Avatar:Yet even still, I must side with them. My heart won’t allow me to do otherwise.

Xander: The crown prince of Nohr clashing blades with Hoshido’s heir. It’s almost poetic.

If the Avatar is Male

Felicia: I made it Lord Avatar! Is everything OK?

Avatar: Felicia? No, we're far from OK. But there's no time to explain. Your timing is terrible. What are you doing here now?

Felicia: How can you say that? I've been looking for you all this time! Anyway, I'm here now, and I'll stand by your side!

If the Avatar is Female

Battle Begins


  • Sakura: Avatar! Are you r-really gonna fight me right now? What did I ever do to you? All I wanted was to l-love you!
  • Avatar: Sakura, I'm so sorry for all this. You didn't do anything wrong, I promise. It's difficult to explain, but I just need you, take a little nap right now.
  • Sakura: Brother/Sister, no...


I don't...understand...

I won't rest until Avatar returns home. I've been training for this day!


  • Hinoka: What exactly do you think you're doing, Avatar?! Betraying us for Nohr... It just can't be true! They must have tricked you somehow, right?
  • Avatar: I'm sorry, Hinoka. I just... I can't abandon the ones I loved all these years. It's as simple as that.
  • Hinoka: Avatar... Say it isn't so...


How could this happen?! What have I been fighting for all this time...?


Prepare to pay for what you monsters have done. This is for Mother!

Vs. Avatar

  • Takumi: Hmph. I knew it would come to this. From the moment we met, I knew you couldn't be trusted. And I was right.
  • Avatar: Takumi... Please, let me explain.
  • Takumi: I have no time for your empty words. Ryoma and the others were fools. I knew trusting a Nohrian would only lead to death and heartbreak. But I am not Ryoma, nor my siblings. I won't make that same mistake. I shall take great joy in slaying you here and now like the traitor you are!


Gah! You may not have honor, but you certainly have skill. This isn't over...


I will not allow a filthy Nohrian to sully my honor!

Vs. Avatar

  • Ryoma: Avatar! Do not allow them to fool you a moment longer. There's still time... Come back to your true family, where you belong!
  • Avatar: I'm sorry, Ryoma. I'm afraid that's not possible. I've made up my mind. I'm staying with Xander and my Nohrian siblings.
  • Ryoma: Very well. Although it pains me, I see you cannot be dissuaded. In that case, I have no choice but to drag you back to Hoshido by force!


Damn! I'll have to withdraw for now... This isn't over, Avatar!


This battle is truly lamentable. It would have broken Lady Mikoto's heart to watch these events unfold...

Vs Avatar

  • Yukimura: So, here we are. You have come back to us, but with a blade in hand. I suppose it's safe to surmise you have no intention of returning to Hoshido?
  • Avatar: You are correct. Nohr is my home. It's where I belong.
  • Yukimura: How very upsetting. If Lady Mikoto were here to see this, it would break her heart. Then again, she may just have smiled and said, "It's his/her path to choose."
  • Avatar: Yukimura...
  • Yukimura: But such talk is pointless, for our dear queen has left this realm. As for myself, I am above all a tactician for the honorable Hoshidan army. As such, I am obligated to prevent you from returning to Nohr!


I must withdraw... Forgive me, Lady Mikoto...

After Battle

Avatar: Ryoma… Everyone… Please find it in your hearts to forgive me. I know that a prince of Hoshido siding with Nohr seems like the ultimate betrayal. But I swear on my honor… I will end this war, for all of us. For Nohr and Hoshido—for you and me. I promise you that. Until then…farewell.

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