The following is a timeline of events in the history of Fódlan in Fire Emblem: Three Houses.


Imperial Year Events
  • Fódlan is roiled by disorder and suffering caused by Nemesis, the self-proclaimed King of Liberation. Rather than rebel against Nemesis, the people of Fódlan embrace his methods and struggle for power by any means possible, even theft and murder.
  • Saint Seiros first appeared in the land of Enbarr. Her miracles returned light to the land and inspired those purest of heart to establish the Church of Seiros.
  • The Adrestian Empire is founded. Its name was gifted by an oracle, and its future blessed by the Goddess. The city of Enbarr was chosen as its capital due to the presence of Saint Seiros.
  • The Battle of Tailtean occurs. As the Imperial army and the forces of the King of Liberation clash at the Tailtean Plains, Seiros kills Nemesis.
  • The War of Heroes concludes. Lycaon I, successor to Great Emperor Wilhelm I, succumbs to sudden illness. The Empire, by now in control of most of Fódlan, takes the opportunity to put an end to the seemingly endless fighting.
  • (Approximate date) Prime Minister Derick von Aegir challenges the emperor of the Adrestian Empire to a duel, with control of the Imperial throne at stake. The emperor defeats Derick, who then proposes to her.
  • The First Mach War occurs. An army from Dagda arrives from across the sea and invades Mach. The Adrestian Empire drives off the Dagdans, but Mach is heavily damaged.
  • The Invasion of Brigid occurs. The Adrestian Empire invades the Brigid archipelago, which was allied with Dagda. The people of Brigid refuse to surrender, and the land is forcibly subjugated.
  • The Invasion of Dagda occurs. Using Brigid as a foothold, the Adrestian Empire launches a large-scale invasion of Dagda, but the attack ultimately fails.
  • The Leicester Rebellion occurs. Imperial forces fail to suppress rebellion in the region of Leicester. The Kingdom takes the opportunity to occupy and annex Leicester to expand its political power.
  • The Crescent Moon War begins. The archduke ruling the Leicester region of the Kingdom succumbs to illness, and the nobles of Leicester reject his heir and attempt to form an alliance instead.
  • The Crescent Moon War ends. The Leicester Alliance is founded after the defeat of the loyalist nobles. The Duke of Riegan, a member of the cadet branch of the Blaiddyd royal family, becomes the Alliance's leader.
approx. 980
  • The Officers Academy is established at Garreg Mach Monastery in response to the incursions into Fódlan from Almyra with the aim of guaranteeing the continent's leadership was prepared to prevent the border from being taken.
approx. 1065
  • The Southern Church, based in Enbarr, leads a massive insurrection throughout the Adrestian Empire which is put down. The Emperor exiles the bishop who led the uprising and replaces the Church with the Ministry of Religion under House Varley.
  • 26th of the Guardian Moon - Gilbert is born.
  • 8th of the Pegasus Moon - Hanneman is born.
  • 1st of the Ethereal Moon - Alois is born.
  • 15th of the Horsebow Moon - Catherine is born.
  • 27th of the Lone Moon - Shamir is born.
  • 9th of the Garland Moon - Anna is born.
  • 27th of the Harpstring Moon - Mercedes is born.
  • Mercedes' mother remarries to Baron Bartels after the death of Mercedes' father, Baron Martritz.
  • Manuela joins the Mittelfrank Opera Company in Enbarr.
  • 4th of the Lone Moon - Emile, the younger step-brother of Mercedes, is born.
  • 17th of the Great Tree Moon - Hubert is born.
  • 5th of the Garland Moon - Sylvain is born.
  • 21st of the Verdant Rain Moon - Leonie is born.
  • 13th of the Garland Moon - Lorenz is born.
  • 31st of the Verdant Rain Moon - Dedue is born.
  • 29th of the Horsebow Moon - Dorothea is born.
  • Manuela rises to prominence as the "Divine Songstress" of the Mittelfrank Opera Company.
  • 3rd of the Pegasus Moon - Hilda is born.
  • 18th of the Harpstring Moon - Raphael is born.
  • 30th of the Great Tree Moon - Ferdinand is born.
  • 22nd of the Garland Moon - Edelgard is born.
  • 24th of the Blue Sea Moon - Claude is born.
  • 23rd of the Red Wolf Moon - Marianne is born.
  • 12th of the Ethereal Moon - Bernadetta is born.
  • 20th of the Ethereal Moon - Dimitri is born.
  • Seteth is summoned to Garreg Mach Monastery to serve as Archbishop Rhea's assistant.
  • (Approximate date) A plague sweeps through the Holy Kingdom of Faerghus and claims the life of the queen consort. The mage and reputed holy woman Cornelia cures the plague, and the royal family employs her out of gratitude.
  • 4th of the Guardian Moon - Ingrid is born.
  • 20th of the Pegasus Moon - Felix is born.
  • 14th of the Lone Moon - Ignatz is born.
  • 9th of the Harpstring Moon - Annette is born.
  • 1st of the Blue Sea Moon - Caspar is born.
  • 17th of the Wyvern Moon - Ashe is born.
  • 7th of the Red Wolf Moon - Linhardt is born.
  • Ingrid becomes engaged to Glenn, the son of Duke Fraldrius
  • 7th of the Horsebow Moon - Petra is born.
  • Hanneman's sister dies, and he renounces his Imperial peerage.
  • Hubert becomes Edelgard's vassal.
  • House Hrym revolts against the Adrestian Empire. The Ordelia family, which supported the rebellion, loses much of its standing, and Lysithea is caught up in the Empire's interventions.
  • Mercedes and her mother leave House Bartels and live in a church in eastern Faerghus.
  • Caspar's father becomes the next Count Bergliez after Caspar's grandfather retires.
  • (Approximate date) The Holy Kingdom of Faerghus embarks on a military campaign in Sreng personally led by King Lambert. Rodrigue serves as the king's right hand in this conflict and earns the moniker "Shield of Faerghus".
  • Cyril loses his parents to battles between Almyra and Fódlan and becomes an orphan.
  • The Dagda and Brigid War occurs. A united force from Dagda and Brigid invades the Imperial territories of Nuvelle and Ochs. The invaders cause significant damage, but are eventually routed and counter-invaded. Petra's father, the son of the reigning king of Brigid, perishes in battle, and Brigid is made an Imperial vassal state. Dagda is mostly destroyed, and the mercenary Shamir loses her partner and travels to Fódlan.
  • Petra goes to the Empire as a symbol of Brigid's vassalage. Shamir joins the Knights of Seiros.
  • Annette's father, Gustave Dominic, vanishes. Annette is taken in by her uncle, the new Baron Dominic.
  • Raphael's parents are attacked and killed by monsters.
  • Miklan is disinherited from House Gautier after his younger brother, Sylvain, is found to have a Crest of Gautier.
  • Cyril is captured while serving in the army and becomes a servant of House Goneril.
  • A minor rebellion occurs in the west of the Holy Kingdom of Faerghus. Dimitri distinguishes himself as a commander in the suppression effort, while Felix participates as a squire.
  • Annette enrolls in the Royal School of Sorcery in Fhirdiad.
  • Lorenz enrolls in the Royal School of Sorcery in Fhirdiad, but later leaves before graduating due to political changes in the Kingdom.
  • Cyril is noticed by Archbishop Rhea and begins working at the monastery.
  • Claude is announced as a legitimate heir to House Riegan.
  • Raphael sells his estate, closes his merchant business, and resolves to become a knight.
  • Flayn begins living at Garreg Mach Monastery.
  • Monica, a student of the Black Eagle house, goes missing shortly before she was to graduate. No evidence of foul play is found.
  • Tomas, a respected librarian of the Church of Seiros for forty years, returns to the Church after years of retirement to assume his former duties.

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  • War consumes Fódlan. Members of the Black Eagles, Blue Lions, and Golden Deer become generals or key allies in the armies of their respective countries.
  • Members of the Blue Lions become generals or key allies in the Kingdom's army.
  • Members of the Golden Deer become generals or key allies in the Alliance's army.
  • (Black Eagles route) Edelgard leads the Imperial army in the conquest and annexation of Garreg Mach Monastery. Rhea and the Church of Seiros retreat to Fhirdiad, and the Empire and Kingdom go to war, while the Alliance feigns infighting to appear neutral.
  • (Golden Deer route) Claude maneuvers the Alliance to ensure it does not become embroiled in the conflict between the Empire and the Kingdom.
  • (Church of Seiros route) Following Rhea's disappearance at the start of the war, the members of the Church spread across the continent in search of her while also working to maintain the faith of the people.
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Events in the War PhaseEdit

Silver SnowEdit

Azure MoonEdit

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Imperial Year Events
  • The Knights of Seiros begin their search for Archbishop Rhea. Garreg Mach Monastery falls to ruin with no one to protect it.
  • Cornelia has Grand Duke Rufus assassinated and frames Dimitri as the perpetrator. She takes control of Faerghus and submits to the Adrestian Empire. Fighting breaks out between Cornelia's "Faerghus Dukedom", backed by the western nobles and the Empire, and the loyalist eastern nobles.
  • Felix and Sylvain return to their home territories and throw themselves into the battle against the Dukedom.
  • Dedue is wounded while rescuing Dimitri during the coup of Fhirdiad. Dimitri is able to escape and becomes a vagrant.
    • If Dedue's paralogue was completed, Dedue takes refuge in the Duscur residential district. If the paralogue was not completed, Dedue will die from his wounds.
  • Gilbert goes to live with Rodrigue after the coup of Fhirdiad.
  • Ashe returns to his hometown and serves House Rowe.
  • Mercedes returns home to the Kingdom capital and joins the merchant business.
  • Annette goes to live with her uncle, Baron Dominic, to help him with official business.
  • Ingrid goes back to her home and helps her father with official business.
  • Houses Riegan and Gloucester (location) fight over whether the Alliance should support the Kingdom or the Empire, respectively. On the verge of collapse, Claude, now the leader of the Leicester Alliance, maneuvers the Alliance to ensure it does not become embroiled in the war.
  • Ashe steps down from his post when House Rowe becomes a vassal of the Empire.
  • Dimitri begins murdering Imperial generals and soldiers controlling former Kingdom territories.
  • Dimitri pursues Imperial troops and ends up at Garreg Mach.
  • Garreg Mach Monastery's millennium festival was to have been celebrated. Byleth regains consciousness at the bottom of the valley and then appears at Garreg Mach for the reunion.
  • The events of Fire Emblem: Three Houses resume.
  • Gilbert finds his liege and appears at Garreg Mach. The former students of the Blue Lions house remember the promise made five years ago and return to Garreg Mach. The Knights of Seiros return to Garreg mach and join the anti-Imperial forces.
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Verdant WindEdit

Crimson FlowerEdit

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