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Entombed (called Mummies in the Japanese versions) are reanimated Corpses. They’re not fast, but their talons rend flesh with ease. They are the promoted versions of Revenants. They have the appearence of zombies. As with Revenants, they wield a somewhat varied assortment of weapons: Rotten Claw (which few non-boss versions use), Fetid Claw (commonly used), and the Lethal Talon (rarely used). They have a much elevated HP stat compared to the Revenants, as well as luck, which explains why most characters have a 0 critical rate when attacking one, but their defense, resistance, and skill remain at low levels.

Entombed are rarely seen, as there is usually one or two of them (or none). However, they give a huge surge of XP (depending on the unit), ranging from 20 to one complete level.

In both Fire Emblem Gaiden and The Sacred Stones, they give out massive amounts of experience points, so they are an exellent source of level grinding.


  • Boss versions of Entombed have low Luck and lower Health, and non-boss verisons have higher Luck and Health then the boss version. It is unknown how this occurs, and may have been an oversight.


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