The Falcon Knight (ファルコンナイト Farukon naito, also known as Falcoknight) is a Pegasus-mounted combat physical class that recurrently appears across the Fire Emblem Series, beginning from Fire Emblem Gaiden. One of the promoted forms of the Pegasus Knight class, Falcon Knights commonly wield Lances and Swords as their weapons of choice.

History in the SeriesEdit

In its original inception in Gaiden, the Falcon Knight class is the promoted form of the Pegasus Knight class, wielding Lances as its sole weapon of choice. This version of the class has its attacks imbued with a special skill, allowing it to inflict effective damage against Monsters.

The Falcon Knight class is not established as the staple promoted form of the Pegasus Knight class until the onset of Genealogy of the Holy War, where the Pegasus Knight is cleanly separated from the Dracoknight class. This particular iteration of the class is, alongside Lances, able to arm Swords and utilize Staves.

In Thracia 776, the Falcon Knight class exists in the game data but is unused, owing to the fact that the Pegasus Knight assumes its role as a promoted class, while the Pegasus Rider takes over the Pegasus Knight class's original role as a first-tier class.

In Radiant Dawn, the Falcon Knight (聖天馬騎士ファルコンナイト Farukon naito) class is further able to promote into the Seraph Knight class when the necessary requirements are met.

As remakes of the original Shadow Dragon and the Blade of Light and Mystery of the Emblem, Shadow Dragon and New Mystery of the Emblem do not feature the Falcon Knight as the default promotion for the Pegasus Knight. Instead, the Falcon Knight class can only be accessed by Pegasus Knights through the use of the unique Elysian Whip promotion item.

Falcon Knights shed the ability to wield Swords in Awakening. Unlike most of their other counterparts, Falcon Knights can now double as support units with the ability to use staves, though they have lost their ability to use Swords in the process.

In Fates, the Falcon Knight (聖天馬武者 Seitenma musha, lit. Holy Pegasus Warrior in the Japanese version) is unisex and is treated as a Hoshidan class. The Falcon Knights in Fates are similar to those in Awakening, retaining their ability to use lances and staves.

In Warriors, Falcon Knights are again female-exclusive. They also again use Lances and Staffs.

In Three Houses, Falcon Knight is a Master class that requires a unit with a Sword level of B or higher, a Lance level of A or higher and a Flying level of B+ or higher to pass the Certification Exam. The class has proficiency in swords and lances.



After upgrading from the Pegasus Knight class, the Falcon Knight receives slight boosts to its Defense and Constitution, although these stats are still considered to be below average in comparison to other playable classes.

In Genealogy of the Holy War, Awakening and Fates, Falcon Knights are able to wield Staves. This ability, when combined with their high Movement and above average Magic, results in them functioning as very efficient healers. Granted, Falcon Knights will be inexperienced with Staves unless they have been reclassed from Clerics, Troubadours and the like, and it will thus take quite a bit of grinding for them to gain access to higher-levelled Staves like Catharsis and Fortify.

In WiFi battles, Falcon Knights are occasionally used. Falcon Knights are seen as the opposite to Dracoknights, in that they can be killed one-on-one by Swordmasters, but can survive Berserker onslaughts. Much the same tactics are used with Falcon Knights as are the ones used with Dracoknights, where usage of the Iote's Shield and scouting act as the main functions of these classes. Falcon Knights are usually considered inferior choices to Dracoknights, since they can be killed in melee combat by more classes.


Falcon Knights retain the use of Lances as their sole weapon of choice, and so it is recommended that they stay away from Axe-wielding units. Griffon Riders in particular need to be avoided, as they not only have the weapon advantage and can chase Falcon Knights anywhere on the map, but are also in possession of the skill Lancebreaker, which can easily spell doom for these units if one is careless.

As they are flying units, Falcon Knights are susceptible to bows and wind magic, so those should be avoided unless they have Iote's Shield, which will prevent them from taking bonus damage from those sources. They should still be careful of Beast Killers, since Iote's Shield will not protect them from the bonus damage the Beast Killer inflicts.

Compared to most of the classes in Awakening, Falcon Knights are very well balanced in their stats, especially their Speed and Skill, which is roughly on par with a Swordmaster's. They do have higher Magic (due to using staves), Luck and Resistance than them. Most if not all generic Falcon Knights have a higher overall stat total, usually surpassing their commanders in this.


Just like in Awakening, Falcon Knights still use Lances as their primary weapon and staves as a support role. They still retain their A Rank in Lances (so they can use Brave and Venge weapons), however, their staff rank has fallen to B Rank. They can still use a majority of the staves in-game, most notably the Hexing Rod.

Due to the changes in Fates stat system, Falcon Knights are a bit weaker than in Awakening, although they still share the same benefits and are a good magic-killer class due to their high resistance. They still retain the skill Rally Speed, and their Lancefaire has been swapped out for Warding Blow. Warding Blow essentially gives the user an effective +20 Resistance which makes them take virtually no damage against high magic units like Sorcerers when the user initiates the fight.

In PvP battles, Falcon Knights are used as support units, typically filled with various rally skills and Rescue staves to support the rest of the team. Their flying status allows them to quickly carry allied units and are not impeded by terrain.


The uniform worn by Falcon Knights largely remains unchanged from the uniform donned by their un-promoted forms (Juno's outfit can be used as a reference). Their uniform is not without any changes, however; the most noticeable of these is the presence of pants or leggings underneath their tunic, with the tunic reaching knee-length with slits arranged on either side up to their hips (such as in Tanith's artwork). The belt that Falcon Knights wear as Pegasus Knights is also retained, on which they sometimes attach a sheath to carry their Swords in. Some Falcon Knights are also known to don headbands, and the boots they wear are mostly knee-length.

The mount of the Falcon Knight has a single horn on its forehead, giving it a close resemblance to a winged unicorn.

In Awakening, the tunic part of the design is very similar to Annand's uniform in her Level 15 Falco Knight TCG card. Some modifications are imposed on the outfit, including sleeves and a ring attached to both sides of the hips, alongside long drapes of cloth that appear to reach into their boots from underneath their armour. The boots that Falcon Knights wear are noticeably shorter than those worn by older incarnations, but this is compensated for by the very long socks that they also have on. This version of the Falcon Knight also features them wearing a helmet outfitted with a horn-like protrusion.


★ - FE10 SP Class.

Base StatsEdit

FE44077121506128--FE4 Sword A FE4 Lance A FE4 Staff C
FE5 (Mounted)206771005-106-FE5 Sword Icon D FE5 Lance Icon C
FE5 (Dismounted)18476804-66-FE5 Sword Icon D
FE6206-7705486-Sword E Lance C
FE7206-7705486-Sword E Lance C
FE8206-7705486-Sword E Lance C
FE91862690559825FE9 Sword E FE9 Lance C
FE10301351719014139723FE10 Sword E FE10 Lance C
FE10 351571921016159723FE10 Sword C FE10 Lance A
FE1120615707810--FE12 Sword E FE12 Lance D
FE1220615707910--FE12 Sword E FE12 Lance D
FE13206310110698--LanceIconFE13 E StaffIconFE13 E
FE1418546105598--FE14 Lance E FE14 Staff E
FE153410-712010128--Echoes lance weapon type icon

Maximum StatsEdit

FE480222225303021278--FE4 Sword A FE4 Lance A FE4 Staff C
FE580202020202020-2020-FE5 Sword Icon A FE5 Lance Icon A FE5 Staff Icon A
FE66023-25283024281520-Sword S Lance S
FE76023-25283023261520-Sword S Lance S
FE86023-25283024261520-Sword S Lance S
FE960232026284024279825FE9 Sword S FE9 Lance S
FE1040241524273522259723FE10 Sword A FE10 Lance S
FE10 49301634343526319723FE10 Sword S FE10 Lance SS
FE11602420252530242610--FE12 Sword A FE12 Lance A
FE12602420262630252610--FE12 Sword A FE12 Lance A
FE1380383545444533408--LanceIconFE13 A StaffIconFE13 A
FE1455282730343527358--FE14 Lance A FE14 Staff B
FEW (Cordelia)922999915013410310917920--FEW Lance S
FEW (Hinoka)9751095711313712311517120--FEW Lance S
FEW (Caeda)95297571141731639418720--FEW Lance S

Growth RatesEdit

FE10 70%80%50%80%70%80%50%85%----

Class SkillsEdit

FE2SlayerClass skill of the Falcon Knight class.
Innate hidden skill of all flying and mounted units.
Class skill of the Falcon Knight class.
FE9Stun (FE9)StunOccult skill of the Falcon Knight class; assign with an MasteryBookOccult Scroll.
FE10CantoCantoBase skill of all flying and mounted units.
FE13SpeedCryRally Speed
Learnt at Level 5.
Learnt at Level 15.
FE14Rally Speed (FE14)Rally Speed
Mirror Strike (Skill)Warding Blow
Learnt at Level 5 and above.
Learnt at Level 15 and above.
FE15Echoes Class Skill iconBanishClass skill of the Falcon Knight class.


Base ClassPromotion MethodPromoted Class
FE2FE2 Pegasus Knight Map IconPegasus KnightVisit a Shrine after reaching Level 12.FE2 Falcon Knight Map IconFalcon Knight
FE4FE4 Pegasus Knight SpritePegasus KnightChoose the "Class Change" option in the Home Castle when the relevant unit reaches Level 20.FE4 Falcon Knight SpriteFalcon Knight
FE6FE8 Pegasus Knight Map SpritePegasus KnightUse an ElysianwhipElysian Whip on a Level 10+ Pegasus Knight.FE8 Falconknight Map SpriteFalcon Knight
FE7FE8 Pegasus Knight Map SpritePegasus KnightUse an ElysianwhipElysian Whip on a Level 10+ Pegasus Knight.FE8 Falconknight Map SpriteFalcon Knight
FE8FE8 Pegasus Knight Map SpritePegasus KnightUse an ElysianwhipElysian Whip on a Level 10+ Pegasus Knight.FE8 Falconknight Map SpriteFalcon Knight
FE9FE9 Marcia Pegasus Knight Sprite
Pegasus Knight
Use a FE9mastersealMaster Seal on a Level 10+ Pegasus Knight.FE9 Marcia Falcon Knight Sprite
Falcon Knight
FE10Pegasus KnightUse a FE10mastersealMaster Seal on a Level 10+ Pegasus Knight or train a Pegasus Knight to Level 21.FE10 Marcia Falcon Knight Sprite
Falcon Knight
FE10 FE10 Marcia Falcon Knight Sprite
Falcon Knight
Use a FE10mastercrownMaster Crown on a Level 10+ Falcon Knight or train a Falcon Knight to Level 21.FE10 Marcia Seraph Knight Sprite
Seraph Knight
FE11FE11 Pegasus Knight Map SpritePegasus KnightUse an FE11elysianwhipElysian Whip on a Level 10+ Pegasus Knight.FE11 Falcoknight Map SpriteFalcon Knight
FE12FEDS Pegasus Knight Map SpritePegasus KnightUse an FE11elysianwhipElysian Whip on a Level 10+ Pegasus Knight.FEDS Falcoknight Map SpriteFalcon Knight
FE13FE13 Generic Pegasus Knight Map SpritePegasus KnightUse a Master Seal FE13 IconMaster Seal on a Level 10+ Pegasus Knight.FE13 Generic Falcon Knight Map SpriteFalcon Knight
FE14FE14 Generic Sky Knight Map SpriteSky KnightUse a Master Seal FE13 IconMaster Seal on a Level 10+ Sky Knight.FE14 Generic Falcon Knight Map SpriteFalcon Knight
FE15Pegasus KnightVisit a shrine when the appropriate level has been reached.Falcon Knight
FE15 Falcon KnightVisit the Altar of the Skylord when the relevant unit reaches Level 20.Mach map spriteHarrier
FE16N/AUse a Master Seal on a unit with a C or higher Sword Proficiency, A or higher Lance Proficiency and B+ or higher Flying Proficiency.Falcon Knight
FEWWarriors Hinoka SpriteWarriors Cordelia sprite
Pegasus Knight /
Sky Knight
Use a Master Seal FE13 IconMaster Seal on a Sky Knight or Pegasus Knight.Warriors Hinoka SpriteFalcon Knight

Notable Falcon KnightsEdit

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  • In Shadow Dragon, it is possible for a Pegasus Knight to promote into a Falcon Knight with an Elysian Whip. However, the Elysian Whip is sold only in the Armory accessible via Wi-Fi Connection. Falcon Knights can no longer be obtained outside of the Wii U Virtual Console version, due to the Nintendo Wi-Fi services for the DS having being discontinued.
  • In Gaiden, Falcon Knights seem to possess a predecessor to the skill Slayer as they are able to inflict effective damage against monster-type foes.
  • In Awakening, Falcon Knights are the only physical class outfitted with two types of equipment (Lances and Staves) to have a weapon specialist skill (Lancefaire), which is likely due to the game not possessing a promoted class that wields Lances exclusively.
  • A conversation between Selena and Subaki in Fates' Revelation route reveals that the mounts they ride are called Falicorns, hence the name of the class.


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