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Esteemed Company is a quest given to you by Rhea in Fire Emblem: Three Houses.

Quest Details

"Availability in the tea schedule?"


"Invite Rhea to join you for tea. Note that this quest will expend activity points."

Quest-Giver Dialogue

"I understand that you sometimes extend invitations to have tea... I've been so busy lately, but I would deeply enjoy the opportunity to share tea with you."

Completion Dialogue

"It's wonderful to spend time with someone dear to me. It reminds me of days long since past...Should you wish to share tea again, I would gladly accept."


Given to you by Rhea on the Second Floor. Accepting the request immediately starts a Tea Party.


  • Cresent-Moon Tea x2
  • Angelica Tea x2
  • Chamomile x2
  • 800 Renown


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