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“Hello Summoners! I am the Order of Heroes' Messenger Owl, Feh! It's time for Feh Channel!”
—Feh introducing herself during a Feh Channel

Feh is an owl in Fire Emblem Heroes and a messenger owl for the Order of Heroes.


Feh takes residence in the player's Castle on a special perch. Normally, Feh is asleep, but will awaken whenever the player receives an in-game gift.

Feh also runs a special YouTube series called Feh Channel, where she announces upcoming events in Heroes. Her birthday is January 18th.


A faithful owl, Feh is dutiful in ensuring that the player receives their daily gifts and delivering messages. She is friendly and loves sharing information regarding upcoming Heroes and new features during Feh Channels, usually announcing these news with excitement and cheer. Feh very easily tires out from her announcements and excitement, usually falling asleep the minute she has relayed all the information she has or has delivered the player's gifts.


Feh's name comes from the Initials of Fire Emblem Heroes.


  • Feh's design seems to be a mixture of a great horned owl and a snowy owl.
  • Feh can be seen at the S rank of Ally Support and Summoner Support.
  • Feh's birthday, January 18th, is the date which Fire Emblem: Heroes was first announced in 2017.
  • According to the trading card game Fire Emblem Cipher, Feh is genderless. However, the Nintendo of America Twitter account still uses the pronouns she/her for Feh.[2]
  • An Owl resembling Feh can be found in the Garreg Mach Monastery in Fire Emblem: Three Houses.
  • Feh's English and Japanese voice actresses were confirmed in an April Fools' video.
    • Feh's Japanese voice actress, Juri Kimura, is shared with Mozu, Nyx, and Yuzu.
    • Feh's second English voice actress, Cassandra Lee Morris, is shared with Sothis, Julia, and Clarisse.


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  1. "Kaden: That owl was hiding Orbs in her feathers—I saw it with my own eyes! There's no doubt Feh is the culprit!" "Alfonse: I think you might've misunderstood. You see...Feh brings us Orbs. So that must be what you saw her doing." - The Orb Case - C