“As you have already been notified, your mission is to subdue some bandits. Our students have been learning about combat through study, but this is a precious opportunity to provide them with practical experience... In short, this is no mock battle. You must be prepared for anything. ”

Familiar Scenery is the second chapter to Fire Emblem: Three Houses. It is the first one to allow you to use all of your student units in a single battle and introduces most of the mechanics of the Garreg Mach Monastery along with introducing the Divine Pulse feature.


Seteth assigns the first formal mission to Byleth and their House for the month. Bandits have sprung up in Zanado, the Red Canyon, and it is their job to quell them with the Knights of Seiros there as support should the students require their assistance. Though Jeralt is once again a Knight of Seiros, Rhea forbade him from assisting them and he reminds Byleth to be wary of her.

At the end of the month, Byleth and their students depart to Zanado to face off against the Bandits, lead by Kostas. For the students, it is their first live combat scenario, meaning it is their first time that they will have to kill an individual. The students handle their first kill in various ways, but ultimately the bandit gang is quelled.


In addition to the eight characters chosen by their respective house, Byleth can also use the first eleven to twelve in-game months attempting to recruit students from other houses, thus expanding their roster. Five characters cannot be recruited outside of their native house, those being:

Once the player has reached the start of Chapter 3, they may begin to recruit students from the other houses. In order to recruit a student, Byleth must reach a certain subject proficiency rank and have a certain total in a specific stat to entice the student into entering their class. The rank and total respectively vary between students. Byleth can lower the requirement based on their Support level with the student; Subject Proficiency by one stage (C → D+ → D) and the required stat by 20% for each support level. If playing New Game+ Byleth can automatically recruit any student if they use Renown unlock their A-Support with that student at any point.

Student Stat Requirement Total Subject Requirement Rank Original House
Ferdinand Dexterity 10 Heavy Armor C Black Eagles
Linhardt Magic 10 Reason C Black Eagles
Caspar Strength 10 Brawl C Black Eagles
Bernadetta Strength 20 Bow C Black Eagles
Dorothea Charm 25 Authority B Black Eagles
Petra Dexterity 10 Riding C Black Eagles
Felix Speed 15 Sword B+ Blue Lions
Ashe Charm 15 Lance C Blue Lions
Sylvain Charm 25 Reason C Blue Lions
Mercedes Magic 15 Bow C Blue Lions
Annette Magic 10 Faith B Blue Lions
Ingrid Dexterity 15 Flying D Blue Lions
Lorenz Charm 20 Reason C Golden Deer
Raphael Strength 20 Heavy Armor C Golden Deer
Ignatz Dexterity 10 Authority B Golden Deer
Lysithea Magic 15 Faith B Golden Deer
Marianne Magic 10 Riding C Golden Deer
Hilda Charm 30 Axe C Golden Deer
Leonie Strength 15 Lance C Golden Deer

If Byleth has a B-Support unlocked with a student, there is also a small percentile chance that the student will directly request to join their house during a Tutoring week even if their stat and subject requirements have not been met.

Sylvain and Hilda are both recruitable, but both have very unique quirks involved:

  • Sylvain requires Male Byleth to reach his required specifications in Reason and Charm while he immediately joins Female Byleth when asked without requiring either specification to be met.
  • Hilda's can be recruited at any point in the Blue Lions route once her specifications are met. She will not join the Black Eagles until Chapter 12 and ONLY if Byleth has chosen the Silver Snow route. She cannot be recruited during the Crimson Flower path under any circumstance.

If the Expansion Pass has been purchased, the Ashen Wolves house could be recruited immediately by the progression of the side story. The students are listed in below.

The staff of the academy are also recruitable, but will only require Byleth to reach a certain level or higher and a certain chapter. These will be noted in future chapters when the staff character can be recruited.

Initial Enemies Edit

On maddening, all archers have Poison Strike and all thieves have Pass. They approach in groups of three at a time until most of them are dead. As with many bosses in maddening, Kostas can move, and does so when someone moves into his attack range.

Monastery QuestsEdit

Required Quests Edit

Optional Quests Edit

This Month Only Quests Edit

DLC QuestsEdit

Items from BattleEdit


Armory Edit

Item Cost Stock
Iron Sword 520
Steel Sword 910 3
Training Sword 260
Iron Lance 560
Steel Lance 910 3
Training Lance 280
Javelin 700 3
Iron Axe 600
Steel Axe 980 3
Training Axe 300
Hand Axe 750 3
Mace 720
Iron Bow 560
Steel Bow 910 3
Training Bow 350
Mini Bow 680
Iron Gauntlets 480
Steel Gauntlets 640 3
Training Gauntlets 240

Item Shop Edit

Item Cost Stock
Leather Shield 500
Iron Shield 1000 3
Vulnerary 300
Beginner Seal 500
Intermediate Seal 1000 3
Torch 600
Pure Water 600 5
Door Key 300
Chest Key 300

Trivia Edit

  • Each character other than Byleth has a unique line upon first killing an enemy.
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