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“That's no warning, lamb. I'm a wolf, and you've been snatched! Now come quietly. Scars tend to lower the sale price, and we wouldn't want that...”

Ezra is a boss character in Fire Emblem Awakening. He is a brigand who appears to be a kidnapper and a slave trader. He captured Noire during her search for her mother. Ezra likens himself to a wolf, hunting for "sheep"; before appropriately having his business put to an end by the Shepherds.

He shares his portrait with Gecko, Jamil, and Ruger.


Boss Stats[]

Starting Class
FE13 Generic Enemy Bow Knight Map SpriteBow Knight
SkillsWeaponStarting Items
EarlyInitiativePrescienceSwordIconFE13Sword - B
BowIconFE13Bow - B
Silver Bow FE13 IconSilver Bow
Silver Sword FE13 IconSilver Sword
Energy Drop FE13Energy Drop*

*Dropped when defeated


“More meat for the wolf, is it?”
—Ezra's battle quote
“I've...had my fill...”
—Ezra's death quote


Ezra means "help" in Hebrew. Ezra was the name of a prophet in the Old Testament who wrote the book of Ezra.