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Feline and Canine Friends is a DLC quest given to you by a little girl in Fire Emblem: Three Houses.

Quest Details[]

Time and food to spare? Help the dogs and cats!


Interact with the dogs or cats, and share some meat, fish or produce. Once you've fed them a bit, you might get some kind of reward.

Quest-Giver Dialogue[]

I've been sharing my food with the hungry pups and kitties, but...there are a lot of them! Could you help me out?

Quest Completion Dialogue[]

Thanks for helping me out! Let's work together to take care of all our little furry friends, OK? Say, do you have a favorite, Professor? It's OK to have one, you know. Even if I love them all...


  • Chickpeas x4
  • Poultry x3
  • White Trout x3
  • 700 Renown
  • Ability to feed dogs and cats.


After interacting with a dog or cat, a tutorial is given on how to feed them. Simply feed them once and the girl will reward you.

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