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Feline and Canine Friends is a DLC quest given to you by a little girl in Fire Emblem: Three Houses.

Quest Details

Time and food to spare? Help the dogs and cats!


Interact with the dogs or cats, and share some meat, fish or produce. Once you've fed them a bit, you might get some kind of reward.

Quest-Giver Dialogue

I've been sharing my food with the hungry pups and kitties, but...there are a lot of them! Could you help me out?

Quest Completion Dialogue

Thanks for helping me out! Let's work together to take care of all our little furry friends, OK? Say, do you have a favorite, Professor? It's OK to have one, you know. Even if I love them all...


  • Chickpeas x4
  • Poultry x3
  • White Trout x3
  • 700 Renown
  • Ability to feed dogs and cats.


After interacting with a dog or cat, a tutorial is given on how to feed them. Simply feed them once and the girl will reward you.

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