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Faith (信仰 Shinkō) is a weapon type introduced in Fire Emblem: Three Houses.


Faith magic operates as a combination of Light Magic and White Magic, replacing staves, which are now held items.

Similar to Fire Emblem Gaiden and its remake, every character in Three Houses has a fixed spell list that they use as they improve their Faith stats; e.g., all Byleths between players will always used the same fixed Faith spell list, as would other characters such as Lorenz or Marianne. Two faith spells, Heal and Nosferatu, are in every playable character's spell list. Rather than having to buy staves and tomes like in most previous titles or having an HP cost, every spell has a set number of usages per map. Characters replenish their spell count between maps.

Crests can influence how Faith spells are cast by their users. These include:

  • The Crest of Cethleann, which allows its bearer to occasionally raise Might by 5 when using recovery magic.
  • The Crests of Lamine and Timotheos, which allows its bearer to occasionally conserve uses of recovery magic.
  • The Crests of Macuil and Gloucester, which allows its bearer to occasionally raise Might by 5 during magic attacks.
  • The Crests of Dominic and Noa, which allows its bearer to occasionally conserve uses of magic attacks.

List of Faith Spells

Name Mt Hit Crit Range Wt Lvl Use Description User(s)
Heal 8 100 0 1 - E 10 Basic light magic. Heals an adjacent ally. All Characters
Recover 30 100 0 1 - C 5 Intermediate light magic. Greatly heals an adjacent ally. Byleth, Edelgard, Dimitri, Claude, Hubert, Caspar, Dedue, Felix, Annette, Lorenz, Hilda, Raphael, Rhea, Hanneman, Seteth, Cyril, Catherine, Alois, Yuri
Physic 8 100 0 1-Mag/2 - C 5 Intermediate light magic. Heals an ally within range based on Mag. Dorothea, Bernadetta, Linhardt, Mercedes, Ashe, Sylvain, Ingrid, Ignatz, Marianne, Leonie, Shamir, Hapi
Fortify 15 100 0 1-Mag/4 - A 2 Advanced light magic. Heals all allies within a range based on Mag. Mercedes, Flayn
Nosferatu 1 80 0 1-2 8 E 8 Basic light attack magic. Recovers HP equal to 50% of the damage dealt. All Characters
Seraphim 8 75 5 1-2 8 C 12 Effective against Monster foes. Edelgard, Sylvain, Ingrid, Lysithea, Balthus, Hapi
Aura 12 70 20 1-2 12 A 3 Advanced light attack magic. Assails foes with rings of light. Byleth, Dimitri, Marianne, Yuri
Abraxas 14 90 5 1-2 13 A 2 Advanced light attack magic. Calls light from the heavens down on foes. Annette, Lysithea, Constance
Restore 0 100 0 1-Mag/4 - C 10 Cures status effects on all allies within a range based on Mag. Ferdinand, Petra, Linhardt, Felix, Mercedes, Leonie, Flayn, Jeritza, Balthus
Ward - - - 1 - C 5 Grants Res +7 to an ally; effect diminishes with each turn. Ferdinand, Lorenz, Ignatz, Manuela, Hanneman, Gilbert, Anna, Constance
Silence - 100 - 3-10 - B 3 Prevents foe from using magic for 1 turn. Claude, Marianne, Manuela, Yuri
Rescue 0 100 0 1-Mag/4 - B 3 Moves an ally to a space near the user. Bernadetta, Flayn, Anna, Constance
Warp - - - 1-Mag/4 - B 1 Moves an ally to a specified tile within range. Linhardt, Lysithea, Manuela, Hapi