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The Exalt's Brand (聖痕の紋章, lit. Crest of the Stigmata) is a reclassing item introduced in Fire Emblem Fates.


Using this item allows a female unit to permanently access the Great Lord class. Once per game, one can be obtained by completing the Before Awakening DLC chapter with all ally units alive. More copies can be earned every time Hoshidan Festival of Bonds is completed.


  • The Exalt's Brand's name is a direct reference to The Brand of the Exalt, alternatively known as "The Mark of Naga" which is often (but not always) seen on those of the Exalted Bloodline of Ylisse.
  • If a generic unit reclasses to the Great Lord class, they will have Lucina's default map sprite.
  • Since Hoshidan Festival of Bonds is not released internationally, people outside of Japan can only have 1 Great Lord per save file without amiibo or the Unit Logbook.