
FE17 Quick Riposte IconQuick Riposte
FE17 Str Def +1 IconStr/Def +
FE17 Adaptability IconAdaptability
FE17 Axe Guard 1 IconAxe Guard
FE17 Heavy Attack IconHeavy Attack
FE17 Axe
Soren Emblem Bracelet

Bracelet of the Strategist
FE17 Flare IconFlare
FE17 Cataclysm IconCataclysm
FE17 Assign Decoy IconAssign Decoy
FE17 Mag Res +1 IconMag/Res +
FE17 Magic Guard 1 IconMagic Guard
FE17 Anima Focus IconAnima Focus
FE17 Keen Insight IconKeen Insight
FE17 Block Recovery IconBlock Recovery
FE17 Knife FE17 Staff FE17 Tome
Camilla Emblem Bracelet

Bracelet of the Doting Sister
BoltAxeFE17SpriteBolt Axe
CamillasAxeFE17SpriteCamilla's Axe
FE17 Camilla Dragon Vein IconDragon Vein
FE17 Soar IconSoar
FE17 Dark Inferno IconDark Inferno
FE17 Spd Res +1 IconSpd/Res +
FE17 Lance Guard 1 IconLance Guard
FE17 Decisive Strike IconDecisive Strike
FE17 Detoxify IconDetoxify
FE17 Groundswell IconGroundswell
FE17 Axe FE17 Tome
Chrom Emblem Bracelet
Bracelet of the Shepherd Exalt
Chrom and Robin
RobinLevinSwordFE17SpriteLevin Sword
FE17 Other Half IconOther Half
FE17 Giga Levin Sword IconGiga Levin Sword
FE17 Surprise Attack IconSurprise Attack
FE17 Spd Dex +1 IconSpd/Dex +
FE17 Sword Guard 1 IconSword Guard
FE17 Rally Spectrum IconRally Spectrum
FE17 Brute Force IconBrute Force
FE17 Charm IconCharm
FE17 Sword FE17 Tome
Veronica Emblem Bracelet

Bracelet of the Lonely Heir
FE17 Contract IconContract
FE17 Summon Hero IconSummon Hero
FE17 Reprisal IconReprisal
FE17 Mag Dex +1 IconMag/Dex +
FE17 Book of Worlds IconBook of Worlds
FE17 Knife Guard 1 IconKnife Guard
FE17 Level Boost IconLevel Boost
FE17 SP Conversion IconSP Conversion
FE17 Staff FE17 Tome


  • Tiki, Soren, Camilla and Veronica are the only characters who are not the protagonists in their original games to be added as Emblems.
  • Assuming Fire Emblem Heroes is not a side game or spin-off game (as referred to by developers close to Intelligent Systems), Veronica is the only Emblem character to come from a side game.