“But we can’t just ignore this… You were there when Renais was invaded… You saw what I saw. You saw how the people suffered at the hands of Grado’s soldiers. Homes were destroyed, possessions stolen, women kidnapped… Anyone who resisted was executed without question, without hesitation.”
—Eirika, telling Seth why they should help.

Escape! is Chapter 1 in Fire Emblem: The Sacred Stones.

Initial EnemyEdit


  • When Eirika passes the 2 forts (from southeast):


See: Escape!/Script


Secret Book (Artwork)
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  • Go up slowly.
  • At the start of Turn 2, Franz and Gilliam will appear. (If tutorial is on, this teaches you to trade and use items.) Strangely, Gilliam joins injured.
  • Move left, clear all enemies on the way/nearby.
  • When you cross the halfway point more enemies will appear. You can kill them to gain more EXP.
  • Weaken the boss, but make sure to let Eirika finish him.
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