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Fiana Village in Chapter 1 of Thracia 776

Fiana (フィアナ) is a location in Jugdral in Fire Emblem: Thracia 776. A small village in Thracia, it is protected by the Freeblades of Fiana, led by Eyvel. After his flight from Tahra, Prince Leif of Leonster took refuge here.

It is the setting of Chapter 1: The Warrior of Fiana, of Thracia 776

Known Residents

  • Leif
  • Eyvel - The mistress of Fiana, leader of the Freeblades who took in Leif and company when they fled the Grannvale Empire.
  • Dagdar
  • Osian - A bright and friendly member of the Freeblades who's quick to lose his temper.
  • Halvan
  • Tanya - Dagdar's daughter who grew up among a rough crew, leaving her strong-willed and hotheaded.
  • Marty
  • Finn
  • Nanna
  • Mareeta


In Celtic Mytholgy, the Fianna were a militia of strong warriors, lead by Fionn Mac Cumhaill.

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