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“However, the immense power of the weapons clashing with our own power... It caused something none of us had anticipated. The laws of nature started to collapse. Snow began to fall in summer. Stars shone in the middle of day.”
Jahn talking to Roy about the Ending Winter

The Ending Winter (冬の終わり, Winter's End in the Japanese version) was a calamity caused by the combined powers of the Legendary Weapons of Elibe clashing against the dragonkin during the Scouring.


The Eight Legends used the newly-crafted Legendary Weapons during the Scouring, only to find that the power of the weapons clashing against the dragons was so great that the laws of physics were horribly distorted. For nature to correct this imbalance, the Ending Winter occurred. The Ending Winter sapped much of the potential magic energy out of the universe, and both dragons and the legendary weapons lost much of their power as a result. This made the dragonkin unable to maintain their massive forms for long periods of time, forcing them to seal their power in dragonstones and become manaketes.

Fearing that the weapons' power may inadvertently trigger the apocalypse, the Eight Legends hid the legendary weapons in secret locations after the Scouring, where they were magically sealed by Bramimond. In addition to the seal, traps and ghostly guardians protected the weapons from discovery. For nearly a millennium, Bramimond maintained the seal and guarded Hartmut's Binding Blade at the Shrine of Seals in Bern.

During The Blazing Blade, Bramimond begrudgingly undid the seal on the Legendary Weapons at the request of Athos so that Durandal and Armads could be used by Eliwood and Hector to combat Nergal. Athos also collected his own tome Forblaze and St. Elimine's tome Aureola for the battle. After Nergal's defeat, the Legendary Weapons were returned to their resting places, where they stayed until gathered by Roy in The Binding Blade. Despite the weapons being unsealed and even used in battle against dragons, no new Ending Winter ever occurs, as Jahn mentions that the weapons have lost much of their former power.


  • According to Roy, it is believed by humans that the Ending Winter was caused by dragons releasing too much power into the world and that the Legendary Weapons restored the imbalance. This is dismissed by Jahn as a fiction during Chapter 24.
  • The Ending Winter and subsequent downfall of the dragonkin into manaketes seems to closely parallel the mysterious calamity that befell the dragonkin in the Archanea Series. If there is a connection, it remains unknown.

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