“Mark's scroll. Gives its carrier an advantage.”
—In-game description

The Emblem Seal is a rare item that is exclusive to Fire Emblem: The Blazing Blade. When used, the Emblem Seal boosts their Accuracy and Avoid by ten points. Unobtainable through the course of any normal play-through, the Emblem Seal can only be acquired by means of transferring data through the Mario Kart: Double Dash!! bonus disc.

Item Information[edit | edit source]

Name Uses Worth Effect(s) / Note(s)
Emblemseal.gif Emblem Seal 1 - Raises its user's Accuracy and Avoid by 10.

Item Location[edit | edit source]

Method Location
Transfer Data With the aid of a Link Cable and a Nintendo GameCube console system, link The Blazing Blade to a copy of the Mario Kart: Double Dash!! bonus disc.
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