Fensalir is a legendary weapon and a weapon skill in Fire Emblem Heroes. It is the personal lance of Sharena. The skill requires 5-star rarity of Sharena in order to learn.

Weapon Stats[edit | edit source]

Name Type


FEH Lance.png Lance

Mt Rng SP Rarity
16 1 400 FEH Star Rarity 5.png

At start of turn, inflicts Atk-4 on foes
within 2 spaces through their next actions.

Name Cost


400 SP, 500Arena Medal.png, 200Divine Dew.png
Type HP Mt Spd Def Res
FEH WUp 1.png +5 + 2
FEH WUp 2.png +5 + 3
FEH WUp 3.png +5 + 4
FEH WUp 4.png +5 + 4
FEH WUp 39.png HP +3. If unit is adjacent to an ally,
grants Spd/Def+5 during combat.
Neutralizes foes' bonuses (from skills
like Fortify, Rally, etc.) during combat.

Etymology[edit | edit source]

In Norse mythology, Fensalir is a location where the goddess Frigg dwells.

Gallery[edit | edit source]

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