“They look up to him, more or less. After so much fighting against the Empire, all that's left of the Razelian Knights are young recruits like them, save Eugen. Eugen went through hell to protect us, and now he can't even swing a sword anymore after all the wounds he's suffered. The young knights all understand his pain, so they're doing what they can to repay him.”
—Runan talking about Eugen

Eugen (オイゲン Oigen) is a non-playable character from TearRing Saga: Utna Heroes Saga. He is the sixty-year-old adviser and personal guardian of Runan. He is also a veteran knight of Razelia.


Although most of the Razelian knights died fighting against the Zoa Empire, Eugen suffered deep wounds in his attempts to protect the youngest ones who survived. This caused him to never be able to wield a sword again. He also began training the young knights, including Kreiss and Arkis, to become fine knights.


Eugen is a loyal and honorable man who dislikes treachery, as shown by his treatment of Arkis after his betrayal of Runan in defense of Rina. He seems to be more trusting than Runan, as demonstrated when he welcomes Zeek into the army without thinking that he is suspicious. He states that Enteh is the most beautiful woman that he has ever seen. He is particularly harsh towards Narsus and wishes to kill him for abandoning Runan's army with half of its gold.


Eugen is the German, Romanian, Czech, Slovak, and Croatian form of Eugenius, the Latin form of the Greek name Eugenios (Ευγενιος), which itself is derived from the Greek word eugenes (ευγενης), meaning "well born".

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