Felicia's Plate (フェリシアの氷皿 Ferishia no kyosara, lit. Felicia's Ice Tray) is a Dagger that is introduced in Fire Emblem Fates. Eponymously named after Felicia, Felicia's Plate, like its Japanese name suggests, literally takes on the appearance of a tray crafted entirely out of ice. A weapon that inflicts ice-based magical damage, Felicia's Plate is capable of reducing the Strength, Defense and Resistance of enemy units post-battle. Felicia's plate lends itself well to the strengths of its namesake, who has much better Magic growth than her Strength growth. 

Weapon Stats

Fire Emblem Fates

Name Type

FE14Dagger Felicia's Plate

FE14 Kunai Dagger

Rank Uses Mt Hit Crt Avo Rng WEx Worth
C 4 85% 0% -10% 1-2  ? 0

Magic weapon.
Enemy's Str -3, Def -4 and Res -4; recover by 1 each turn.


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