Event: For Fódlan's Future Edit

Meeting Room | Daytime

  • Claude: What's the plan, my friend?
  • Byleth: We will defeat Nemesis.
  • Claude: I thought you'd say that. And of course, I'll be joining you. What about the rest of you? Our enemy is a monster of legend. As always, there's not a shred of proof that we can win.
  • Lorenz: A foolish inquiry, Claude. I must finish what my father started...
  • Hilda: Started? Your father ran away before the battle even began.
  • Lorenz: I...well. All the more reason why I, as his heir, cannot flee now!
  • Hilda: I'm in. I need to get back at him for hurting my brother. I'm not going to let him get away with it!
  • Ignatz: Wow... Hilda's serious about this!
  • Lysithea: I too will fight until the end. I wish to protect Fódlan's future.
  • Leonie: I feel the same as Lysithea. It would hardly be fitting for Captain Jeralt's apprentice to bow out now. I'll show them everything he taught me.
  • Marianne: I...I will give it my all as well! For the professor, for Claude, and for all of you who helped make me as strong as I am now!
  • Raphael: I'm in too! And when we're done, I'm gonna eat tons of steak to celebrate!
  • Ignatz: This truly is the final battle... At this point, you shouldn't have to ask, Claude. You know we're with you.
  • Claude: I do know that, Ignatz. But I had to ask just to make sure.
  • Judith: Heh. Look at how reliable you kids have become. You've trained them well, Professor. This Nemesis guy should be arriving soon. Is everyone ready?
  • Claude: It's finally time.
  • Byleth:
    • Choice 1: I won't let us lose.
    • Choice 2: I won't let any of you die.
    • Choice 3: Let's win this... Together!
  • Claude: I'm on board with that. Let's all make it through this alive. Let's defeat this dusty old King of Liberation and put an end to this history of lies. Once we've done that, there'll be nothing holding us back. A new and brighter age will begin. Let's go, my friend! Fódlan's new dawn awaits!

Battle Edit

Introduction Edit

  • Claude: Nemesis is here…and with more soldiers than expected.
  • Hilda: A swamp, huh? But there’s something about it… It looks odd somehow.
  • Agarthan Soldier: Agh! Can’t…breathe…
  • Odesse: He should not have done that… Be careful. The water is poisonous to the living.
  • Claude: It looks like we’d better not get near that swamp… Try to avoid it during the fight!

First confrontation with an Elite Edit

  • Claude: Huh?! I think they’ve got some sort of magical link with Nemesis…
  • Marianne: Could the magic be protecting him?
  • Claude: Not sure, but we’d better take out his 10 commanders before taking him on.

Enemy Phase One Edit

  • Nemesis: Seiros! I will kill you! Do not get in my way!
  • Claude: So, that's Nemesis... You're a crusty old bastard, you know that?
  • Nemesis: All those who stand in my way...will be destroyed!
  • Raphael: Wah! Watch out, Claude! They're coming for us!

Claude Edit

After the first Elite is defeated (by anyone) Edit

  • Claude: Nine more commanders remaining… We just killed number 10. These can’t be the 10 Elites, can they? Nah, not likely.

After all 10 Elites are defeated (by anyone) Edit

  • Claude: It took some doing, but now’s our chance to face off against Nemesis!

Arrival of enemy reinforcements Edit

  • Claude: Agh! Demonic Beasts flying in from the south… Someone here must be able to summon them!

After Odessa is defeated Edit

  • Claude: Now he can’t call any more Demonic Beasts. And the remaining forces of Shambhala have been defeated too.

Vs. Riegan Edit

  • Claude: Hey… Can you speak?
  • Riegan:
  • Claude: Just puppets controlled by Nemesis… Well, they’re the strongest puppets I’ve ever known.

Fighting Nemesis Edit

“Feeble creature… Prepare to die!”
—Nemesis' battle quote.

Vs. Byleth Edit

“That sword… You bear the Crest of Flames, just as I do”
—Nemesis' battle quote.

After Nemesis is defeated Edit

  • Claude: That one seemed to work… We’re almost done! Let’s go, my friend.

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