An Event Tile is a special tile that appears on a chapter map. It was introduced in Fire Emblem Awakening. It appears on all types of terrain that are traversable by normal ground units. It is not a type of tile in itself.

Description[edit | edit source]

Awakening[edit | edit source]

On every map in Awakening, there are fixed tiles with golden sparkles over them. Most maps have two of these event tiles. A unit must end their turn on one of these to trigger the tile. If a unit activates Galeforce on the tile, it will still activate. However if a Paired Up unit separates and leaves the other unit on one of these tiles, it will not activate. Warping a unit onto these tiles using a Rescue Staff will also not trigger the event tile. Enemy units do not trigger these tiles. Once the unit has activated the tile the golden sparkles disappear, and any unit that ends their turn on that tile will not trigger it again. If the map is visited again later, the tile will renew itself.

In the Scramble series of Downloadable content there are more than two event tiles on the downloaded maps.

When a unit ends his or her turn on that tile, a unit might:

  1. Find an item
  2. Gain 12-30 EXP (cannot cause a level up)
  3. Gain Weapon EXP
  4. Improve relationship (only possible if the unit is in a Pair Up and both characters are Support-compatible.). Support points +9

Fates[edit | edit source]

Like Awakening, Event Tiles appear on maps in the Birthright and Revelation routes of Fates. However, they will only appear on non-chapter battles. The tiles function similarly to how they did in Awakening.

When a unit ends his or her turn on that tile, a unit might:

  1. Find an item
  2. Find a gemstone
  3. Find gold
  4. Gain Weapon EXP
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