“As nobility, backing down after being insulted is to bring shame to oneself... Now, follow me!”

Ferdinand is a playable character in Fire Emblem: Three Houses. He is a student at the Officers Academy who hails from the Adrestian Empire, and is a member of the Black Eagles. He possesses a minor crest of Saint Cichol. At the start of the game he is 17 years old.


Early lifeEdit

Ferdinand is the eldest son and heir of House Aegir, which has held the office of prime minister in the capital of Enbarr for centuries. When he was 9 years old, his father, Duke Aegir, seized power in the Insurrection of the Seven, rendering Emperor Ionius IX impotent. He is very proud of his family's status as high-class nobility, but clashes with his father about what nobility actually is.

Academy phaseEdit

Ferdinand attends Garreg Mach Monastery Officers Academy in 1180 and joins the Black Eagles.

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After finishing his studies, Ferdinand becomes an Imperial army general while his father's Dukedom is abolished and forfeited to the Empire.

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War phaseEdit

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If the Black Eagles route is chosen, in Imperial Year 1185, Ferdinand is assigned to the Black Eagle Strike Force at Garreg Mach.

If the Golden Deer or Blue Lions route is chosen, he is slain while defending the Great Bridge of Myrddin.

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Ferdinand is a confident and proud noble that hates losing. When it comes to Princess Edelgard, her exceptional abilities brew competitiveness in himself. He does not get along with his father since he believes the Duke does not represent nobility as it should, and does not abuse or look down on commoners.

In situations where others take issue with Ferdinand's regard for his own lofty status, he is quick to assess himself and works to understand what he had done wrong, always striving to improve. This is particularly demonstrated in his support conversations with Dorothea, who due to her own past hostile experiences with the noble class is quick to judge Ferdinand as being no better. Rather than take umbrage with her scorrn, he instead works hard to decipher why she is hostile toward him and to improve their understanding of each other while remaining respectful of her.

Ferdinand likes horseback riding, tea, justice, being noble, and heights. He dislikes slothfulness, and nobles who are not noble.

In GameEdit

Base StatsEdit

Starting ClassCrest
NobleCrest of Cichol
MagicCombat ArtsAbilitiesStarting Items
-Tempest LanceConfidence skillConfidence
Sword Prowess Lv 1Sword Prowess Lv 1
Lance Prowess Lv 1Lance Prowess Lv 1
Axe Prowess Lv 1Axe Prowess Lv 1
Iron Lance

Skill LevelsEdit

Skill FE16 sword icon FE16 lance icon FE16 axe icon FE16 bow icon FE16 brawl icon FE16 reason icon FE16 faith icon FE16 authority icon FE16 heavy armor icon FE16 riding icon FE16 flying icon
Level E+ D E+ E E E E E E D E
FE16 strength icon
FE16 strength icon
FE16 strength icon
FE16 hidden talent icon
FE16 strength icon

Growth RatesEdit

HP Str Mag Dex Spd Lck Def Res Charm
50% 45% 20% 40% 50% 40% 35% 20% 40%

Maximum StatsEdit

HP Str Mag Dex Spd Lck Def Res Charm
93 64 40 56 70 56 49 36 57

Learnt MagicEdit

Skill Level Reason Faith
D Thunder Heal
D+ Fire Nosferatu
C Thoron Ward
C+ - -
B Bolganone Restore
B+ - -
A - -
A+ - -

Learnt Abilities Edit

Skill Level Authority
D Rally Dexterity


Secret Book (Artwork)
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Given his skill levels, Ferdinand will have easy access to the Myrmidon class family (Myrmidon, Mercenary, Thief, Swordmaster, Hero), the Soldier class family (Soldier, Cavalier, Paladin) and the Fighter class family (Fighter, Armored Knight, Brigand, Warrior, Fortress Knight, Great Knight).


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Quotes Edit

Three Houses Edit


Possible Endings Edit

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Ferdinand - Noblest of Nobles

After reclaiming the title of Duke Aegir, Ferdinand set about reforming his territory. He overcame numerous obstacles to help the lands of Aegir recover, and in recognition of those achievements, he was invited to take part in helping to govern all of Fódlan.

Ferdinand and Dorothea

After officially becoming the new Duke Aegir, Ferdinand set about reforming his territory. Thanks to the wisdom of his wife, Dorothea, Ferdinand's policies were of massive benefit to the commonfolk and brought about a swift recovery. In recognition of this achievement, he was called upon by Emperor Edelgard to introduce these reforms to the Empire at large as the new prime minister. Though the work kept him very busy, he always managed to find time for Dorothea. It is said their children filled their loving household with beautiful music ever after.

Ferdinand and Bernadetta

After the war, Bernadetta renounced her claim to House Varley. She married Ferdinand, the new Duke Aegir, and the two contributed to relief efforts by instituting reforms across their Dukedom. Due to the success of those policies, Ferdinand was offered the position of Prime Minister by the emperor. He accepted, leaving the management of Aegir territory to his wife, while he worked to apply their ideas to the Empire at large. Since Bernadetta did not like to leave home, Ferdinand's life involved a lot of travel to and from the capital, but it is said he always embarked on his return home with a smile on his face.

Ferdinand and Edelgard

As the Adrestian emperor, Edelgard appointed Ferdinand as her prime minister, and the two devoted themselves to ruling Fódlan. Their sharply contrasting views made for frequent and lively debate, but with each enhancing the perspective of the other, Fódlan was better for it. As they worked tirelessly to create a better future, they were soon bound together by marriage as well. Their children, born to those who had torn down the old social hierarchy, were encouraged to choose their own paths.

Ferdinand and Hubert

Hubert and Ferdinand became the left and right hands of Emperor Edelgard, competing constantly with each other to see who could be the more helpful. They were opposites - The Minister of the Imperial Household, melancholy and merciless, and the prime minister, bright and compassionate. Still, they brought out the best in each other.As the empire became orderly and prosperous, the two came to be known as the nation's "Two Jewels," and were remembered fondly for generations to come. Some say their fame made even Emperor Edelgard jealous.

Ferdinand and Mercedes (Azure Moon route)

After the war, Mercedes traveled to Fhirdiad to pay a visit to her adoptive father. Though she introduced Ferdinand, she left out the small detail that they were engaged to be wed. Married in secret, Ferdinand and Mercedes worked together to reform the new Duke Aegir's territory, and the effort was so successful that he was called upon to work as a leader in the central government. It was a busy life for him indeed, but as he was known to say to his government colleagues, coming home to a smiling family made all the hard work worth it.
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Etymology Edit

Ferdinand means "bold to attain peace," and "brave traveler." The germanic name is composed by the junction of the elements fridu, meaning "peace", or alternatively fardi, meaning "travel"; and "Nand", which means "bold, courageous". Ferdinand was also the surname of Austrian Archduke Franz Ferdinand who was assassinated by a Serbian named Gavrilo Princip. Aegir is Old Norse for "sea," and refers to a frost giant known for his friendship with the gods and hosting elaborate parties on their behalf.


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