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Ettard (アロンダイト Arondaito, Alondite in the Japanese version) is the personal Sword of Ike, one that he initially wields as his weapon of choice in Fire Emblem: Radiant Dawn. Ettard is a fairly potent weapon, one that functions rather superbly in enhancing Ike's battle aptitude in all chapters that he participates in prior to procuring Ragnell, complete with its generous Durability, high Might, fairly competent Hit Rate and supple Critical Rate. A sword bearing an appearance that is strikingly similar to Ettard may be gleaned from a picture of Greil that is unveiled after Ike defeats the Black Knight in the Tower of Guidance - A distinct indicator that Greil might once have worn the blade, and has since passed it down to Ike as a treasured keepsake of sorts.

Weapon Stats

Name Type

Ettard.png Ettard

FE10 Sword.gif Sword

Rank Uses Mt Hit Crt Rng Wt WEx Worth
Prf 50 12 75% 10% 1 17 5 460

Ike only.

Item Locations

Method Location
Inventory Ike
Treasure Part 3: Ch. 4 - Hidden in a singular tile located in close proximity to a ballista that is positioned in the northeast reaches of the map.


In Arthurian legend, the knight Sir Pelleas bore feelings of love for Lady Ettard (alteratively spelled Ettarre), but she responded by spurning his love, taking care to ensure that her guards were sent out to drive him away from her castle on a nightly basis. Pelleas then sought Sir Gawain's assistance in his quest to winning Ettard's heart, a tactic that was not just botched, but wound up with the worst possible outcome - specifically that of Ettard falling in love with Gawain instead. Upon discovering them sleeping together, Pelleas stormed off in a jealous rage, later choosing to marry the Lady of the Lake, Elaine. In a bid to avenge the humiliation her spouse had suffered, Elaine proceeded to place Ettard under a curse, such that she was compelled to love Pelleas as much as she had hated him. She placed a similar spell on Pelleas, where he was urged to hate Ettard as much as he had loved her. Soon after, Ettard left Gawain and abjectly professed her love for Pelleas, only to be mercilessly jilted. Pelleas was thereafter said to have lived happily ever after with Elaine.


  • Originally known as "Alondite" in the Japanese version of Radiant Dawn, this sword's name only came to be known as "Ettard" when the game was localised. This is a follow up to the naming mishmash that occurred in Path of Radiance, in which Alondite, while originally named "Ettard" in the Japanese version, only came to be known as such when the game was localised.