Enliron is a Sword that debuted in Fire Emblem Warriors.


A sacred sword that is primarily associated with Prince Rowan of the Kingdom of Aytolis, and can also be wielded by his older twin sister Lianna. The sword and its counterpart Facinna were created by the Divine Dragon of Aytolis from two of her sharpest fangs to protect humanity in case of the Chaos Dragon's return.

With six available slots, Enliron allows an amout of flexibility with what weapon attributes to forge into the sword. However, with a natural Beastslayer slot for it's seventh slot, it forces players to forge only one foreign slayer-type weapon attribute to the sword.

As it is a personal weapon, it can be upgraded by creating Mastery and Sanctuary Crests, drastically increasing the weapon's attack power.

Weapon StatsEdit

Fire Emblem WarriorsEdit

Name Type


FEW Sword Sword

Rank Mt Worth Slots Seventh Slot
E 80 / 240 / 720 - 6 Beastslayer

Effective against Monster units

Item LocationsEdit

Fire Emblem WarriorsEdit

Method Location
Achievement Clear Chapter 15
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