Note: This is from the international version of Fire Emblem Fates.

Before BattleEdit

  • Shigure (as narrator): I shall tell you a story of the last of all realms. A place where I am forgotten. My mother's son to the end, I marched into battle alone to sacrifice my own life. The other children could no longer reach me. They could not intervene on my behalf. The faces of my friends and allies...the last echoes of my name on their lips... The water would claim it all.

(Scene transition; the children except Shigure are transported outside of Gyges)

  • Kana (M): Shigure...
  • Kana (F): This is awful! Can't we do anything? Even if we weren't his real friends, I still wanted him to make it to the end...
  • Shiro: We gotta go after him.
  • Kana (M): What?
  • Shiro: You heard me! We're gonna find that castle! Don't just stand there—get moving!
  • Forrest: In which direction?! It was Shigure who knew the lay of the land in this country.
  • Kiragi: Well, what if we split up? Each group could take a different direction. One of us would be bound to find it then.
  • Siegbert: Splitting our forces in the enemy's territory isn't a sound tactical idea. Even if one squad did find the castle, its guards would make short work of us.
  • Shiro: What's your idea, then? Sit here and wait for Shigure to die?! Everyone who doesn't have a plan, shut up! I only wanna hear ideas!
  • Kana (M): Um... How about memories?
  • Kana (F): Huh?
  • Kana (M): "One's memories can be as precious a thing as one's life. You might almost consider them interchangeable."
  • Kana (F): I don't get it...
  • Ophelia: Oh! But I do! You're quoting that woman!
  • Kana (F): Wh-what? What are you talking about?
  • Nina: Back when it was just us, we met this woman who said something like that. Funny, she never introduced herself, come to think of it. But what she said was... "If you ever need to weigh memories against something else asked of you... When the time comes, make sure you choose what you can't afford to lose." I think I'm remembering that right.
  • Sophie: It sounded cuckoo then. But now I get it!
  • Dwyer: So we have to pick what's more important to us? Our memories or Shigure?
  • Kana (M): I think so. We can use the song and swap our memories for his life!
  • Mitama: That's all very well, but how are we meant to do it from here? We still have no way back to the castle.
  • Kana (M):'s too bad I didn't think of it sooner. If I had, maybe we could have stopped him!
  • Hisame: It's nobody's fault, Kana, least of all yours. Water under the bridge now...
  • Ophelia: May the light of my precious Starshine Quartz shine on poor doomed Shigure...
  • Rhajat: What's with the rock?
  • Ophelia: Do not shame the mystic protective gem my father gave me by calling it a "rock"!
  • Soleil: Oh, you've got one of those too? There's one just like it embedded in the sword dad gave me. He told me it'd come in handy one day, but I don't see how it helps us here.
  • Nina: Oh! Then look closer. Unless I miss my guess, that's a translocation crystal.
  • Soleil: Seriously?! All this time?
  • Ophelia: Getting our hopes up again is a poor attempt at a joke, Nina.
  • Nina: I'm not, honest! It's the same kind of crystal Shigure had. A lot smaller, sure, but the same shape and color. Here, Forrest, take a look.
  • Forrest: Why, she's right! It's a perfect match.
  • Nina: Heh. Trust me, when I spot something valuable, I recognize it when I see it again.
  • Percy: Whooo! We can go back to the castle with these!
  • Caeldori: Very nicely done, Ophelia and Soleil.
  • Soleil: Hey, thank our dads. They're the ones who made sure we had these. Though that just raises the question of where THEY got the crystals...
  • Forrest: I hate to be the wet blanket on everyone's high spirits. But I doubt that these two crystals alone will suffice to transport us all.
  • Soleil: Why wouldn't they?
  • Forrest: For one, they're much smaller than the one Shigure used on us. It would follow that they contain a correspondingly low amount of power. And there are quite a lot of us to transport. I don't think they have the strength.
  • Kana (M): That's not fair...
  • Shiro: W-well, we're back to plan A. Let's get moving, everyone! Double-time!
  • Asugi: Stop that. It won't get us anywhere.
  • Siegbert: We can't even test their strength, can we? Shigure said a gem can only be used once.
  • Kana (F): Then...let's do it. All of us.
  • Siegbert: But, Kana, we have no way of knowing—
  • Kana (F): It doesn't matter! I think we can do it if we all try.
  • Kana (M): Me too. I want to think we can get there even with just these two crystals. It's a big risk, but I have big hopes!
  • Shiro: Are you sure about this? We'd be using up the only chance we've got.
  • Kana (F): I think we can do it. There's still time to catch up with Shigure. I'm a ashamed, but...I was a little worried he might've been a bad guy. I think that's why the Yato didn't finish transforming all the way. But now that we know the truth, I believe in him! We can do it!
  • Kana (M): Yeah. Mama told me that if you believe in miracles, they can happen. We have to believe harder, that's all! Let's save Shigure and fight Anankos together!
  • Forrest: There's wisdom in that. Whichever path we choose will lead nowhere if we are not committed.
  • Siegbert: True. Any move we make is a gamble. We may as well wager it all on what we believe.
  • Shiro: Better than cooling our heels here or hedging our bets with a half-baked plan!
  • Kiragi: Yeah! This is an idea I can believe in!
  • ??? (Lilith): Is this your final decision?
  • Kana (M): Who said that?!
  • ??? (Lilith): If you truly wish to join your friend, I can help you do it. If I amplify the power of both crystals, they can transport you all to his side. It may take the last of my power, but I'm sure I can do it. After was my father who made those gems.
  • Kana (F): Your father? must be...
  • ??? (Lilith): ...

(Scene transition; inside of Gyges, Shigure is alone)

  • Shigure: I'm sorry, everyone. What I did was unforgivable. If you hate me, I'll understand.

(Shigure advances; Anankos appears before him)

  • Anankos: Welcome, child, to my throne.
  • Shigure: Hello, Anankos.
  • Anankos: I've been waiting a long time. Every other version of you died before piercing the barrier. But your spirit remained true... Cadros, First King of Valla.
  • Shigure: You are mistaken. I am not Cadros. That man passed away long, long ago. You yourself are scarcely the Anankos you once were... You're mad now.
  • Anankos: I? Gone mad? It is humans who have taken leave of their senses. I granted them my power, my trust, and what do they grant me in return? A lifetime of scorn and derision based on a single mistake of mine. Rather than forgiveness, they offer persecution, exile...even eradication.
  • Shigure: Is that true? There wasn't a single human who trusted in you to the end?
  • Anankos: If there was, I...don't remember. Only their hatred fills my memories. My heart was heavy enough to sink into the abyss. How could humans forget me so? I granted them their prosperity—why must I be the one who suffers?
  • Shigure: That still doesn't excuse treating so many worlds as your playthings.
  • Anankos: Who decides what is wrong, impudent boy? You? Humans are chattel who forget what they owe when it suits them. Without dragons, humans would have no agency. No sentience. We gave them everything! Why must it be I who faces death, alone in exile? Why must I look upon my tormentors as they thrive? WHY?!
  • Shigure: Anankos...
  • Anankos: But I have a solution, Cadros. We shall build a new kingdom, you and I. As soon as we have found the ideal land for it...
  • Shigure: Why can you not build here? What is so "ideal" about this land you seek?
  • Anankos: This world is already tainted by the humans and their dominance. I have been searching the astral plane for realms in which things did not go awry. But none of the realms are right. None of them have MY Kingdom of Valla...
  • Shigure: No... This was all to find your ideal kingdom from before it was destroyed? That's why you invaded so many Deeprealms all at once?
  • Anankos: The contemptible vermin of this realm betrayed me. But among the endless possibilities across the astral plane... There must be one realm in which they did not. One realm where I was not defied; not rejected; not driven away by the sword...
  • Shigure: Yet you found no such realm.
  • Anankos: Correct. Every realm is worthless. Even if I wipe out all the vermin there... As soon as I move to the next realm, it is wrong too. I cannot find my perfect Valla! They are all wrong! ALL!
  • Shigure: Of course they are. You can repeat your search a thousand times over and never find it. Your ideal kingdom of Valla is no more.
  • Anankos: But that can't be! If you and I, working together, can find an unspoiled realm... We can build a new kingdom where human and dragon can live in harmony!
  • Shigure: It's too late for that, Anankos. You're beyond redemption. Your mind has snapped already. This will be the last realm. For you...and for me.
  • Anankos: Cadros! Don't...
  • Shigure: I will use the song you passed down to restore things to the way they should be. Even if death, or worse, awaits me, I will save my friends. And you.
  • Anankos: You will not! You know full well that there are consequences to singing that song. It will curse you to wander in agony for all eternity, just as that woman Azura does.
  • Shigure: That doesn't matter to me anymore. I am prepared to face my fate, however terrible it may be.
  • Anankos: Cadros, no...I'm not ready!
  • Shigure: Enough, Anankos. If it takes my life to end this travesty now, I give it freely. Let the show begin. [singing] You are the ocean's gray waves... ♪
  • ???: [offscreen] SHIGURE, STOP!
  • Shigure: What—?!
  • ???: Don't do it, Shigure! You don't have to die here all alone!

(The children are transported by ??? (Lilith) on the map)

  • Shigure: You all came? But how?!
  • Kana (F): Ophelia and Soleil had one of those little gems!
  • Kana (M): We believed real hard that they could work on all of us! Although this girl called Lilith did most of the work.
  • Anankos: Lilith...
  • Shiro: Are you the ringleader here? You're not laying one claw on our friend!
  • Siegbert: Together, Shiro!
  • Shiro: HAAAAAAAH!

(Shiro and Siegbert attack Anankos)

  • Siegbert: He...he didn't even flinch! Just what is it we're facing?!
  • Anankos: GrrrRRRR...
  • Kana (F): Are you Anankos? Give me back my papa! Now!
  • Anankos: I cannot. Corrin already belongs to me.
  • Kana (M): Is Mama alive?!
  • Shigure: What did you do to them?!
  • Anankos: Nothing. Corrin is the only human I suffered to live. That all I have now... It is a pity, Cadros. I thought that we could come to an understanding. But I see that you have failed me, just as this realm did... [teleports]
  • Shigure: Anankos! Auuuuughhhh!
  • Kana (M): Shigure...
  • Shigure: ...Why...
  • Kana (M): Huh?
  • Shigure: Why did you come back?! I had him! I was on the verge of defeating him! Why did you interfere?!
  • Kana (F): We didn't mean to. We found something we could do to help, though. So we had to come back!
  • Siegbert: There was one more secret you were keeping from us, wasn't there?
  • Shigure: What? I don't...
  • Shiro: We came to hand over our memories. That should cover the song for you, right? Then you don't have to die for it.
  • Shigure: How did you know about that?
  • Kana (M): Someone told us. I can't remember what she looked like now. But she must have loved you a lot! She gave us that hint because she didn't want to see you die either.
  • Kiragi: We'd like to hear it from you, though. Can you tell us the whole truth this time? Will the song work if you don't die? Do we still have time to save everything?
  • Shigure: I...
  • Kiragi: C'mon, Shigure! We have to know!
  • Shigure: ...One price for the song that can defeat Anankos is the singer's life, yes. But another is an amount of human memories equal in value to that life.
  • Siegbert: That's excellent news! We can still be of assistance after all.
  • Shigure: You mustn't! You've already lost your memories of your home realms. The only ones left to give are what you've made since coming here. Are you really willing to forget your time fighting here alongside everyone?
  • Forrest: If it will save the life of a friend, then I won't hesitate for a moment.
  • Shigure: A friend? But I told you that I'm not the Shigure you knew in your realms. There's no saving them. You can walk away now with no need for regret. That way you can return to your own realms without any need for sacrifice!
  • Kiragi: No sacrifice?! We'd be giving up you!
  • Shigure: Surely your memories are more important than the life of a stranger.
  • Shiro: That's crazy talk!
  • Shigure: If you think that, then you gravely underestimate the value of your memories! I know how important your memories are to you. It was lonely growing up in the Deeprealms, never able to venture out on your own. I suspect you didn't have many friends. I know I didn't. Everything seemed fresh and new when I finally left. You...or people just like you...became my first true friends. I had finally found my purpose. We were comrades in arms. I have many precious memories of them...
  • Shiro: Yeah...sounds like you had it rough.
  • Shigure: Having to forget any of that would be death. Maybe that makes me selfish. But my friends only live on in those memories. They're worth saving to me. That's why it seemed a fair trade if I was the song's only victim. I never intended to ask you to give up your memories. What about all your loved ones you'd never want to forget, after all?
  • Kana (M): Oh...
  • Shigure: Don't you see? You all come from different realms. Which means that after this, you'll never see each other again. All you will have of the friends who stood beside you here are your memories. You would discard these memories so easily? Throw that all away?! It would be as if everyone here was dead to one another. A fate far worse than if I were the only one to die.
  • Kana (F): That's not true! If our memories are of you sacrificing yourself, I don't wanna keep them anyway!
  • Siegbert: It's a fair price, Shigure. Yes, we may lose our memories of our time here and the moments we've shared. But it will be worth it if you—not the Shigure we knew, but you—get to live.
  • Soleil: Yeah. We're all in this together. Nobody has to take all the burden and die alone.
  • Shigure: Are...are you all as one on this? There will be no taking back this decision. I remind you.
  • Asugi: That's fine. We're sure.
  • Shigure: When the battle is over, you will remember nothing of what took place here. It would be as though it never happened. Knowing that, do you still want to do this?
  • Ophelia: Even with that knowledge, our hearts are not swayed.
  • Hisame: We'll see this through together. Who's to say it's the last time we'll see of each other? So long as you survive, there's always a chance.
  • Caeldori: You're one of my dearest friends, Shigure. Of course I want to help you. If I forget you, that's just a chance for us to become friends again!
  • Ignatius: As for me, I've made up my mind, and I'm not taking no for an answer.
  • Nina: Don't make me gag you to stop your song until you agree! I'll do it!
  • Shigure: You're incorrigible, all of you. If you had been any less persistent, I could have died remembering you.
  • Kana (M): Stop saying that...
  • Kana (F): Heehee. Sorry, Shigure! I know you were excited to die, but too bad!
  • Shigure: Not so bad as all that, I suppose. If my plan had to have a flaw, I'm glad it was that my friends were too kind. Very well, then. Please give me your memories when the time comes.
  • Kana (F): They're all yours!
  • Shigure: Thank you. Let's not tarry any longer. Anankos is very close by. You will see him as he truly is...and you may see your loved ones as well. Are you prepared for that?
  • Kana (M): I'm ready.

(Scene transition)

  • Shigure: I have returned, Anankos. And I have brought steadfast allies. This time, we shall put a stop to your madness.

(The camera pans to show Anankos in his dragon form and his eyes are floating around in the background)

  • Kana (F): that?!
  • Shigure: It is Anankos in his true, vile form. But look beyond him... Each of those lights is a Deeprealm on the astral plane. Those are your home realms.
  • Kana (M): Then those other things...are those all the Anankoses from our worlds?
  • Shigure: Yes...
  • Anankos: You will regret coming here...

(The children's parents, except Corrin and Azura, appear on the map as Vallite enemies.)

  • Shiro: Are these his forces?!
  • Ryoma: ...
  • Shiro: Hey! That's my—!
  • Forrest: Father...FATHER! NO!
  • Kiragi: Dad...? S-stop kidding around...
  • Siegbert: What cruelty is this?!
  • Shigure: Calm down, please! We can still save them! With my power—our power, rather—we can break the curse that controls them! Stand strong and fight on! If we fall here, then it was all for nothing!
  • Kana (F): Are you ready, Kana? Let's try to get the Yato to its final form! I know we can do it this time!
  • Kana (M): Got it! Here goes!

(CG image of both Kanas holding their Yatos together)

  • Kana (M): Listen to us, both Yatos...
  • Kana (F): Wow...can you feel that? Everyone's power all flowing together?
  • Kana (M): We won't give up! Not ever! With these swords, we'll take back our worlds, and our families too!

(Scene transitions; both Yatos transform into Omega Yatos)

  • Kana (F): The Omega Yatos... The Fire Emblems!
  • Shigure: The hope of our dead world... It couldn't save us then.
  • Kana (M): Don't worry Shigure. That won't happen again!
  • Shigure: Hmm?
  • Kana (M): It won't break this time. These might not be the same Yatos you needed most before. But we can at least promise we won't let things turn out that way twice. He's not gonna break our swords!
  • Shigure: I believe you, Kana.
  • Kana (F): You can't say we're not your real friends now, huh? Maybe we weren't supposed to met, but we did, and now we're buddies.
  • Shigure: I agree. You know, don't you, Kana? The Yato could never be completed if we didn't all have faith in each other. Let us fight together once more—this time, as stalwart friends.

(Scene transitions)

  • Shigure: I'll begin the song now. I ask that you all watch over me until the end.
  • Azura: [offscreen] Of course, Shigure. I will always be a your side...
  • Shigure: Mother! We will always be together, won't we? Give me strength for this, please... ... [singing] You are the ocean's gray waves... ♪

(Text Box: Either of the Kanas or Shigure falling will result in defeat.)

Battle Begins Edit

Battle Conversations Edit

Ignatius vs. Benny Edit

  • Ignatius: Eek! F-Father?!
  • Benny: ...
  • Ignatius: Father... What happened to you? Did they really defeat you? Oh no...this is all because you tried to keep me safe. I'm sorry, Father. It must have hurt... You must have been scared... But you'd never admit that would you? You'd claim you're fine no matter what. You're kinder and stronger than anyone else I know.
  • Benny: ...
  • Ignatius: That's why I'm not afraid. No matter what's happened, you're still you. I'll take over protecting everyone for you. This will all be over soon. The pain, the fear...our fight right now. I'll forget it all. Which is a little sad. But when I see you again, we'll be together for good. As a real family. I want you to know...I have no stronger charm than you, Father.
Defeated Edit
  • Benny: ...

Velouria vs. Keaton Edit

  • Velouria: Daddy! Oh, dear Daddy, I finally found you! I've been looking EVERYWHERE!
  • Keaton: ...
  • Velouria: Um, Daddy... You're not dead, are you? You didn't leave me behind, right? L-look...I found a bunch of pretty dust bunnies on my way here. Just for you! See, Daddy?
  • Keaton: ...
  • Velouria: What's wrong with your scent? You're supposed to smell all gentle and warm. I'm sorry...I was bad. I thought you died. I gave up on you. This is what I get, right? I always knew one day I'd say good-bye to you and never say hello again. One day you'd go somewhere far away. But I didn't want it to be NOW! I wanted more time with you! I thought maybe...I could live with you forever... Daddy, come back. Don't stay so cold. Don't make me cry. Come back to me!
Defeated Edit
  • Keaton: ...

Caeldori vs. Subaki Edit

  • Caeldori: Father?! You there! Wait! Can it really be you, Father?!
  • Subaki: ...
  • Caeldori: I knew it... Whatever form you take, I would never mistake the sight of you. But I thought I'd seen the last of you after— Oh, yes! Why wouldn't you let me fight alongside you, then?! Why did you insist on protecting me? I would have stood with you to the end!
  • Subaki: ...
  • Caeldori: I'm sorry... You gave your life to protect me, and all I do is complain. All the same, there was no perfection in what you did. The father I know is strong enough to protect both himself and me at once. Such a man would never die in this miserable place. I'll save you from this fate if you'll only take my hand. I won't let you out of my sight until we've brought you back to yourself. This time, I'll protect you!
Defeated Edit
  • Subaki: ...

Rhajat vs. Hayato Edit

  • Rhajat: You there... Show your face. Allow me to confirm one of my suspicions.
  • Hayato: ...
  • Rhajat: Hmph... I thought as much. Turning my own father against me... Is there nothing this dragon won't stoop to? If he were a doll, or a clone, I would put him to the flame without a thought. But my own true flesh and blood? Of all the low-down, underhanded tricks... Fate is cruel indeed.
  • Hayato: ...
  • Rhajat: Now that you stand before me again, I don't know what to say. It's pointless to apologize or thank you when you haven't ears to hear me. But words have power. None know that so well as I...and so I promise you this. By my words, I will release you and this world from its curse. Father, I WILL free you, whatever the cost.
Defeated Edit
  • Hayato: ...

Selkie vs. Kaden Edit

  • Selkie: It's Daddy! He's here! You can't fool me, Daddy! The nose knows! Uh, doesn't it?
  • Kaden: ...
  • Selkie: You're so silly, Daddy! You thought you could hide, but I always find you! Here you go—I got your scarf back. It's a little torn up, but I kept it for you! But I guess you probably don't want this ratty old thing, huh? Is that why you're giving me the silent treatment? Throw me a bone, Daddy! I'll stitch it up real quick, and we can play together like we used to! OK?
  • Kaden: ...
  • Selkie: Hmph. If you're going to be like THAT, I'm not giving you the scarf back. I almost thought it might bring you back to me, but I'm not that naive... I haven't seen you in too long, Daddy. I wanna rassle like the old days. The deal is, if I win, you have to go back to normal. Don't worry if I mess up your face, though. I'll forget about it anyway. Then I'll hold you tight, like I always do when I haven't seen you in forever! 'Kay? 'Kay! Let's go!
Defeated Edit
  • Kaden: ...

Sophie vs. Silas Edit

  • Sophie: Avel?! Whoa, there! What's wrong? Why did you rear up all of a sudden? Did you see somebody? *gasp*
  • Silas: ...
  • Sophie: Daddy...I never thought I'd see you again. Especially not looking like this. Our days practicing together seem so far away now. Remember how frustrated you got with Avel? Haha, he always was a handful. But he's a good boy deep down. He behaved himself this whole trip! He's been obeying me and really pulling his weight during our fights. He wants to save you just as much as I do! So come back, Daddy! Let's go home together and train like we used to!
  • Silas: ...

(Avel neighs)

  • Sophie: Avel... I'm sorry. I'm falling apart a little. But I'm OK. I'll keep fighting for your sake until I can't anymore. It's time for me to show you how good I've gotten with Avel, Daddy. En garde!
Defeated Edit
  • Silas: ...

Kiragi vs. Takumi Edit

  • Kiragi: Dad! Is that really you?
  • Takumi: ...
  • Kiragi: This is great! I thought I'd never see you again! Guess what? I made a bunch of new friends, AND I figured out how to use the Fujin Yumi! I was pretty excited to show you what I've learned and see what you think. I'm not expecting you to gush. I know you're not great at expressing yourself. But I love you, Dad. If I can make you crack a smile, that'll be plenty. Uh... This is getting awkward, Dad. Are you ever going to say something?
  • Takumi: ...
  • Kiragi: Dad... I get it. It'll be alright. I'll get you back to the way you were before. Just make sure that when I jump into your arms with joy, you catch me, OK?
Defeated Edit
  • Takumi: ...

Kiragi vs. Ryoma Edit

  • Ryoma: ...
  • Kiragi: R-Ryoma! about the last person I wanted to go up against. Did you mistake me for my dad or something? Is it the bow? Well, whatever it is, hang tight. We'll get you out of this!
Defeated Edit
  • Ryoma: ...

Hisame vs. Hinata Edit

  • Hisame: Am I seeing things, or...
  • Hinata: ...
  • Hisame: they did get you back there in the Deeprealm. That must have been humiliating for a man who hates to lose so much.'s my fault, I guess. You can blame me if you want to. I don't mind, because I'm fixing to fix it, along with my friends here. Before long, I won't recollect what I did here, mind you. But you might. So next time we meet, give me a pat on the head and tell me I did good. I promise I won't recoil in disgust the way I usually do.
  • Hinata: ...
  • Hisame: Here goes nothing. It's been a while since we sparred, hasn't it? I don't recall ever winning, but I've come a long way during this nonsense. My sword won't falter no matter who I'm fighting! Prepare for battle!
Defeated Edit
  • Hinata: ...

Forrest vs. Leo Edit

  • Forrest: That is you, Father, and not your shade?
  • Leo: ...
  • Forrest: I'm so sorry, Father. You wouldn't be in this state if you hadn't fought valiantly for me. I've taken up the Brynhildr, which you dropped in my Deeprealm, by the by. Yet when all this is over, I will forget all that I've done here, including that. This may be your only chance to see me wield it properly. Ironic, no? So look closely, please. And if at all possible, remember me this way.
  • Leo: ...
  • Forrest: Gods...if my prayers reach your ears, then please keep my father safe. Let me use this divine tome to protect him until the day I truly inherit it. Enough of my prattle, though, hmm? I will have my father back and return to him the sacred tome that is rightly his. When that time comes, I pray he will hug me gently and tell me I did well. And if my plea falls short of the gods, I have faith that it reaches you, Father.
Defeated Edit
  • Leo: ...

Forrest vs. Xander Edit

  • Xander: ...
  • Forrest: No! Uncle Xander... I don't know if I'm a match for my uncle in a fight. But what choice do I have? Siegbert, my friend...please give me the strength I need to save him!
Defeated Edit
  • Xander: ...

Nina vs. Niles Edit

  • Nina: Well, this is unpleasant. I doubt I'll be able to scrub THIS from my memory. I'd hoped not to run into you at all, Father.
  • Niles: ...
  • Nina: Ugh. What a boring expression. I had hoped for a hint of defeat in your face to make it more interesting. But this...this does nothing for me. I don't care to look at you anymore. Come to that... I hate you, Father. Why did you leave me behind?! If you came to protect me, you should have done a proper job of it! Aren't you going to bother defending yourself?! I'm talking to you!
  • Niles: ...
  • Nina: Father... Oh, forget it. I don't owe you anything but an arrow into your hide. I'm not letting you off this time. It's time for you to take your own medicine. And then I'll drag you back home kicking and screaming if I have to.
Defeated Edit
  • Niles: ...

Mitama vs. Azama Edit

  • Mitama: Filial duty / One of life's highest virtues / Where did I go wrong? I've been thinking on that subject a lot. I wanted to be a loving daughter. Alas...
  • Azama: ...
  • Mitama: Your soul slumbered before ever I had the chance. Death is inevitable, of course. If you had died, I would feel no sorrow. But this... The astral plane's light / Far off, it flickers and dims / Am I still myself?
  • Azama: ...
  • Mitama: ...Rest well, Father. As luck would have it, your soul has yet to pass on. Sleepers need only be awoken. As you have done for me so often, I now have the honor of doing for you. I am no longer a lackadaisical maiden. I can hold my own in combat now. This may turn violent, so I ask that you don't call the gods' wrath down on me. I will greet your slumbering spirit with a hearty, wakeful slap!
Defeated Edit
  • Azama: ...

Ophelia vs. Odin Edit

  • Ophelia: I had a premonition of this meeting when I first set foot here. It would seem that my precognitive skills have not failed me...
  • Odin: ...
  • Ophelia: You told me once that heroes don't die. But I know that for the lie it is. A hero only becomes a hero after passing on. They only attain their full heroic stature after becoming a legend. I sincerely apologize, but I must inform you that you cannot become a hero yet. I won't let that beautiful lie be the last thing you ever say to me. We must clash now. It pains me to do so, and yet I must.
  • Odin: ...
  • Ophelia: *deep breath* All right. Hark, O shade! Ophelia Dusk releases you from the chains of the abyss! My numinous spirit quivers eagerly to meet my father in single combat... By the name and magicks given to me, I cast out the darkness from this place! I cast out evil from you, Father!
Defeated Edit
  • Odin: ...

Shiro vs. Ryoma Edit

  • Shiro: Dad! Hey, Dad! You look...weird... Don't you recognize me? It's Shiro! You know, your son! Wake up, Dad! Say something!
  • Ryoma: ...
  • Shiro:'ve got to be kidding me! I finally get the chance to bust out the Raijinto, and now I don't even want to! This is your sword, right? Shouldn't you be yelling at me to give it back? Aren't you gonna say I'm not ready yet? That I'm still too inexperienced! C'mon! Get mad, like you always do!
  • Ryoma: ...
  • Shiro: Dammit all! You know I've gotta cut you down now, right? But I'm doing it to save you. I want to hear you laugh again. I want you to mess up my hair, like you did whenever I scored a hit on you. And yeah, it'd be nice even to hear you shout at me again! You're not allowed to die until I've proven myself once and for all, dammit!
Defeated Edit
  • Ryoma: ...

Shiro vs. Takumi Edit

  • Takumi: ...
  • Shiro: No way... Not you too, Takumi! Dammit! Just sit tight! We'll save you!
Defeated Edit
  • Takumi: ...

Siegbert vs. Xander Edit

  • Xander: ...
  • Siegbert: My apologies, Father. I would rather it not have to come to blows with you. But here we are. And you taught me that a prince never flees from hardship. Since coming to this land, I've been anxious over my untrained sword arm. I had my doubts that I could live up to everyone's expectations. Not just my newfound friends', but yours as well. But I have barreled through that anxiety. I can hold my head high and carry this divine weapon with pride. I shall demonstrate to you what I mean.
  • Xander: ...
  • Siegbert: I will soon forget all that happened in this realm. But there may be a place in your heart where you remember these events. If you do, then please clasp your hand on my shoulder when we reunite. The shoulder that has wielded Siegfried in your stead. And tell me that everything you remember here was real. Until then...forgive me, Father. I must wield your divine blade against you!
Defeated Edit
  • Xander: ...

Siegbert vs. Leo Edit

  • Leo: ...
  • Siegbert: Uncle Leo? This can't be... Forgive me, but I must draw the Siegfried against you. Know that I do this to save our kingdom—to save you. I am sorry all the same.
Defeated Edit
  • Leo: ...

Midori vs. Kaze Edit

  • Midori: Father! Thank goodness I found you. Are you hurt? Do you need any salve? I brewed a batch just for you.
  • Kaze: ...
  • Midori: Father... Oh...I see. My father is too far away for my voice to reach him anymore. home was destroyed. But that might be a good thing! I couldn't go back with you in such trouble. How could I live with myself? It would be too sad to sit in your chair and stare at the front door waiting.
  • Kaze: ...
  • Midori: I'll never give up, Father. I don't need my salves and herbs to save you. Sorry...but this might sting a bit.
Defeated Edit
  • Kaze: ...

Midori vs. Saizo Edit

  • Saizo: ...
  • Midori: I'd know this feeling anywhere. You're my uncle...Saizo the Fifth. I don't know if you're sad or scared, but if you are, it's OK. I'll save you!
Defeated Edit
  • Saizo: ...

Asugi vs. Saizo Edit

  • Asugi: That is you, right, Dad? Because if it is, wow, have you ever lost your touch for staying concealed. If you don't shape up, you'll disgrace the Saizo name.
  • Saizo: ...
  • Asugi: Listen... I want to thank you for what you did. You came to save me, right? If this is what it cost you, then I couldn't ask for a nobler father. You know how I hate responsibility, but all this has kinda convinced me... I'm going to follow your example and become the sixth Saizo. Not that you can hear me, I'm pretty sure. Hell, I'll probably forget about saying it soon anyway. But I had to get it off my chest before we got to it. I mean, if I didn't say it, then it REALLY never happened, right? Yeah...that wouldn't sit right with me.
  • Saizo: ...
  • Asugi: Glad you agree. Wanna get the big Fifth vs. Sixth showdown started? Bring it, Dad.
Defeated Edit
  • Saizo: ...

Asugi vs. Kaze Edit

  • Kaze: ...
  • Asugi: Kaze, huh? You do remind me a lot of Dad. But I wouldn't flinch at fighting him, and I'll treat you the same. That's all.
Defeated Edit
  • Kaze: ...

Dwyer vs. Jakob Edit

  • Dwyer: It's been a while, Father. I thought you might have thoughtlessly died on me. Not going to take the bait? Nothing ever stopped you before. It's very unlike you to stay silent when provoked like that.
  • Jakob: ...
  • Dwyer: I always hated you getting the better of me more than anyone. But there's not much I can do about that now, the way you are. Why didn't either of us see what was important at the time? All we did whenever you'd visit is argue and squabble. It's not as if I didn't know there'd be a time you couldn't visit anymore. Even so, I'd think to myself, "It's fine. Father's too bloody-minded to die." Don't I feel foolish now. I had my head buried so deeply in the sand... You knew it, didn't you, Father?
  • Jakob: ...
  • Dwyer: Mmm. Well, it's not over yet. We can change things back. There's still time for us. Or so I believe. You see, I can be just as stubborn as you.
Defeated Edit
  • Jakob: ...

Soleil vs. Laslow Edit

  • Soleil: Dad?! Why do you look like that? Oh no... I guess this means you really did get defeated back there.
  • Laslow: ...
  • Soleil: *sniff* I'm sorry! I didn't mean to leave you behind! But then...if you hadn't protected me, I'd never have made these new friends. That's what you wanted for me, right? To see the world—to meet new people. Though I'll be forgetting this soon, so I won't get to tell you all about them. Even so, though... Thanks for giving me this chance, Dad. I wouldn't take back anything you did. None of it was a mistake in my book. And no matter what you do or who's got control of you, I love you anyway.
  • Laslow: ...
  • Soleil: Seems pointless to cry, right? You'd want me to smile instead. It won't be like this he next time I see you. We'll smile wide at each other, and you can welcome me home for keeps.
Defeated Edit
  • Laslow: ...

Percy vs. Arthur Edit

  • Percy: Ace, what do you keep looking at? It's just— Oh! That's... Oh my gosh!
  • Arthur: ...
  • Percy: Wait... Pop, no! Why are you on their side?! You're supposed to be a hero! I can't believe you let them take you down!
  • Arthur: ...
  • Percy: I'm sorry, Pop. This is my fault. You lost 'cause you didn't have a sidekick! But I'm through crying. It's time for ACTION! Oh, but thanks, though. For letting me and Ace get away back home. Maybe it's silly to think it's not too late to make up for letting you down. But if you can't be a hero anymore, I'm gonna step up and do it for you! We've all been through so much just to get this far. I can do a little more! Come on, Ace! You and me together are gonna save Pop!
Defeated Edit
  • Arthur: ...

Dragon Vein Quotes Edit

First Dragon Vein Edit

(Note: Quote depends on who activated it)

  • Kana (M): Ooh! A crest! But this probably isn't powerful enough by itself...
  • Kana (F): Ooh! A crest! But this probably isn't powerful enough by itself...
  • Shigure: Ah! If we use the other Dragon Vein, then perhaps...
  • Shiro: This still isn't enough power. Just a little more would do it!
  • Siegbert: The crest is still incomplete. Perhaps the other Dragon Vein could help?
  • Kiragi: Is that a crest? We gotta see what happens if we hit the other one!
  • Forrest: Gracious! We Must try to activate the other Dragon Vein at Once!

Second Dragon Vein Edit

  • Anankos: ...

Defeated Quotes Edit

Shigure is defeated Edit

  • Shigure: This is...what I feared...that we wouldn't finish time...
  • Kana (F): Shigure! No! You can't die!
  • Shigure: I'm sorry, Kana... We'd only just become...true friends... Mother... I'll see you again soon...
  • Kana (M): SHIGUREEEEE!

(Game Over screen pops up)

Kana (Female) is defeated Edit

  • Kana (F): Sorry, everyone... Sorry, Shigure...
  • Shigure: Kana! Stay with us, Kana!
  • Kana (F): Papa...I really tried... So please... Let me see your more time...
  • Shigure: No! Kana!

(Game Over screen pops up)

Kana (Male) is defeated Edit

  • Kana (M): Sorry, everyone... Sorry, Shigure...
  • Shigure: Kana! Stay with us, Kana!
  • Kana (M): Mama...I really tried... So please... Let me see your more time...
  • Shigure: No! Kana!

(Game Over screen pops up)

Other children Edit

  • Forrest: Ugh...these bloodstains won't wash out...but I must fight on... Brynhildr, please give me stand up...once more...
  • Selkie: Heheh...I hoped I could play longer, but... I'm already worn out... If we ever meet again, everyone...let's play some more...
  • Sophie: Wait...You haven't spent our memories yet, right? So how come...mine are going black...
  • Midori: I tried so hard...guess it wasn't enough. I'm sorry, Father... I hope...even if you win and everything is'll remember me...
  • Percy: I must've been luckier...than all the other "me's" make it here... But if I was really lucky... I'd get to stay with you all...just a little while more...
  • Nina: You must be take me down... Well, it was a good life...despite it all. I regret...nothing...
  • Caeldori: Did I falter when I saw my opponent? that just an excuse for failure... I was never perfect, Father... Not like you...
  • Kiragi: So I lost... I'm sure the others can pick up the slack... Hey, Dad... Hey, Mom... did you see me fight?
  • Shiro: Dammit... I wasn't good enough... Hey, Dad... I want a rematch...someday...
  • Hisame: So this is the end, huh? Well... can't no one say... I didn't give it my all... Just a shame... I couldn't the finish...
  • Siegbert: I'm sorry...everyone...but this is the end for me... I'll never be King of Nohr... after all...
  • Dwyer: You're kidding me... How am I gonna face Father now? And after he saved my life, too... Sorry, Father... I failed you again.
  • Asugi: I thought I was tougher than this... Guess you never see it coming, huh? Dad... I'm sorry...but I won't carry on the Saizo name after all...
  • Ophelia: The lovely they are...and lonely. I'll see them up close I travel beyond the firmament...
  • Mitama: Everyone dies... Death comes for us all someday... There's no need to fear... I only wish... I could have it ended for you all...
  • Rhajat: I feel so foolish...being cut down here...but no matter. This dreadful scene...all this fighting... It will soon be...forgotten...
  • Soleil: Ahahah...I can't go on... Sorry, everyone. Put on a brave face...for me...
  • Ignatius: I wish I could keep protecting you all...but I'm through... Please...use my body as a shield...and keep going...
  • Velouria: Sorry, Daddy... I couldn't save you... I can't even remember...your smell...

After Battle Edit

All of the children survived Edit

(Anankos is defeated and returns back to normal)

  • Anankos: ...What? Thank you...for waking me... I was having a long dream. It was about a kingdom where humans and dragons... They lived in peace. But at some befogged mind turned that dream into a nightmare. Your song... That voice still echoes in my mind. It saved me... It woke me...
  • Shigure: ...
  • Anankos: And you two...
  • Ophelia: Hmmm?
  • Soleil: Y-you mean us?
  • Anankos: My seems that you two kept the promise you made to me then. I always...believed that you would...
  • Soleil: (What is he talking about?)
  • Ophelia: Did we make a promise?
  • Anankos: Yes... A promise that spanned vast reams of time and space... Fulfilled by the power inside those crystals of yours...
  • Kana (M): H-hey! Is Mama all right?!
  • Kana (F): What about my papa?!
  • Anankos: No harm has come to them. The world will what it was... Your father...your mother...and all of your friends... You will find them at the end of the path that was meant to be. The one where I no longer exist.
  • Shigure: And you?
  • Anankos: I? I will finally rest...among the brightly shining stars... I have lose the resentment that kept me chained... I've never felt such joy...
  • Shigure: ...
  • Lilith: Father?
  • Anankos: Lilith...
  • Lilith: Let me be your guide on your way. We'll find the star that shines brightest and go there...together.
  • Anankos: I see... You have been waiting for me, haven't you? For a long, long time...
  • Lilith: ...
  • Anankos: Thank you, Lilith...
  • Shigure: Anankos...what of us?
  • Anankos: I believe...that this dawn will never end. Children of your lives...and be careful not to lose your way... I implore you to forget me...and all that happened here...

(Anankos disappears)

  • Shigure: Let's go. Soon things will be as they were before... But there's still one thing left for me to do. Follow me, please.

(Scene transition; both Kanas and Shigure are walking at the spring)

  • Kana (M): Such a pretty spring... What do you need to do here, Shigure?
  • Shigure: I must throw this pendant into the spring's waters.
  • Kana (F): What?! Isn't that pendant really important to you?
  • Shigure: Yes. But it has no more part to play in this world. Mother told me that when all was said and done, I must dispose of it. So that the pendant may never find its way into anyone else's hands.
  • Kana (F): Oh.
  • Shigure: Thank you. I could not have kept this promise if I'd thrown my life away. It's because of all of you that I can bear witness to this peace. You can't imagine how grateful I truly am to you. All of you. Now, with Anankos gone, the power of our song will transform the world. Once you're back to your home realms, your memories should return in time.
  • Kana (M): My heart's pounding to think of it. You think it'll be confusing for us?
  • Shigure: Oh, I think not. Most likely, you'll return moments after being separated from your parents.
  • Siegbert: I'm satisfied with that. All really will be as it was. Apart from Anankos's absence and the removal of our memories.
  • Shigure: I believe so, yes.
  • Shiro: It's so weird to think I probably won't see any of you again.
  • Siegbert: It's to be expected. None of us exist in the others' home realms, after all. Perhaps if our kingdoms had been allies rather than enemies, but...
  • Shiro: Oh yeah. There won't be a Siegbert at all in my world, huh?
  • Siegbert: But just because we won't remember this doesn't mean it didn't happen. It's still a fact that we were here together. That we fought side by side. I hope that somewhere, deep down, I'll remember allying with the Hoshidans.
  • Shiro: Yeah. Same Here. We got off to a rough start, Siegbert, but it's been fun. I hope we meet again someday...somewhere...somehow.
  • Kana (F): When it all started, I was so scared and lonely that I couldn't stop crying. But then people started helping me, and I managed to grow up a little. Even though it hurt sometimes, I had so much fun with you all. Really!
  • Kana (M): Even if we go back to our own worlds... I'll never for— Well, that's not true, huh? I'm definitely going to forget.
  • Forrest: We can't so much as hope to meet again, can we? How tragic.
  • Kiragi: Do we know we'll ALL forget? I mean, if even just one of us remembers... What should they say to clue the rest of us in?
  • Forrest: That's a pleasant thought, but I doubt—
  • Siegbert: Don't discount it so soon. Belief has power, you know.
  • Shiro: It sounds unbelievable, but sometimes that's what you gotta believe! Damn, listen to me. I'd never be talking like this if not for the Kanas.
  • Kana (M): Huh?
  • Kana (F): It's our fault?
  • Forrest: You two are too adorable. But in all seriousness... It would be nice to have a pass phrase, one we could recognize straightaway.
  • Ophelia: A splendid idea! It ought to be bold! Distinct! Stylish! Mysterious! May I suggest "O Glorious Wind" or "Streams of Holy Radiance"!
  • Forrest: Errr...
  • Nina: If a stranger came up and said either of these to me, I'd run away screaming.
  • Ophelia: Ah, a fair point... The recipient may not remember the bearer of good news.
  • Soleil: Any better ideas? We need something that works both ways. It shouldn't sound suspicious if you don't remember but is clear if you do.
  • Kana (F): Oh, I know! How about... "It's good to meet you."
  • Kana (M): Yeah! That works!
  • Asugi:'s true that's not suspicious, but it's not exactly uncommon either.
  • Hisame: How would the other person know if it was actually our first meeting?
  • Shigure: Personally, I think it's perfect.
  • Kana (F): Yay!
  • Shigure: "It's good to meet you." Our promise to each other will be to acknowledge this greeting with a smile. Can we agree on that?
  • Kana (F): It's a deal!
  • Kana (M): No matter what world it is, we'll just say "It's good to meet you," and bam! Instant friends, every time!
  • Shigure: Exactly. It's time, everyone. Make ready to return to your original realms.
  • Kana (M): Oh!
  • Selkie: Bye, everyone! Thanks for the best playtime ever! I'll miss you so much, I almost don't wanna go home.
  • Mitama: Precious memories / I fear that they will soon fade / As if they were dreams... I don't want to wake up from this. From all of you.
  • Kiragi: You know, you're right. This does feel like it was all a dream now.
  • Hisame: Even if it is, and you're not my Kiragi, I'd swear my loyalty to you anyway.
  • Kiragi: Aw, Hisame! You're too nice!
  • Dwyer: To think we started out limping along, not even knowing who our enemy was.
  • Sophie: It turned out pretty OK, huh? Look at all the great people I met!
  • Ophelia: It was by fate's divine hand that the stars preordained our meeting. Our parting was equally inevitable, of course. And yet I feel such sorrow!
  • Nina: I know what you mean. It's even worse that we can't keep our memories.
  • Forrest: It may seem regrettable, but we knew this would happen. We chose this price over the unthinkable alternative. I, for one, regret none of it.
  • Shiro: I'm with you. We won, we saved the world... Not bad for a day's work.
  • Asugi: *sigh* Can't wait for you to forget all this and be as reckless as ever. Good thing you'll have the me from your world looking out for you.
  • Shiro: With any luck, he'll have less of a mouth on him than you!
  • Asugi: How did I get stuck with this guy as my liege?! What did I do?!
  • Caeldori: Come now, you two. Don't make me end today by separating you again. I wish there were some way I could will myself to remember what happened...
  • Rhajat: There is such a thing as being cursed to remember. It's a favorite of mine. But something tells me it's better not to intervene in this case.
  • Midori: Yep. Time heals all wounds better tan any medicine can. But until some time passes...I'm going to miss you all so much!
  • Ignatius: D-don't cry, Midori! I can't stand to see a friend in tears! *sob*
  • Percy: *sniffle* Even if we never meet again, take care, everyone! We won't feel this lonely for long. So excuse me while I cry now! Waaah!
  • Velouria: Hmph. I didn't want to cry, either, but here we are. I guess I never thought I'd miss any of you this much.
  • Soleil: Aww, Velouria! Turn that frown upside down! I want to see your adorable smile, not your quavering lower lip.
  • Siegbert: Soleil is right. If we must part ways, let our smiles be the last thing we see.
  • Soleil: You heard the man! Happy faces or bust, everyone!
  • Kana (M): Heehee... Bye, Kana.
  • Kana (F): You too, Kana. I hope to see you again sometime.
  • Shigure: A light has broken through the clouds... It's a very welcome sight. It's been some time since the last true dawn I saw in this world. When I plunge this pendant into the spring, you will return to your realms. All memories of your time here will dissolve like foam on the water.
  • Kana (M): ...OK. I'm ready.
  • Kana (F): Bye, Shigure! We'll miss you!
  • Shigure: Farewell, Kana. Farewell, everyone. I owe you all. I love you all. I'll never forget... I'll always remember you, my friends.

(As Azura's pendant sinks to the bottom of the spring, Lost in Thoughts All Alone plays as the credits rolls in before showing who defeated the boss in each chapter of Heirs of Fate. After that, the screen fades in to show both Kanas are reunited with their parents, Kiragi is reunited with Takumi, Forrest is reunited with Leo, Shiro is reunited with Ryoma, Siegbert is reunited with Xander and Shigure is watched over by Azura's spirit respectively. Scene transitions to show now Azura's pendant is already at the bottom of the spring as the song ends before showing "Fin". Scene briefly fades before transitions to show a CG image of both Kanas sitting together)

  • Shigure: [offscreen] It's good to meet you, Kana.

(Both Kanas turn around and smile at Shigure as the screen fades)

At least both Kanas and Shigure Survive Edit

(Anankos is defeated and returns back to normal)

  • Anankos: ...What? Thank you...for waking me... I was having a long dream. It was about a kingdom where humans and dragons... They lived in peace. But at some befogged mind turned that dream into a nightmare. Your song... That voice still echoes in my mind. It saved me... It woke me...
  • Shigure: ...
  • Anankos: The world will what it was... Or rather, to what it should be... A state in which I no longer exist... And I...I will finally rest...among the brightly shining stars... I have lost the resentment that kept me chained... Children of your lives...and be careful not to lose your way... I implore you to forget me...and all that happened here...

(Anankos disappears)

  • Shigure: Let's go. Soon things will be as they were before... But there's still one thing left for me to do. Follow me, please.

(Scene transition; both Kanas and Shigure are walking at the spring)

  • Kana (M): Such a pretty spring... What do you need to do here, Shigure?
  • Shigure: I must throw this pendant into the spring's waters.
  • Kana (F): What?! Isn't that pendant really important to you?
  • Shigure: Yes. But it has no more part to play in this world. Mother told me that when all was said and done, I must dispose of it. So that the pendant may never find its way into anyone else's hands.
  • Kana (F): Oh.
  • Shigure: Thank you. I could not have kept this promise if I'd thrown my life away. Though I regret the loss of life that has resulted from that decision.
  • Kana (F): I'm sorry...
  • Kana (M): Can the power of the song fix that? Can it bring people back to life?
  • Shigure: No. I have used its full power already. It is lost to me forever now. As are, I'm afraid, the fallen...
  • Kana (M): No!
  • Shigure: It was such a waste for them to die in that forsaken place. It would have been better if I died alone. I'd give my life for theirs...
  • Kana (F): Shigure...
  • Shigure: There's no need to apologize or berate yourselves. Soon enough, we'll forget the sorrow and the strife we endured here. As well as the loss...
  • Kana (F): ...
  • Shigure: Enough. When you forget, it will be as if it never happened. Anankos is no more. The power of my song will transform this world. Once you're back to your home realms, your memories should return in time... Most likely, you'll return moments after being separated from your parents. Of course, some parents will never be reunited with their children. That is my sole regret...
  • Kana (M): No...
  • Shigure: Try to be happy Kana. Forget this world. Forget the sadness and the pain... Forget you met me. Live your life to the fullest in the world where you belong. There's nothing left for you here.
  • Kana (M): OK...but you take care too, Shigure!
  • Kana (F): It's hard to know I can't promise I'll never forget you. But even this feeling will go away, huh?
  • Shigure: Yes. Let it sink into the depths of the spring with this pendant. We knew each other only briefly, but I owe you a great debt. Take care, Kana, and farewell. It's thanks to you that the world is safe once more.

(Scene transitions to show Azura's pendant sinks to the bottom of the spring before showing "Fin")

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