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“Fáfnir, king of this realm, Niðavellir. I've come to greet those who bested my brother and seduced my sister. It appears you're stronger than expected. Maybe you'll be able to offer me some entertainment.”
—Fáfnir introducing himself to Alfonse

Fáfnir is a character that appears as the central antagonist during Book V of Fire Emblem Heroes. He is the king of Niðavellir and the older adoptive brother of Ótr and Reginn. He was once a kind man and a benevolent king but became power hungry and now wants to invade worlds. Since his new target is Askr, the homeland of Alfonse and Sharena the leading members of the Order of Heroes, he fights against the members of the Order, including his stepsister Reginn.

He wears a crown that enhances his strength and makes him almost invincible.


When a coup d'état toppled the kingdom of Niðavellir and the old king was killed, the country fell to ruin and completely unable to muster a force large enough to invade a country. Eventually, Fáfnir seized the throne by force and became their king, who the people welcomed, ignoring the fact that he was not dvergr royalty.

Amidst the chaos, a pair of siblings found shelter in a village where they were later discovered by Fáfnir who adopted them as his new step siblings. But while the siblings and subjects deeply loved the new king, the righteousness they thought they saw in him didn't last long, as he'd quickly become a tyrant, subjugating his people and invading other countries.

When Fáfnir began his invasion of Askr, Reginn was sent to lead the first wave. When she failed to return, Ótr was initially concerned, but Fáfnir was not.

He later discovered than his sister Reginn joined the Order of Heroes and faced her and her allies. He defeated them easily but Eitri appeared and escaped with the Heroes. Furious, Fáfnir decided to continue his path so he could invade Askr.

He ultimately defeated most of the Askran soldiers and encountered again the Heroes, while believing that Eitri remained on their side and was unaware that she betrayed his enemies (and that the sage and Ótr were using him). He defeated again the Heroes and went to the castle of the queen of Askr, Henriette.

He threatened the queen in order to force her to open the gate of Askr, but is interrupted by Alfonse and the rest of the Order of Heroes and defeated in battle. He is then arrested for his crimes, but is soon freed by Loki and, in exchange, he agreed to do something for her.

Upon returning to Ótr, Fáfnir revealed he figured out about Ótr's alliance to Eitri before suffering more headaches. After recovering, he begins to set his sights on the Emblian Empire.


King of Desolation
King of Niðavellir who rose from his station as a lowly soldier. Remembers nothing of his past.

Base Stats[]

Fáfnir Heroes sprite.pngTitle
King of Desolation
Heroes Cavalry.png Cavalry
FEH skill offense.png HreiðmarrFEH Lance.png Lance


FEH skill offense.pngIron Lance---
Steel Lance---
Silver Lance---
Hreiðmarr-FEH Star Rarity 5.png-


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CYL5 180


In Norse Mythology, Fáfnir was the son of the Dwarf King Hreiðmarr and had two brothers named Ótr and Reginn. When Hreidmar obtained the ring Andvaranaut that was stolen from Andvari by Loki as compensation for accidentally killing Ótr, Fáfnir, consumed by greed, killed his father and stole Andvaranaut. The ring however was cursed and Fáfnir was turned into a dragon and was later slain by Sigurd.


  • Fáfnir shares his English voice actor, Griffin Puatu, with Chad in Fire Emblem Heroes.
  • Fáfnir is the first primary antagonist of a Book to be a Blue unit (A Lance unit, specifically) as the previous antagonists (Veronica, Surtr, Hel and Freyja) were all green units.


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