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|image = [[File:Fado.jpg|250px]]
|image = [[File:Fado.png|250px]]
|title = Fado
|title = Fado
|game = [[Fire Emblem: The Sacred Stones]]
|game = [[Fire Emblem: The Sacred Stones]]
|firstseen = Prologue (Joins in Creature Campaign)
|firstseen = Prologue (Joins in Creature Campaign)
|class = Peer (joins as [[General]])
|class = [[Peer]] (joins as [[General]])

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Fado (ファード Fādo) is the King of Renais. He dies in the siege of Renais Castle in the early part of Fire Emblem: The Sacred Stones. He is the father of both Lord characters, Eirika and Ephraim.

In the Creature Campaign, you can acquire him as a Lvl. 11 General if you clear the Lagdou Ruins in its entirety once.


Initial Stats

Starting Class Affinity
{{{image}}} {{{Aff}}}
Level HP Str/Mag Skl Spd Lck Def Res Con Move
{{{Level}}} {{{HP}}} {{{Str}}} {{{Skl}}} {{{Spd}}} {{{Lck}}} {{{Def}}} {{{Res}}} {{{Con}}} {{{Move}}}
Weapon Starting Items
{{{Weapon}}} {{{Item}}}
|Sword - A
Lance - A
Axe - A |Silver Sword
Silver Lance
Silver Axe
Master Seal


Growth Rates

  • HP: 85%
  • STR: 55%
  • SKL: 40%
  • SPD: 30%
  • LCK: 25%
  • DEF: 45%
  • RES: 25%

Looking at Fado, he is one of the better secret characters, although nowhere near Ismaire due to his low level of growth and relatively low base stats. He has good HP, strength and defense, and his resistance is decent, but his skill, speed and most notably his luck will be his undoing. Fado's constitution is thankfully massive, so he can wield nearly any melee weapon without speed loss, and he comes with an A rank in all three weapon categories. His growths only really excel in HP, strength, defense and maybe skill, so only use Fado if you really want to. In case you needed it for any of your unpromoted Creature Campaign units, he comes with a Master Seal in his inventory, along with a Silver Axe, a Silver Sword, and a Silver Lance.


In the cutscene he is featured in, his sprite is that of the unused Peer class also used in cutscenes by Elbert in Fire Emblem: Rekka no Ken. However, his sprite is changed to a General in the Creature Campaign.


A 'fado' is a sad Portuguese folksong. The word comes from the latin 'fatum' meaning 'fate.'

As well, Fado's name could be a portmanteau of 'fa' and 'do,' two notes in the do-re-mi scale of notation.

Also, "fado" in Irish means "long ago".

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