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Ephraim's Lance (エフラムの勇槍 Efuramu no yūsō, lit. Ephraim's Brave Spear in the Japanese version; alternately translated as Ephraim's Pike in the European version) is a special Lance from Fire Emblem Awakening. Eponymously named after the character of the same name from The Sacred Stones, Ephraim's Lance is a fairly powerful weapon with high Might and decent Critical rate. This lance also boosts the Strength and Speed of its wielder.

Weapon Stats

Name Type

Ephraim's Lnce FE13.png Ephraim's Lance

LanceIconFE13.png Lance

Rank Uses Mt Hit Crt Rng WEx Worth
C 20 11 80% 10% 1 ? 1,220

Provides bonuses of +2 Strength and +2 Speed to its wielder.

Item Locations

Method Location
Treasure Event TilesBarracks
Renown Acquire 810 Renown points in order to obtain Ephraim's Lance through this method.
SpotPass Ephraim


  • In the North American version of Awakening, Ephraim's Lance is misspelled as "Ephraim's Lnce". This may merely be a shortening of the name due to it not being able to fit the constrained space that is allotted to weapon names.
  • The appearance of the lance resembles the same lance that Ephraim wields in his official art from The Sacred Stones, which could likely be Reginleif.