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“You have all heard too. Lord Barker has now returned to the Royal Palace, a heavy resolution within him. This resolution is what the soldiers here are longing for with all their hearts. To help Lord Barker, we have to defend this city of Reeve. Entrust all your lives to me! Our motherland's ruin or salvation depends on this battle. Let us believe in the future of Canaan and fight to the very end!”

Ernst (エルンスト Erunsuto) is an enemy character from TearRing Saga: Utna Heroes Saga. He is the foremost general of Canaan and bears the title of the "Sword of Canaan". He is an honest man who dislikes needless sacrifices. He is also the boss of Map 34.


Ernst is first seen in Map 10, in which he is the commander of the 15th platoon of Canaan's knights. He provides an opportunity for his friend, Mintz, to desert the army. He retreats once Fort Sene is captured or receives orders to return to Reeve Castle if Runan's army enters the grasslands, leaving his men to attack. He is later assigned to be the defending commander in Reeve and dies during a battle against Runan's army, although he continues to guard his post, even in death.



Starting ClassGroup
GoldKnight.gifGold KnightTS group horse.png Horseback
SkillsWeaponStarting Items
TS Heaven Saint.gifHeaven Saint

TS Big Shield.gifBig Shield
TS Awareness.gifAwareness
TS Continue.gifContinue

TS Charisma.gifCharisma
TS Sword.pngSword
TS Lance.pngLance
TS holysword.gifBlessed Sword

TSHand Lance.gifHand Lance
Thunder Sword (TS).gifThunder Sword
Shield Sword.gifShield Sword
Ts-magic-shield.gifMagic Shield
Ts-silver-shield.gifSilver Shield

Wind Shield.gif☆Wind Shield


Battle Quotes

“I have to thank you for disposing of that rotten Pavlov back at Fort Sene. He brought shame to all of Canaan. ...But that does not mean I will let you through today. Come, so-called Champions of Utna! Show me what you're made of!”
—Ernst's default battle quote
“Mintz... So, you've joined with the Razelians? So be it. Not a single person shall get past me. Not even you, my friend. If you will not retreat, then your only path is through me!”
—Ernst's battle quote against Mintz

Death Quote

“No... Not yet... I cannot... let you... pass... For Prince Barker... For Prince... Julius... For the myriad souls of... fallen soldiers... And for the future... of Canaan... Fight...! Fight on, Ernst! Hear me, Razelian knights! I am the Sword of Canaan! And I shall never fall!”
—Ernst's death quote


  • Ernst seems to be the father of Narron, as they have the same class, and in the ending, Narron states that his mother told him that his father was a general of Canaan.