Cain How's Everyone

Cain gaining a temporary stat boost from an Everyone's Conditions event, as shown in the fan translation.

Everyone's Conditions (How's Everyone in the fan translation) is a function in Fire Emblem: New Mystery of the Emblem that can be used during Battle Preparations. When set, it will keep track of the amount of time that passes through the DS's internal clock (adjusting the DS's internal clock will not cause more time to pass, and will therefore have no effect on Everyone's Conditions). After a certain amount of time passes, various bonuses can be obtained.

The Barracks in Fire Emblem Awakening has an almost identical use.

Types of Bonuses Edit

There are four types of bonuses that can be obtained from use of Everyone's Conditions.

Type Description Chance
Temporary stat boost Two random stats are increased by 2 for a random unit for the remainder of the chapter. This effect does not stack with other stat boosts, such as those from Bonds. Additionally, this bonus will have no effect if the affected stat is already capped on the unit. 30%
Experience points A random unit gains experience points, the amount ranging anywhere from 10-30 points. This bonus will have no effect if the unit already has 90+ experience, or cannot gain any more experience points. Thus, units cannot level up by means of this bonus. 30%
Exclusive Item A random item that cannot be obtained by any other means is added to the player's convoy (see below for details). 30%
Friendship points A random unit gains 1 friendship point with Kris. Has no effect if the unit already has 3 friendship points with Kris. 10%

Number of Bonuses Edit

The amount of bonuses that can be gained vary with the amount of time that has passed since Everyone's Conditions was last accessed. Generally, waiting longer yields a higher possibility of gaining more bonuses.

Hours passed 0 1 2 3 4 5
0 100%
1 80% 20%
2 50% 50%
3 10% 80% 10%
4 80% 20%
5 60% 40%
6 40% 50% 10%
7 20% 70% 10%
8 80% 20%
9 60% 40%
10 40% 60%
11 20% 80%
12 10% 80% 10%
13 90% 10%
14 70% 30%
15 50% 50%
16 40% 60%
17 30% 70%
18 20% 80%
19 10% 90%
20 90% 10%
21 80% 20%
22 70% 30%
23 60% 40%
24+ 50% 50%

Obtainable Exclusive Items Edit

Items of various types, from swords to staves, can be obtained from viewing Everyone's Conditions. None of these items can be obtained through other means in the game.

Category Possible items Individual chance
Common Obtuse Sword, Laundry Pole, Frying Pan, Toy Bow, Nurufire, Used Potion, Energy Drink, Elixir, Strength Potion, Magic Potion, Skill Potion, Speed Potion, Luck Potion, Defence Potion, Resistance Potion 3.48%
Uncommon Bamboo Sword, Glass Sword, Pure Sword, Quick Sword, Flycatcher, Glass Lance, Quick Lance, Immortal Axe, Hit Axe, Glass Axe, Quick Axe, Cleave Bow, Glass Bow, Quick Bow, Yurublizzard, Mediocre, Glass, Strength, Speed, Defense 1.74%
Rare Luke's Sword, Cecil's Sword, Ogma's Sword, Roderick's Lance, Draug's Lance, Camus's Lance, Bord'n'Cord Axe, Barst's Axe, Roro's Axe, Gordin's Bow, Ryan's Bow, Clarisse's Bow, Merric's Book, Katarina's Book, Wrys 0.87%
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