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Feh Pass is a paid bonus feature in Fire Emblem Heroes.


Feh Pass is a monthly paid subscription to Fire Emblem Heroes and provides additional features for players. It costs $9.49 per month. Subscriptions begin on the 5th of every month and players can choose to individually purchase the pass on certain months or choose to auto pay for the pass each month.

The features of the Feh Pass include:

  • 2 5-Star Resplendent Heroes. One of which is distributed on the 10th and the other on the 25th of each month.
  • Additional Feh Pass exclusive quests (twice per month)
  • Free 5-Star Banner Hero summon on new Seasonal Banners, Double Special Hero banners, and Mythic/Legendary Hero Banners.
  • Ability to immediately form two additional Summoner Supports for a total of three.
  • Re-Act-the ability to restart a battle or restart a turn without expending Light Blessings.
  • Auto-Start, the ability to Auto-Battle multiple times on certain modes without having to manually select and start said map.
  • Trait Fruit and Dragonflowers distributed once a month based on how many consecutive months the account has been subscribed to Feh Pass.