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“When Catherine and the Knights of Seiros ride out to seek retribution against the western church for their attack on the archbishop, Ashe is eager to accompany them.”
—Opening Narration

Falling Short of Heaven is Ashe and Catherine's Paralogue Chapter in Fire Emblem: Three Houses. This chapter takes place at the Brionac Plateau, and is available during White Clouds on all routes after completing Chapter 8. This is a Fog of War chapter.


Catherine approaches Byleth with a request. The bishop leading the Western Church is tasked with being put down with Byleth's class assisting with protecting Rhea while she puts the bishop down. Ashe overhears and wants to come along as his adoptive father Lord Lonato had connections to the Western Church. Catherine understands that Ashe wants answers and makes Ashe promise not to get in the way.

Initial enemies




Armored/Fortress Knight=?




If you protect Rhea from any harm during the battle, you will receive the following items upon completion.

By completing the map, you also earn the Gaspard Knights battalion.

Dropped Items


Secret Book (Artwork).png
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As the only requirement to achieve full rewards is to keep Rhea from any harm, the simplest way to complete the paralogue is to form a barrier of eight units at all times surrounding Rhea, and wait out the ten turns. By keeping your units 1 square away from Rhea, they can prevent the advancing enemy units, including ranged mages, from touching her. As you will have eleven units total to work with, there are three extra units available outside of this protective wall around the Archbishop.

Of the enemy drops, the Secret Book in the North-Western part of the map is the most useful thing to acquire. As such, it is possible to sending one or two of the extra units to defeat the dark bishop while the remainder protect Rhea; high resistance and high movement units are advised, such as a Pegasus Knight.

Meanwhile, every turn should be taken with the intention of maintaining the barrier around Rhea. A unit should move out of formation only if another unit can take it's place. Having an adequate supply of vulneraries or healers on standby can assist in maintaining the wall around Rhea for the required ten turns.