“She joined because her sister died fighting for Sigurd's army. The two were real close.”
—Amid telling Linda why Ethnia left Friege and joined Sigurd's army

Ethnia is a background character from Fire Emblem: Genealogy of the Holy War. She is the third child of Duke Reptor of Friege, and the younger sister of Bloom and Tailtiu. She is a quiet person, in contrast to Tailtiu who is bright and cheerful, but both deeply loved one another. After hearing that her sister was fighting with Sigurd against Grannvale, Ethnia left Friege in search of her. She is the mother of Amid and Linda.


If Tailtiu dies without being paired up during the first generation, Ethnia fills her story role in the second generation. In this case, she is separated from Amid, as she and Linda are captured by Bloom and forced to live with him in Alster. Over time, Ethnia suffers brutal abuse from Hilda, dying of both illness and depression while Linda is still young.

According to the Fire Emblem: Thracia 776 Illustrated Works, Ethnia is also the name of the mother of Princess Miranda of Alster who protected Leif and his friends from the Grannvale Empire during the years 762 - 765. It is unclear whether the two characters named Ethnia are the same person. The 20th Anniversary Fire Emblem Complete suggests that they are two different people.


In Irish mythology, Ethnea is one of many variations of Ethniu.


  • When crossing the Great River of Thracia, Leif mentions Ethnia as being the Earth Goddess of Jugdral. Whether Ethnia was intended to be named after this goddess or if this is just an oversight is unknown.
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