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“Transforming laguz into Feral Ones dramatically shortens their life spans. It destroys their sense of self, and they do nothing but fight until they die!”
Tormod about the feral ones.

The term "Feral One" is a term related to laguz in Fire Emblem: Path of Radiance and Fire Emblem: Radiant Dawn.


"Feral One" refers to laguz who have been transformed by the effects of a potion created by Izuka that impairs the laguz's ability to reason, rendering them into a non-sentient, feral state while forcing them into their beast forms. In addition, their life span is greatly shortened. It is implied that the potion must be given regularly to Feral Ones to keep them under control.

The potion can also be given to beorc; it increases their fighting strength but hampers their reasoning. Bertram is an example of a beorc affected by the potion.

The Galdr of Rebirth is able to return Feral Ones to their natural state, regardless of their stage of treatment, and it is also able to restore the condition of beorc that have been given the potion.

Feral Ones first appear in Chapter 14 of Fire Emblem: Path of Radiance, under the control of Gashilama. They are later seen at Gritnea Tower, the place where Izuka's experimentation created the first Feral Ones. Prior to the game's events, Prince Rajaion of Goldoa was turned into a Feral One and made the personal mount of King Ashnard. In Part 1 of Radiant Dawn, Izuka attempts to use his potion to turn Muarim into a Feral One, but Muarim is saved by Rafiel's use of the Galdr of Rebirth. Feral Ones do not appear again until Chapter 4-5, where Izuka summons them to protect him from the Hawk Army. Following Izuka's death, no further Feral Ones are seen, and it may be that no more exist.

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