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“With unparalleled defense, Edelgard appears as an unstoppable force in the legendary armor of the Adrestian Emperor.”

The Emperor (皇帝 Kōtei) was an enemy-only combat class that is first introduced in Fire Emblem: Mystery of the Emblem. Often the exclusive class of main antagonists in the games that it appears in, the Emperor class commonly employs Lances as its main weapon of choice. They are usually counted as armored units.

In Fire Emblem: Three Houses, it made its playable debut as a promotional option for Edelgard, as well as a promoted Lord class.

History in the Series

In its original inception in Mystery of the Emblem, the Emperor class is the personal class of Hardin when he has assumed position as overlord of Archanea in Book 2. This version of the class arms Lances as its sole weapon of choice. Despite appearing to be armored, Armorslayers do not affect the class.

In Genealogy of the Holy War, the Emperor class is considered to be the ultimate foot-based class, owing to the statistical prowess that they display across the board and the fact that they have access to almost every single type of equipment available in the game. This version of the class is outfitted with Swords, Lances, Axes, Bows, all types of Anima magic and Staves, and is even imbued with the Charm and Great Shield skills.

The class is absent in Thracia 776, although unused data for it exists within the game. Unusually, the Emperor class cannot use magic in this title.

The King class that appears in The Binding Blade is notably similar to the Emperor class. The main difference between the two lies in the fact that while Emperors can always wield Lances in all titles that they appear in, the King class is confined to the usage of Swords.

In New Mystery of the Emblem, the remake of Book 2 of Mystery of the Emblem, the Emperor class is similarly the personal class of Hardin and wields Lances as its sole weapon of choice. Its design is completely re-hauled into one that is reminiscent of the King class appearing in The Binding Blade. Just like in the original, Anti Armor weapons do not work on the class.

In Fire Emblem: Three Houses, the class makes its playable debut as the Master-rank Unique Lord promotion for Edelgard. In Japan, the class is called Kaiserin (カイゼリン, Kaizerin) as a nod to Edelgard's gender. The class becomes available through story progression. The class has proficiency in Axes, Heavy Armor, and Authority.


Base Stats

FE350202020202020205--Lance 8
FE44515151515015155--FE4 Sword.pngA FE4 Lance.pngA FE4 Axe.pngA FE4 Bow.pngA FE4 Fire.pngA FE4 Thunder.pngA FE4 Wind.pngA FE4 Staff.pngA
FE5267152012-55-FE5 Sword Icon.pngE FE5 Lance Icon.pngE FE5 Axe Icon.pngE FE5 Bow Icon.pngE
FE121630330306--FE12 Lance.png E

Maximum Stats

FE350202020202020205--Lance 20
FE480303030303030305--FE4 Sword.pngA FE4 Lance.pngA FE4 Axe.pngA FE4 Bow.pngA FE4 Fire.pngA FE4 Thunder.pngA FE4 Wind.pngA FE4 Staff.pngA
FE580202020202020-2020-FE5 Sword Icon.pngA FE5 Lance Icon.pngA FE5 Axe Icon.pngA FE5 Bow Icon.pngA
FE1280303030303030306--FE12 Lance.png A

Growth Rates

FE1630%10%10%0%0%0%5%5%---FE16 axe icon.png +3 FE16 authority icon.png +3 FE16 heavy armor icon.png +3

Class Skills

FE4Charisma.pngCharismaClass skill of the Emperor, Princess and Queen classes.
FE16Charm FE16.pngCharm
Axefaire FE16.pngAxefaire
Icon Combat Art FE16 Axe.pngFlickering Flower
Class Ability of Emperor.
Class Ability of Emperor.
Mastery Ability of Emperor.


Base ClassPromotion MethodPromoted Class
FE16FE16 Noble Edelgard Part 2 Icon.gif Any class. Automatically obtained upon starting Crimson Flower Chapter 16FE16 Emperor Icon.gif Emperor

Notable Emperors

Mystery of the Emblem

  • Hardin - Emperor of the Holy Empire of Archanea and former prince of Aurelis, who was known as the Dark Emperor due to his bloody reign.

Genealogy of the Holy War

Three Houses

  • Edelgard - Daughter and successor of Ionius IX of the Adrestian Empire.


  • In Genealogy of the Holy War, the Emperor class is depicted with a scythe in its official artwork, despite scythes not being an available weapon in their game. Similar applies to Hardin's Book 2 artwork in the Fire Emblem: Trading Card Game, until Three Houses, which allows Emperors to use scythes.
  • Emperors are the only class in Genealogy of the Holy War to have a Strength cap that exceeds 27.
  • In the Japanese version of Fire Emblem: Radiant Dawn, the Empress class shares its Japanese name with the Emperor class. While the two classes are mostly unrelated, the Empress class specializes in Fire magic, as Arvis did in Genealogy of the Holy War.
  • Emperors are the only Lance-wielding class in New Mystery of the Emblem to have a double attack animation.
  • Edelgard's Emperor outfit contains details previously seen in her outfit as the Flame Emperor class, most notably the feathers along the shoulders.