“With the destruction of Shambhala, the ambitions of those who slither in the dark are forever shattered. However, Rhea has suffered grievous injuries in the process. Yet certain mysteries remain unsolved, so Claude and the others approach Rhea, who is now confined to her room due to her wounds.”
—Opening Narration

Fódlan's New Dawn is the 22nd and Final Chapter of the Verdant Wind route of Fire Emblem: Three Houses. This chapter takes place at outside of Garreg Mach Monastery.

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Rhea reveals the truth about what happened in the past between her and Nemesis. As she speaks with Claude and Byleth, messengers arrive to report that there is a mystery army marching under the Crest of Flames and bearing the Sword of the Creator approaching Garreg Mach Monastery. Rhea says that it must be the Fell King Nemesis.

The Alliances forces proceed to meet the mysterious army in battle and discover that it is led not only by the Fell King Nemesis but also revived versions of the Ten Elites.

Initial EnemiesEdit


Every third turn/every turn after approaching Odesse, a Flying Demonic Beast will appear to the left of Odesse indefinitely until Odesse is defeated.



Secret Book (Artwork)
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This map has a large magical swamp across the center of it that is controlled by Lamine in the northwest corner of the map. Mounted units can be used to quickly advance across the bridge at the top of the map and defeat Lamine so that units can move safely across the map without damage.

If Odesse in the south of the map is not defeated, he will continue to summon Demonic Beasts to join the battle. To stop reinforcements, defeat him before you approach Nemesis.

In order to deal effective damage to Nemesis, the 10 Elites must be defeated before attacking Nemesis. Nemesis can be attacked before they are all defeated, but the damage will be minimal even when inflicted by Heroes' Relics. When attacking Nemesis, the Sword of the Creator and the Heroes' Relics significantly more damage than any other weapons.

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