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Fell Xenologue (邪竜の章, Jaryū no Shō) is a DLC side story in Fire Emblem Engage.

The story takes place in an alternate ruined Elyos.


In an alternate timeline of Elyos a thousand years ago, the Fell Dragon Sombron had desired to use the Emblems for his own purposes as gathering all the Emblem Bracelets would give the user immense power. A long war took place around the continent between the Divine and the Fell Dragon tribes. However, Queen Lumera sacrificed her life to imprison Sombron while her successor and child Alear restored Elyos back to prosperity. Like his main timeline counterpart, Sombron fathered many children which, in this Elyos, were all twins. Many of which met the same fate of the children of Sombron from the main Elyos, but in a large portion of these pairs, the twins would kill their paired twin as a means of culling weakness out of their forces, a practice Sombron was at best indifferent to or actively encouraged. One of these twin pairs, Nel and Nil, were surprisingly loving towards each other, with the former being protective of her younger, weaker twin, even slaughtering her siblings in a rage when they taunted her, stating that they would kill Nil personally if she wanted them to. To solidify her bond, Nel gave Nil her Dragonstone so the two would constantly work together in order for her to use her full Fell Dragon powers.

Eventually Sombron returned, igniting another war and tried to obtain the Bracelets once more. In a decisive battle, Alear and Sombron clashed, resulting in their mutual deaths. With the death of the last Divine Dragon, despite the end of the Fell Dragon as well, the nations of Elyos are in a heated deadlock amongst each other as the world is rapidly declining without the Divine Dragons to bless the lands, leading to a power struggle for resources.

At some point, either during the war or afterwards, most of the monarchs had been killed under various circumstances. As such, Firene is currently ruled by King Alfred, Brodia by King Diamant, Elusia by Queen Ivy, and Solm by Queen Timerra. Each nation received one of the bracelets with the only the Bracelet of the Shepherd Exalt still retained by Lythos at the start of the Fell Xenologue. The last two, the Bracelet of the Ancestor and the Bracelet of the Three Houses are currently unknown. For a vast majority of the Fell Xenologue counterparts, the retainers of the royals of Elyos have long since died.

The Fell Dragon twins Nel and Nil, loyal to the Divine Dragons, summon a hero from another world in hopes of stopping the nations by reclaiming the Bracelets held by each nation while also stopping a mysterious force loyal to Sombron who wishes to finish his ambitions. When Alear visits the Ancient Well in the Somniel, a mysterious force pulls them in. In the void, Alear meets someone who bears a similar appearance to them but does not identify themselves. They ask Alear to help save the world that they came from, but laments that this encounter never happened nor will they ever encounter each other ever again. Alear awakens shortly after this exchange to find themselves in the ruins of Lythos Castle with the twins.

Despite summoning them, Nel is shocked that Alear is summoned, but nonetheless asks for their assistance in recovering the Emblem Bracelets to stop the looming evil. The two have a hard time interacting, mostly from Nel, who treats Alear coldly. Nonetheless, their combat prowess forces her to accept their help as it is the only means at hand in succeeding her mission. Just before leaving Elyos, they are attacked by a hooded assailant wielding the Bracelet of the Ancestor. Alear and their forces are able to defeat the assailant and recover the Bracelet. When Alear tries to evoke the Bracelet, Emblem Tiki appears in a corrupted state and Alear cannot bless the Emblem. Nel reveals that due to the different nature of the world, their evocations do not work. However, Nel has the power to put the Emblem back into a dormant state, which she says she will do for each Bracelet they will recover.

War for Elyos[]

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As Alear travels to the four nations of Elyos with Nel and Nil, they discover that their familiar allies are starkly different from their main counterparts. As they enter Firene, Alear meets Zelestia, a mage dragon who bears a striking resemblance to Zephia, but is loyal to the Divine Dragon tribe, especially the late Lumera. She is a member of the Four Winds, a private force devoted to protecting the Divine Dragons. Having been tasked with spying on the four nations, Zephia went to Firene where King Alfred had just approved of an invasion of Brodia for its resources. Alear arrives just before the attack launches and are able to dismantle most of the Firenese army, forcing Alfred and Céline to surrender the Bracelet of the Brash General. Though they surrender, Alfred and Céline offer to join Alear's forces once more, but Nel refuses, telling them that Firene will need its king and army to defend itself should the other nations attack.

Entering Brodia, where they rendezvous with Gregory, who resembles Griss, they encounter King Diamant and Alcryst exhibit similar hostilities. After a similarly grueling battle, the Brodian army is suppressed and they relinquish the Bracelet of the Lonely Heir. Later that night, Nel sneaks away from Alear and Nils and kills several Brodian guards protecting both Diamant and Alcryst before assassinating both.

The next day, they cross the border into Elusia where they meet with Madeline, a fledgling knight who resembles Marni, and this world's version of Mauvier who goes by the same name. Though Mauvier was tasked with spying in Solm, both inform Alear, Nel and Nil that Elusia had begun the ritual to revive Sombron and both Elusia and Solm had begun a massive fight near their countries boarders, both lead by the kingdom's current queens Ivy and Timerra. Alear, Nel, Nil, and their forces attack both armies, defeating both queens and obtaining the Bracelet of the Strategist and Bracelet of the Doting Sister respectively.
Both refuse to concede full defeat and attempt to attack them again, forcing Nel to transform into her Fell Dragon form and kills both of them in front of Alear. When Alear demands to know why she killed them, Nel reveals that every person they have encountered thus far except for the Fell Dragon twins and the Four Winds have been Corrupted, even the royals. Having becoming overcome with emotions, she reveals to Alear of her deep love for their fallen counterpart. Needing space, Nel abruptly leaves with the Four Winds following. Left alone, Alear converses with Nil before suddenly he attacks Alear, knocking them out and steals all of the Emblem Bracelets.

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Fall of Elyos[]

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After recollecting herself, Nel returns to where Alear and Nil was, only to discover that Alear is missing. Nil tells Nel that Alear had departed to finish the mission on their own, but he had placed a tracking spell on them. Led by Nil to a ruined temple in Solm, Nil betrays Nel and the Four Winds, trapping them in the Corrupted filled ruins. Nil returns to where he had imprisoned Alear and tries to coerce Alear into achieving his plans. As he expected, they refused and so he tries to break their spirit.

Knowing that their best course of action is to give Nel the opportunity to rescue Alear, the Four Winds send Nel away while they hold off the Corrupted. Nel is able to defeat Nil in combat, rescuing Alear. However, Nil attacks Nel, knocking her out and takes her away from the battlefield. Meanwhile, the Four Winds, overwhelmed by the Corrupted, decide to destroy the pillars of the temple, collapsing it with the Corrupted and themselves inside. Just before leaving, the temple collapses with Nil commenting that there are no life forces left in the temple.

Alear arrives on the fallen remains of the Somniel where Nil shows them the final Emblem Bracelet, the Bracelet of the Three Houses, which was hidden away by the Alear of that world and encased in an impenetrable barrier that can only be broken by the caster itself. With the Alear of the that Elyos gone, only an Alear of another world could break it. Using Nel as leverage, Alear is forced to break the barrier. With all seven bracelets in hand, Nil reveals that he has the power to evoke the Bracelets and with all seven in hand, he uses it to give him massive power. With his full power on display, Nil plans on killing Alear and Nel so he can rule the world. However, help arrives when Zelestia, Gregory, and Madeline arrive having been saved by Mauvier utilizing a Warp staff to send his three companions out of the Temple before it collapsed. In memory of the fallen Wind, they join the final fight against the full-powered Fell Nil.

Despite his massive power, the spirit of that world's Alear gives Alear an empowered Libération that greatly contributes to defeating Nil. In his defeat, Nil reveals that he sought power to make up for his supposed weakness in the eyes of Sombron. He also reveals that he is not actually Nil, but one of Sombron's other children who replaced him after the real Nil died per his request. Despite his wish to die, Nel plunges a sword into herself in order to free Nil from his shackles and tells him that she always knew he was not her Nil, but had grown to love her brother as much as she had loved Nil. While she asks him for his real name, Nel dies before she can hear it and her Dragonstone shatters. Overcome with grief, he reveals that his name is Rafal. Alear tells Rafal about how their Lumera spent a thousand years pouring her Divine Dragon essence into them after they were mortally wounded in their original world. Rafal decides to attempt the same ritual in hopes of reviving Nel. Alear tells Rafal that if it succeeds, and if the two want to, they would leave a portal open to their world's Somniel if they wish to live out their lives in peace. Rafal brushes their offer away as he wants to focus on Nel, but passively accepts if only if Nel wants to do so if she were to awaken.

Just before leaving, Alear meets with the Four Winds. With the world heading for immediate destruction and with only the three of them left as full living humans, Alear offers them to join. Knowing that Mauvier would want them to move on, the three accept Alear's offer, leaving their Elyos behind and joins their ranks. A short time after returning to their world, Rafal arrives with a newly revived Nel. Having taken a thousand years in their world to do so, they accept Alear's offer to join their cause and they leave the ruined alternative Elyos behind them.

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Xenologue 2: Seeds of Unrest

Xenologue 3: Path to War

Xenologue 4: Clash of Queens

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  • The Fell Xenologue can only be played with Casual Mode rules disabling permadeath even if the player is playing in Classic Mode in the main campaign.
  • The Fell Xenologue shares some similarities to Heirs of Fate:
    • Both have opening narrations
    • Both have characters who entered a ruined version of their world.
    • The final boss is an evil dragon.
    • The alternate version of the main protagonist is dead.
  • Out of the characters that appear in the Fell Xenologue, Jean, Anna, Yunaka, and Seadall are the only characters to not have special battle dialogue with any of the alternate variations in the alternate Elyos, nor are they implied to have alternate variations of themselves in that world.