“No... Barbaross... You've always been there for me... Whenever I had nightmares, you were the first one to comfort me... How can I live knowing that you won't be there anymore?! This war is taking everything from me...”
—Estofarne, in a conversation with Barbaross

Estofarne (エストファーネ Esutofāne, fan translated as Stephanie) is a non-playable character from TearRing Saga: Utna Heroes Saga. She is the daughter of Prince Barker of Canaan. Her friends and family refer to her as "Est" (エスト Esuto).


Estofarne is first seen when she warns Barbaross not to die in the war. In this scene, she mentions that he comforted her whenever she had nightmares and slept peacefully in his arms. Upon learning that Barbaross has been slain by Runan's army, she becomes determined to avenge him. Without telling her family, she enters a battle against Runan, who takes her as a hostage for a short time.

Estofarne appears alongside Sennet and Temzin when they witness Barker's death at the hands of Karla. One chapter later, she meets with Runan in Nolzeria and immediately recognizes him. After a battle against the Gerxel Church, she gives the Blessed Sword to Runan as a gift and says that she will pray for him to win the war.


Estofarne is a calm and kindhearted girl who is saddened by the horrors of war. She fears the possibility of Barbaross's death before its occurrence. She initially hates Runan, but later forgives him once she realizes that he is not an evil person.



Starting ClassGroup
PrincessPrincessTS group foot Foot Soldier
SkillsWeaponStarting Items
-TS SwordSwordTS holyswordBlessed Sword


Battle QuotesEdit

“Get out of my way...!”
—Estofarne's default battle quote
“Runan of Razelia! I will avenge General Barbaross!”
—Estofarne's battle quote against Runan

Death QuoteEdit

“Uncle Barbaross... Father... I'm sorry...”
—Estofarne's death quote


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