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Fódlan's Throat is a location in the Leicester Alliance in eastern Fódlan.


The treacherous mountains of Fódlan's Throat separate the continent of Fódlan from the eastern kingdom of Almyra. The autonomous region of Kupala within the Margravate of Edmund, the Duchy of Goneril, and the Eastern Church lie on the western side of the mountains. House Goneril holds the responsibility of both guarding against incursions from Almyra and carrying out military strikes there.

Almyra first attempted to invade Fódlan in Imperial Year 961, but was beaten back by the combined efforts of the Leicester Alliance and the Adrestian Empire. Decades later, in order to fend off further Almyran aggression, the Alliance, the Empire, and the Holy Kingdom of Faerghus jointly constructed the fortress of Fódlan's Locket in the mountains in 1101.