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Erwin, also known as Count Gloucester, is a character mentioned in Fire Emblem: Three Houses before appearing in Fire Emblem Warriors: Three Hopes. He is the head of House Gloucester, a county in the Leicester Alliance, and the father of Lorenz.


Erwin is the second most influential lord of the Alliance's roundtable. At some point in his youth, Erwin studied in the Officers Academy and participated in the Battle of the Eagle and Lion. Erwin hired Jeralt's Mercenaries at one point in response to complains that poachers were hunting illegally in Sauin Village since he had granted them exclusive hunting rights. It's also rumored that a few years later, Count Gloucester allegedly staged a monster accident which ended up killing then-House Riegan's heir, Godfrey, along with Raphael's parents, under the pretext he was interested in purchasing some art pieces from him.

Three Houses

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After Edelgard's declaration of war against the Church of Seiros, Erwin leads the pro-Empire faction of the Leicester Alliance and allows his lands to become a vassal for it as means of avoiding direct intervention after the war spreads out to Leicester, which in the Azure Moon and Silver Snow routes, leads Erwin to send his son and some of his troops as reinforcements. Regardless, Erwin always ends up siding with the winning faction of the war by the end of the routes' stories. Only in the Verdant Wind route, after Nemesis' resurrection, Erwin and his troops attempt to intercept the King of Liberation's fell army once they reach Alliance lands, but are forced to retreat.

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Warriors: Three Hopes

Erwin discusses with Claude the details surrounding the Adrestian Empire's war against the Central Church, and while he's receptive of the Alliance Leader's request, he makes clear he can't commit to follow them, and that his upcoming moves will be based on the war's further developments.


Gloucester is a southwest English county, the name means "bright fort". It has origin in the old English "Glevo", meaning "bright", and Ceaster which means "town" .

Gloucester also serves as a reference to the play King Lear, in which several characters of the Golden Deer house are named after. The Earl of Gloucester serves as the motivation of the main antagonist Edmund, the earl's illegitimate son.